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"Type Speed!"
―Transformation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

Based on a sports car, Shift Speed (シフトスピード Shifuto Supīdo) is a sentient Shift Car which enabled Kamen Rider Drive to transform the default Type Speed (タイプスピード Taipu Supīdo). Matching the default form of his Rider Machine Tridoron, Type Speed grants Drive acceleration capabilities that enable him to move and attack at high velocities. Because Type Speed is Drive's main form, it does not need any special requirements or emotional frames of mind for Shinnosuke Tomari to access. In the toyline, there is also a golden version of the Shift Speed Car, but it works like a normal Shift Speed Car.

Type Speed

Character History

By replicating Shift Speed within the Shift Brace and Drive Driver, Roidmude 027 was able to assume the form of Imitation Drive Type Speed. This Imitation Drive possessed the ability to strip the original of his Shift Tires, which he demonstrated by briefly seizing Max Flare. Back at the Drive Pit, Shinnosuke saw Tridoron modified in to a luxorious sports car, the data of which was transfered to Shift Speed, granting it the form of Shift High Speed. Confronting the Imitation Drive in his new form, Drive was complimented by Shift Mega Max Flare, which overwhelmed 027 to the point that his Imitation Drive form was negated before he himself was destroyed by Drive's Rider Kick. As later revealed by Krim Steinbelt and Rinna Sawagami, however, the modifcations that Shift Speed and Max Flare received were purely cosmetic, with Shinnosuke's greater prowess being due to his peak state of "Top Gear" mind. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Shift High Speed

Based on a luxurious sports car, Shift High Speed (シフトハイスピード Shifuto Hai Supīdo, Based on a luxurious sports car) enabled Drive and Tridoron to transform into Type High Speed (タイプハイスピード Taipu Hai Supīdo). Shinnosuke must be a gentleman in order to use Type High Speed. Along with the Shift Mega Max Flare, it was later revealed that this Shift Car was just a redecoration of the original Shift Speed Car and nothing more. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Behind the scenes

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