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All of the Shift Tires summoned by Drive Type Tridoron in order to destroy the Sigma Circular.

Shift Tires (シフトタイヤ Shifuto Taiya) are tire-like components of Kamen Rider Drive's forms. They are created by Tridoron, during both Drive's transformation and a Tire Exchange (タイヤ交換 Taiya Kōkan), by first drawing its left front wheel in, then forming the Shift Tire, and lastly ejecting said Shift Tire by using its left wheel to push it out so that it can attach to Drive. Most Tire Exchange tires have a Tire Specific Item. They can also perform attacks on their own in order to defend Drive from immediate danger.

When Drive assumes Type Tridoron, he can use an ability called Tire Blending (タイヤかき混ぜる Taiya Kakimazeru) to combine three Tire Shift Cars of a particular set into a singular Shift Tire with the unique powers and abilities of the chosen Shift Cars for immediate and simultaneous use.

Mach also sports Shift Tires across his torso in his Deadheat form which he shares with Drive. Protodrive, Dark Drive, and Gold Drive have been shown to have/use variants of the Shift Tires.


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