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For the original Kamen Rider Ryuki, see Shinji Kido.

Shinji Tatsumi (辰巳 シンジ Tatsumi Shinji) is the resident Kamen Rider of the World of Ryuki in Kamen Rider Decade.

Shinji Tatsumi

Shinji Tatsumi is a young man who worked for the Atashi Journal as its photographer alongside its top writer Ren Haguro until he left the Journal three years ago without explaining himself. Since then Shinji was distraught and felt betrayed as a result. However, when his editor Reiko Momoi is mysteriously murdered, Shinji finds Ren present at the scene. Soon after, Shinji is chosen to become Kamen Rider Ryuki, though is reluctant to join the Kamen Rider Trial that would judge the fate of the suspected murderer: Natsumi Hikari.


As the trial begins, Shinji crosses paths with Yusuke Onodera and Tsukasa Kadoya, who represents Natsumi as her defense attorney. After telling them what the official sources say behind Reiko's death and admitting he feels that Natsumi's innocent, Shinji accompanies Tsukasa and Yusuke to the crime scene to meet Kamata who confirms Ren's appearance at the Journal around Reiko's death. While Kamata and Tsukasa enter the Mirror World to fight, Shinji confronts Ren to demand what he was doing at the Atashi Journal. Once in the Mirror World, Shinji challenges Ren as he believes that Ren is the true murderer and has framed Natsumi. However, their fight is interrupted once Decade appears and challenges Knight with Ryuki watching their fight with contempt for Knight. Shinji later uses the Time Vent card Ren had acquired to reverse the flow of time, saving Reiko Momoi from murder, discovering the reason why Ren left the group 3 years ago, and exposing Kamata as the murderer. Along with Decade, Shinji fights Abyss, revealing that Kamata is actually the Paradoxa Undead.

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

Ryuki harassed by Decade Violent Emotion

Tatsumi as Ryuki reappears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 alongside the other Riders of the A.R. Nine Worlds to help in reviving Tsukasa and helps him battle Super Shocker, assuming Ryuki Survive with the help of Decade's K-Touch and later into his Ryuki Dragredder form with the All Rider Final Form Ride Card to fight the Super Crisis Fortress.

Later appearances

Movie War 2010 currently remains the last appearance of Shinji Tatsumi. The Ryuki that appears in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders and Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen is the original Ryuki, Shinji Kido.



Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Ryuki with Dragclaw

Kamen Rider Ryuki with Dragsaber and Dragshields

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 190 cm
  • Rider Weight: 90 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 200 AP (10 t)
  • Kicking Power: 400 AP (20 t)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 35 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5 seconds
  • Eyesight & Hearing: 15 km

Special Abilities:[1]

  • Advent: Dragreder: 5000 AP (250 t)
  • Dragsaber: 2000 AP (100 t)
  • Dragclaw: 2000 AP (100 t)
  • Dragshield: 2000 GP (100 t)
  • Dragon Rider Kick: 6000 AP (300 t)

Tatsumi can transform into Kamen Rider Ryuki using his Advent Deck and V Buckle upon forming a contract with Dragreder. He is equipped with the Dragvisor on his left arm. In comparison to the other Riders, his parameters are balanced.

Through the use of his Sword Vent Advent Card, Ryuki can arm himself with the Dragsaber (ドラグセイバー Doragu Seibā), a sword derived from Dragreder's tail.

This form consists of the following parts:

