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Shingo Tachibana (橘 真伍 Tachibana Shingou) is a former police officer, and the mentor of Genpachiro Otta.

Character History

Tachibana was a former police officer, who was said to never let any criminal escape, which earned him the nickname Tachibana The Demon (鬼の橘 Oni no Tachibana). However, 5 years prior to the events of the series, he and Gen went up against a vigilante known as "Judge", but before they could successfully catch him, he committed suicide. Tachibana believed that this man wasn't the real Judge, since said man stated that he had pulled Judge's button and his sister's testimony and spent the next two years attempting to uncover the real identity of Judge until his retirement.

Shingo as well would look after Akie in place of his brother. While she had seemed to found her happiness in a man she loved, but their marriage was cancelled after her fiance's relatives founded of her brother being "Judge". Unable to stand with Judge, Roidmude 065 synchronize with him and used his human form.

In the present times, the Roidmude tried to lure the real Judge by posing as him. While the Special Investigation Unit catch the crook first in the form of So Utsuki, Judge ended his tie with Tachibana and tried to dispose Utsuki while inheriting the title "Judge". He was nonetheless killed by Drive Type Wild. After the whole ordeal is over, Tachibana tried to surrender himself but Shinnosuke halted his actions, saying that his crimes had already been dealt with. Tachibana praised Genpachiro for having a good team to work with, while leaving to tell Akie the good news.


Genpachi Judge relationship

Genpachiro's connection with Judge is exploited by Nira and "Noumi".

In a plot to ensure the death of Eisuke Tomari remains a secret, Mitsuhide Nira and Sou Noumi/Brain held a conference where they falsely accused Kamen Rider Drive for trying to takeover the leadership of the Roidmudes while the Special Investigation Unit were framed using their relations to past Roidmudes, among them were Genpachiro's relation to Judge Roidmude/Shingo Tachibana. Why Did the Siege Happen?


A few years after the Roidmudes were defeated, he was targeted by Roidmude 5886 for being 065's human template, though he was saved by Genpachiro Otta just in time. Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Heart

Behind the scenes


Shingo Tachibana was portrayed by Seiroku Nakazawa (中沢 青六 Nakazawa Seiroku).


  • His last name is a reference to Tobee Tachibana, a major recurring character in the Kamen Rider franchise.


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