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"Type Speed!"
―Transformation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

Based on a sports car, Shift Speed (シフトスピード Shifuto Supīdo) is a sentient Shift Car which enabled Kamen Rider Drive to transform the default Type Speed (タイプスピード Taipu Supīdo). Matching the default form of his Rider Machine Tridoron, Type Speed grants Drive acceleration capabilities that enable him to move and attack at high velocities. Because Type Speed is Drive's main form, it does not need any special requirements or emotional frames of mind for Shinnosuke Tomari to access. In the toyline, there is also a golden version of the Shift Speed Car, but it works like a normal Shift Speed Car.

Type Speed

  • Kamen Rider Drive (Drive Episodes 1-4, Secret Mission Type TV-KUN, Drive 5, 7-9, Movie War Full Throttle, Drive 10-13, Type HIGH SPEED, Drive 14-16, 18-22, Ninninger Vs. Drive, Super Hero Taisen GP, Kamen Rider 4: Episodes 1-3, Drive 23, Secret Mission Type TOKUJO, Drive 25, 27-35, 38, 40, Surprise Future, Drive Saga: Chaser, Drive 42, Type LUPIN, Drive 45, 48, Super Movie War Genesis, Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider)
  • Tridoron

Tire Exchange Cars

The following Tire Exchange Shift Cars are derived from Shift Speed's model: a basic car with four wheels. As such, their Shift Tires are most suited for Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed.

Character History


Main article: Shift Speed Prototype

By 2005, Krim Steinbelt had housed his consciousness within the Drive Driver, which would be used in conjunction with Shift Cars applied to the Shift Brace to assume the form of Kamen Rider Drive. While Krim had yet to create a functioning Shift Car to work with the Drive System, the first transformation into Drive, at the time designated "Zerodrive", was achieved by Shinnosuke Tomari using the Shift Speed Prototype, both of whom had arrived from ten years into the future. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis



Following this encounter, Krim eventually constructed the Shift Speed Prototype, which would be used by his benevolent Roidmude assistant, Proto-Zero, to become Kamen Rider Protodrive. Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze Despite lacking the power to destroy Roidmude's Cores, Protodrive proved sufficient to fight the malevolent Low-Class Roidmudes with the new Tire Exchange Shift Cars during the Global Freeze revolution of April 2014. Protodrive, however, was ultimately defeated by Roidmude 002, who had become the Advanced Roidmude Heart. With both Proto-Zero and the Shift Speed Prototype lost to the Roidmudes, "Mr. Belt" only just escaped with his life.



Kiriko temporarily assuming the tire-less Type Speed body of Kamen Rider Drive.

Following the loss of Protodrive, Krim completed construction of the finalized Shift Speed, which enabled transformation into the perfected Kamen Rider Drive System.

To initiate the test transformation of the complete Drive, Kiriko Shijima wore the Drive Driver and utilized Shift Speed within the Shift Brace in an attempt to transform into Type Speed, Drive's default sports car-based form. Through this, Kiriko was able to momentarily achieve a transformation into the tire-less Kamen Rider Drive. However, when the Speed Shift Tire attempted to combine with the Type Speed body, the transformation was immediately rejected, prompting Kiriko and "Mr. Belt" to find a candidate who could successfully handle Drive's power and maintain the transformation. How Were the Special Investigation Unit Selected?


Six months following the Global Freeze, detective Shinnosuke Tomari was recruited to the Special Investigation Unit, formed to investigate and combat the Roidmudes. Guided by "Mr. Belt" and Kiriko Shijima, Shinnosuke used the Shift Speed with the Shift Brace and Drive Driver to achieve a successful transformation into Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed. Wielding the finalized Drive System, Shinnosuke proved more than effecient in fighting the Roidmudes; now possessing ability to Tire Exchange with other Shift Cars as well as the power to terminate Roidmude's Cores, Drive successively used the Tires of Max Flare, Funky Spike and Midnight Shadow to eliminate Roidmudes 042 and 088 while forcing 029's Core into retreat after destroying his body. Why Did My Time Stop?

By replicating Shift Speed within the Shift Brace and Drive Driver, Roidmude 027 was able to assume the form of Fake Drive Type Speed. This Fake Drive possessed the ability to strip the original of his Shift Tires, which he demonstrated by briefly seizing Max Flare. Back at the Drive Pit, Shinnosuke saw Tridoron modified in to a luxorious sports car, the data of which was transfered to Shift Speed, granting it the form of Shift High Speed. Confronting the Fake Drive in his new form, Drive was complimented by Shift Mega Max Flare, which overwhelmed 027 to the point that his Fake Drive form was negated before he himself was destroyed by Drive's Rider Kick. As later revealed by Krim Steinbelt and Rinna Sawagami, however, the modifcations that Shift Speed and Max Flare received were purely cosmetic, with Shinnosuke's greater prowess being due to his peak state of "Top Gear" mind. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

In Shocker's History Modifying Machine timeline, Shift Speed was one of several Shift Cars which came to Drive's aid against the brainwashed Shocker Riders. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Shift High Speed

Based on a luxurious sports car, Shift High Speed (シフトハイスピード Shifuto Hai Supīdo, Based on a luxurious sports car) enabled Drive and Tridoron to transform into Type High Speed (タイプハイスピード Taipu Hai Supīdo). Shinnosuke must be a gentleman in order to use Type High Speed. Along with the Shift Mega Max Flare, it was later revealed that this Shift Car was just a redecoration of the original Shift Speed Car and nothing more. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Full Throttles

After turning the Advanced Ignition on the Drive Driver, pressing the Igniter on the Shift Brace, and lifting the Shift Car currently placed within the Shift Brace once, Protodrive can execute his finisher. Unlike the Riders which would follow him, Protodrive cannot permanently destroy Roidmudes as he is incapable of destroying their Cores.

  • Type Speed's Full Throttle finisher is the prototype version of SpeeDrop (スピードロップ Supīdoroppu), where Protodrive floats into the air before he kicks and destroys the enemy.

After turning the Advanced Ignition on the Drive Driver, pressing the Igniter on the Shift Brace, and lifting the Shift Car currently placed within the Shift Brace once, Drive can execute a myriad of finishers unique to each Shift Car.

Type Speed's Full Throttle is the SpeeDrop (スピードロップ Supīdoroppu),where Tridoron forming a whirlwind around the enemy while Drive is boosted forward by energy-projected spinning tires, allowing him to rebound off his car so that he can unleash a rapid barrage of kicks to finish off the enemy.

This finisher has two variations:

    • Drive focuses power into his right leg, making it glow red as he slams into the enemy with a flying kick while said opponent is trapped in Tridoron Type Technic's claws.
    • Drive unleash a rapid barrage of kicks, without energy-projected spinning tires, to separate a Fusion Evolution State Roidmude with it's human host.
    • The second finisher of Type Speed Flare is a powerful version of SpeeDrop by Tridoron, but with the burning fire energy and Kiriko Shijima driving Tridoron. This finisher is exclusive to Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle.
    • The second finisher of Type Speed Shadow is a powerful version of the SpeeDrop with Tridoron, only Drive uses Midnight Shadow's cloning powers to bombard it from every direction. This finisher is exclusive to Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3.

Type High Speed's Full Throttle finisher is the High SpeeDrop (ハイスピードロップ Hai Supīdoroppu), which appears to be a replica of Type Speed's SpeeDrop where Drive charges himself in a glittering light-like energy before destroying the target with a flying kick.

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