  • DragCrown (ドラグクラウン Doragukuraun): The dragon emblem on the head as a proof of contracting with Dragreder, which emerged in order to maximize his power.
    • R Signal (Rシグナル Aru Shigunaru): A lamp-shaped radar sensor on the head (combined with DragCrown). Reliably detect the position and existence of the enemy.
  • Solid Face Shield (ソリッドフェイスシールド Soriddo Feisu Shīrudo): A face protector made of special material Armetal (アーメタル Āmetaru). It has a hardness that can withstand any impact, absorbs the impact almost completely, and protects the wearer inside. It also plays the role of a purification device that neutralizes dangerous substances in the air such as poisonous gas. Ryuki’s has a dragon mustache-like decoration at the top connected to DragCrown. In the S.I.C. toyline, this part is removable, revealing Red Eye more clearly.
    • Red Eye (レッドアイ Reddo Ai): A red compound eyes behind the Solid Face Shield with visual acuity that will not miss any objects 15 km away. In the dark, it demonstrates infrared night vision and can fight in the same way as in bright places.
  • Granmail (グランメイル Guranmeiru): A special strengthened skin that keeps many monsters away. It maximizes human ability in the Mirror World and allows the wearer to fight as a Kamen Rider, but there is a limit of 9 minutes 55 seconds, and if the wearer exceed the limit, the transformation will be forcibly released. The wearer should exit Mirror World immediately when the time limit has reached. Ryuki’s Granmail is red.
    • Force Bone (フォース・ボーン Fōsu Bōn): A three-line control organ that is located in the center of the body, on both arms, and the back of legs, and has the role of distributing the power throughout the body in a well-balanced manner. By the action of this organ, the surplus energy is released to the outside, and only the appropriate energy is preserved.
  • Dragon Chest (ドラゴンチェスト Doragon Chesuto): A chest armor. Has a functions as a shield that repels most attacks and shocks due to the triple structure. It is the strongest part of the Ryuki's body and can withstand drops from ultra-high altitudes and water pressure of 10,000 m in the deep sea.
  • Zippetto Thread (ジペット・スレッド Jipetto Sureddo): A remote control device points that transmits the Rider's will directly from the brain to the Contract Monster. It is equipped in a total of 10 places on the arms (the left side behind Dragvisor), shoulder armors, back, waist (V-Buckle), and knees.
  • Black Armor (ブラックアーマー Burakku Āmā): A protective equipment made of Armetal mounted on the Granmail (arm and leg). Made of a strong material comparable to diamond, it is extremely sturdy.
  • DragKnuckle (ドラグナックル Doragunakkuru): A panel made of Armetal that covers the back of the hand. When this material hits the enemy, the power of the punch that Ryuki delivers is maximized.
  • RegBlack (レッグブラック Regguburakku): The black part of the shoes. It has both instantaneous destructive power and strength to withstand the impact of destruction. Therefore, even if the deadly Dragon Rider Kick is executed, Ryuki is remain unharmed. The sole has a decoration of Ryuki’s crest.


Ryuki Survive

―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 193 cm
  • Rider Weight: 95 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 300 AP (15 t)
  • Kicking Power: 500 AP (25 t)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 45 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.5 seconds
  • Eyesight & Hearing: 20 km

Special Abilities:[1]

  • Advent: Dragranzer: 7000 AP (350 t)
  • Dragblade: 3000 AP (150 t)
  • Meteorbullet: 4000 AP (200 t)
  • Firewall: 4000 GP (200 t)
  • Shadow Illusion: 2000 AP (100 t)
  • Dragon Fire Storm: 9000 AP (450 t)

Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive (仮面ライダー龍騎サバイブ Kamen Raidā Ryūki Sabaibu) is Ryuki's final form, assumed using the Survive Rekka Advent Card, though Tatsumi only achieved it with the aid of the K-Touch. The Survive Rekka card transforms the Dragvisor into the the Dragvisorzwei.

Using the Sword Vent Advent Card converts the Dragvisorzwei to a blade mode named the Dragblade (ドラグブレード Doragu Burēdo). The Dragvisorzwei can also function as a ranged weapon by shooting fireballs. By using the Shoot Vent, Ryuki can perform the Meteorbullet (メテオバレット Meteo Buretto) attack alongside Dragranzer, in which he and Dragranzer each launch a fireball at the opponent.

This form is exclusive to W & Decade: Movie War 2010.

Ryuki Dragreder

Ryuki Dragreder

"Final Form Ride: R-R-Ryuki!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kamen Rider Decade's Final Form Ride allows Ryuki to change into Ryuki Dragreder (リュウキドラグレッダー Ryūki Doragureddā). This automatically equips Ryuki with Guard Vent and Sword Vent. While the first transformation required Decade's assistance, Ryuki eventually was able to transform at will into this form. Ryuki can also shoot fireballs from his mouth in this form.


  • Advent Deck - Transformation device and Advent Card holder
  • V Buckle - Transformation belt
  • Advent Cards - Trinkets that enable a Rider to summon Contract Monsters, access equipment, and use special abilities
  • Dragvisor - Ryuki's Visor that enables him to use Advent Cards
    • Dragvisorzwei - Upgraded version of the Dragvisor used by Ryuki Survive

Behind the scenes


Shinji Tatsumi is portrayed by Momosuke Mizutani (水谷 百輔 Mizutani Momosuke). As Kamen Rider Ryuki, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun).


  • "Tatsu" is the Kun'yomi method of how to pronounce Dragon ( ryū).


  • His Final Form Ride transformation bears a striking resemblance to RyuuRanger'sIcon-crosswiki.png personal mecha: Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOhIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • The difference between Kido's view on Akiyama and Tatsumi's view on Haguro is that Kido is very kind towards Akiyama. While Tatsumi on the other hand, became extremely cold on Haguro, even supspecting him as the killer of Reiko.



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