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Shigeru Wajima (輪島 繁 Wajima Shigeru) is the owner of the antique shop Antique Shop Omokagedo and is the creator of Wizard's Wizard Rings, by crafting the Magic Stones into the Rings. Wajima became the caretaker of Haruto and Koyomi after the ritual.



Not even Wajima knows what the magic the Wizard Rings will hold, even though he created them. The rings have to be used in order to know what magic it holds, however, some of the engravings of the Rings do hold a clue.

When Fueki requested for Wajima to craft a Magic Stone, he refuses at first, knowing that because of him, Haruto and Koyomi are in a lot of trouble but forcibly agrees on himself.

After Haruto's final battle with Gremlin, he hires Shunpei as his new apprentice for crafting Wizard Rings out of Magic Stones.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Travelers Record

Wajima appears in the video game Kamen Rider Travelers Record.

Behind the scenes


Shigeru Wajima is portrayed by Hisahiro Ogura (小倉 久寛 Ogura Hisahiro), who would later go on to play Director KuriyamaIcon-crosswiki in Ultraman ZIcon-crosswiki.


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