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Based on a concrete mixer, Shift Spin Mixer (シフトスピンミキサー Shifuto Supin Mikisā) is a sentient Type Technic Shift Car which allows Drive to gain the Spin Mixer Shift Tire, enabling him to shoot projectiles of quick-drying cement to restrain enemies. The same effect applies to Kamen Rider Mach if he uses it in his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Mazerl. By itself, it can produce cement, and can mold the cement in anyway it can, as seen when Mixer teamed up with Colorful Commercial to make a very convincing fake plate picture out of cement.


Character History

Spin Mixer was first seen in the Drive Pit alongside Massive Monster. What is a Kamen Rider?

Spin Mixer was first used by Shinnosuke Tomari as Kamen Rider Drive during his fight against Roidmude 084. Who Stole the Woman's Smile?

Spin Mixer was third in a succession of Tire Exchanges assumed by Drive Type Speed as he first fought the Imitation Drive. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Facing Shocker's Turtle Bazooka, Mach assumed Kourin Signal Mazerl to clog the cyborg monster's cannon with cement, causing Turtle Bazooka to destroy itself as it attempted to open fire at the Kamen Rider. Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Vacation One-Hour Combining Special

Shift Super Spin Mixer

Shift Super Spin Mixer (シフトスーパースピンミキサー Shifuto Sūpā Supin Mikisā) is a hypothetical cosmetic upgrade of Spin Mixer, following the example set by Shift High Speed and Shift Mega Max Flare. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

As with the majority of the "upgraded" Shift Cars, Super Spin Mixer exists only as a sound programmed into the DX Drive Driver.

Full Throttle

  • Type Speed Mixer's Full Throttle finisher is the CannonCrete (キャノンクリート Kyanonkurīto), where Drive fires a salvo of quick-drying cement from the Spin Mixer Tire at the enemy, binding them in place.

Behind the scenes

Closing Screens

Spin Mixer features on the Closing Screens of the following relevant Kamen Rider Drive productions.


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