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The Shining Caliber (シャイニングカリバー Shainingu Karibā) is a multi-form weapon available to Agito when in Burning Form (Single Mode, as a naginata) and Shining Form (Twin Mode, as dual swords). Both pairs were cut in half by El of the Ground in the final episode, but it was shown to be repaired in later installments.


The Shining Caliber has the following parts[1]:

  • Drag Shining (ドラグシャイニング Doragu Shainingu) - The blades. The white blade controls the Power of Light, and the red blade controls the Power of Flame. Furthermore, by receiving the Alter Force from the Force Eye, they can execute a finishing attack.
  • Force Eye (フォースアイ Fōsu Ai) - A mysterious stone that receives the Power of Light and Power of Flame sent from Kamen Rider Agito. It is protected by the three claws “Dragon's Nail”, and the power stored inside is amplified and released into the blade.
  • Caliber Grip (カリバーグリップ Karibā Gurippu) - The grip that transforms the Shining Caliber into various forms according to the user's will. The Power of Light and Power of Flame are supplied to the Force Eye via the grip and they can also capture energy such as ambient light and heat.


The Shining Calibur has three modes: Emerge Mode (エマージュモード Emājyu Mōdo)[2] while being summoned, a naginata-like Single Mode (シングルモード Shinguru Mōdo) and Twin Mode (ツインモード Tsuin Mōdo) for dual wielding.


A Shining Caliber was also wielded by the Agito Burning Form who was summoned by Kamen Rider Brave from the Game World as part of the Strongest Rider Team during Chou Shocker Taisen, fighting alongside Kamen Rider Snipe Hunter Gamer Level 5 to destroy Shocker's Z ShinIcon-crosswiki and Gengetsu KibaoniIcon-crosswiki. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


Another Agito with swords

Another Agito's "Shining Caliber".



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