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Icon-drive.png This article is about a weapon in Kamen Rider Drive.

―Activation/Summoning announcement[src]

"Spe-Spe-Spe-Special! (Engine revving)"
―Summoning announcement for Kamen Rider Drive Type Special via Drive Driver[src]

―Signal Bike insertion announcement[src]

―Red Light standby announcement[src]

―Green Light charged announcement[src]

"Full Throttle!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Shingou-Ax (シンゴウアックス, Shingō Akkusu, lit. "Signal Ax") is Kamen Rider Chaser's default ax-like weapon, shaped like a pedestrian crossing signal light. It first appears in episode 26.

This weapon is summoned from the front portion of the Ride Chaser, but like Mach's Zenrin Shooter, it is also capable of appearing from Chaser's transformation effect.

During Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, an untransformed Shinnosuke uses it to kill Mr. Belt to stop him from eventually becoming evil. He also uses it while assuming Drive Type Special in order to combat against the Paradox Roidmude.

By turning the Advanced Ignition on his Banno Driver, Kamen Rider Gold Drive can briefly steal this weapon from Chaser.

Following the death of Chase and Go inheriting his arsenal as Kamen Rider Chaser Mach, he used the Shingou-Ax to smash the Banno Driver (thus killing his own father) by using its Across Breaker finisher. Why Must They Fight?


The Shingou Ax is composed of the following parts:

  • E-Condition Lamp (E-コンディションランプ, Ī-Kondishon Lanpu) - A lighting device in the shape of a traffic signal, it informs the user of the state of the ax's charged energy. During charging, the red light activates, and turns to green when enough energy is stored for unleashing deathblows.
  • Break Edge (ブレイクエッジ, Bureiku Ejji) - The sharp blade made out of processed energy crystals. A high-frequency vibration device is built into the gray area, allowing the user to cut almost every object instantaneously. During deathblows, it will compress energy to the edge a moment before contact, then proceeding to discharge said energy, creating an explosion to maximise damage.
  • Device Radiator (デバイスラジエーター, Debaisu Rajiētā) - A radiator which disperses heat to prevent the Shingou-Ax from overheating, it is the gray piece of metal between the E-Condition Lamp and the Break Edge. Additionally, the plate with the words "Rider only" (ライダー専用, Raidā senyō) functions as a heat sink.
  • Full Throttle Trigger (フルスロットルトリガー, Furu Surottoru Torigā) - The trigger of the Ax. When pulled for deathblows, compressed energy on the Break Edge will disperse.
  • High Metal Grip (ハイメタルグリップ, Hai Metaru Gurippu) - The handle of the Ax, it is made out of super hardened metal, and the bottom can be used for bashing attacks. It has a function that transmits data to the Mach Driver Honoh and to shift each system to a deadly attack attitude at any given time.
  • Signal Landing Panel (シグナルランディングパネル, Shigunaru Randingu Paneru) - A recognition panel built into the Shingou-Ax. By inserting a Signal Bike or Shift Car, it is possible to convey that vehicle's special characteristics into deathblows.
  • High Press Generator (ハイプレスジェネレーター, Hai Puresu Jenerētā) - The metal frame covering the E-Condition Lamp, it is a compression energy device that is responsible for charging the Break Edge.
  • High Metal Pole (ハイメタルポール, Hai Metaru Pōru) - The pole of the Shingou-Ax, it is made out of super hardened metal. It's shock resistant structure allows it to catch almost any physical attack. Additionally, high concentration energy is accumulated inside.
  • Shingou Push Button (シンゴウプッシュボタン, Shingō Pusshu Botan, lit. "Signal Push Button") - The red button in the form of a pushbutton. By pressing it, the High Press Generator starts to generate and charge energy, hence the reason to wait before dealing finishing deathblows.

Finishing attack

The Shingou-Ax's Full Throttle finisher Across Breaker (アクロスブレーカー, Akurosu Burēkā) is activated when Chaser loads the Signal Chaser Bike into its Signal Landing Panel (シグナルランディングパネル, Shigunaru Randingu Paneru) on the pole and presses the red Shingou Push Button (シンゴウプッシュボタン, Shingō Pusshu Botan, lit. "Signal Push Button") on the shaft. However, as a drawback to this, he must wait until the light on the E-Condition Lamp (E-コンディションランプ, Ī-Kondishon Lanpu) changes from red to green in order for his weapon's attack to be fully charged before pulling the Full Throttle Trigger (フルスロットルトリガー, Furu Surottoru Torigā), all while the weapon says "Matteroyo!" (マッテローヨ, Matterō yo, lit. "Wait!" (待ってろよ!)). During the wait, Chaser can use either of his other weapons, namely the Break Gunner Where is Chaser Going? or the Ride Booster Blue What's Go Shijima's Reason to Fight?, to keep the target busy. He can also use other Shift Cars (namely Shift Speed Prototype) for extra power while waiting for the E-Condition Lamp to change from red to green, but not before giving it to another Rider to hold it. When Will the Whirlwind Kidnapper Attack? Once the charging is done, as the weapon says "Itteiiyo" (イッテイーヨ!, Itte ī yo, lit. "Good to go!" (行っていいよ!)), he can initiate one of two variations of this attack.

  • Chaser swings the Shingou-Ax several times, with the path of his swing seconds before each swing generating black-and-white tracks that resemble a crosswalk. Where is Chaser Going? He can also do it just once to create an instant swinging path. Who Loves Heart the Most?
  • Chaser flies up and uses the Shingou-Ax to strike the enemy with a spin slash. What's Go Shijima's Reason to Fight?
  • After Chase's demise, Go uses a variation with no black-and-white tracks appears but strikes the enemy with a purple energy slash. Why Must They Fight?


The Shingou-Ax is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.



  • The name of this weapon is derived from the Japanese word for Signal (信号, Shingō), keeping in line with its signal light motif.
  • This weapon bears a resemblence to the individual weapons of two of the ToQgers. As an ax, it corresponds with ToQ 4gou'sIcon-crosswiki.png Tunnel AxIcon-crosswiki.png, while it shares the same signal light motif as ToQ 3gou'sIcon-crosswiki.png Shingo HammerIcon-crosswiki.png.

Please wait text.

  • The etching on this weapon means "Rider only" (ライダー専用, Raidā senyō), while the text on the yellow box's red screen on the shaft reads "Please wait" (おまちください, Omachi kudasai).
  • Chaser's method of summoning the Shingou-Ax from within Ride Chaser is similar to how Drive calls for either the Handle-Ken or Door-Ju from within Tridoron.
  • Ironically, while the Shingou-Ax has been used by both Shinnosuke and Go untransformed, it was never shown to be wielded by Chase in his human form.
  • The sound for the traffic light sound is the same from Kamen Rider Accel's transformation into AccelTrial.


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