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Shinji Ooshima (大島真司 Ōshima Shinji) was a fallen Ride-Player (ライドプレーヤー Raido Purēyā) and victim of Kamen Rider Chronicle. His Game Over led his friend Hayato Tsuzuki to enter the game himself in a bid to win and restore him. Rescue the Partner! To that end, he joined the impossible Cronus Capture Quest. However, he ultimately relented after being saved from Game Over by the Kamen Riders. Perfect Invincible GAMER!

A victim of Kamen Rider Chronicle, Shinji Ooshima was acknowledged by Dr. Emu Hojo as he spoke at a televised press conference by the Ministry of Health following the demise of mastermind Masamune Dan, striking a chord with Hayato. Endless Game


KREA-Ride Player


"Enter the Game! Ri-Riding the End!"
―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 198.0 cm.
  • Weight: 96.1 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 5.0 t.
  • Kicking power: 9.0 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 25.0 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 8.0 sec.

Ride-Players are the "Kamen Rider" form used by civilians to play Kamen Rider Chronicle. To transform into a Ride-Player, a person must activate their Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat, and press its button again to transform. In this form, all Ride-Players are equipped with the Ride Weapon, which can transform between a sword and a gun.

Behind the scenes


Depicted in a photograph, Shinji Ooshima was portrayed by an unidentified actor.


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