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Based on a flaming hotrod, Shift Max Flare (シフトマックスフレア Shifuto Makkusu Furea) is a sentient Type Speed Shift Car which allows Drive to gain the Max Flare Shift Tire, granting him fire-enhanced abilities. By itself, it can attack by igniting the tracks it spawns with intense fire, which can also boost the attacks of the other Shift Cars. If used in Mashin Chaser's Break Gunner, it allows him to shoot fireballs. The same effect applies to Kamen Rider Mach's Zenrin Shooter if he uses it in his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Moerl.

Alongside Funky Spike and Midnight Shadow, Max Flare was one of the three Tire Exchange Shift Cars used by Shinnosuke Tomari when he first became Drive. As such, they would typically seen on the Shift Car Holder he wore on the strap of his Drive Driver, with the Shift Cars protecting him from Heavy Acceleration.


Character History

Max Flare defeating 066.

During the Global Freeze of April 2014, Max Flare fought with its fellow Shift Cars under the lead of Kamen Rider Protodrive, to stop the Roidmude revolution occuring in Japan. During the battle, Max Flare personally destroyed the body of the Bat Type Roidmude 066. The Shift Car was, however, unable to terminate the Roidmude's Core and so its opponent ultimately survived the encounter.

Six months after the Global Freeze, Max Flare was brought forth by Mr. Belt alongside Funky Spike and Midnight Shadow to protect Shinnosuke Tomari from Roidmude 029. Max Flare was sent again to allow Shinnosuke to adapt to the Heavy Acceleration when he confronted the Roidmude again. Once Shinnosuke transformed into the new Kamen Rider Drive, Max Flare was the first of the Shift Cars he used to perform a Tire Exchange. Assuming the form of Type Speed Flare, Drive overwhelmed 029 with his fire-infused attacks before blasting him back with the Flare Steam attack. Why Did My Time Stop?

Drive next used Max Flare along with Funky Spike and Midnight Shadow as a Tire Enchancement for Tridoron to destroy Roidmudes 093 and 071. What is a Kamen Rider?

Who Stole the Woman's Smile?

What is That Prideful Chaser Thinking?

Coming to Drive's assistance against Mashin Chaser, Max Flare was seized by the Roidmude enforcer whom used the Shift Car in his own Break Gunner to attack Drive. Drive was, however, able to soon recover Max Flare while Mr. Belt compared Chaser's skill to Protodrive. What Are the Steel Robbers After?

Seizing the Max Flare Tire, Imitation Drive strikes the original with fiery punches.

During his first battle against Fake Drive, Drive Type Speed attempted to assume the Max Flare Tire only for Imitation Drive to intercept the Tire and briefly assume it himself, leaving Drive tire-less and vulnerable to Imitation Drive's now flame-infused attacks. Seeking revenge on Imitation Drive, Max Flare soon had itself granted a temporary modification to become Shift Mega Max Flare, complimenting Drive's new Type High Speed. Assuming Type High Speed Flare, Drive was able to easily overpower his imposter, stripping the Roidmude 027 of its Imitation Drive form. As later revealed by Krim Steinbelt and Rinna Sawagami, however, the modifcations that Shift Speed and Max Flare received were purely cosmetic, with Shinnosuke's greater prowess being due to his peak state of "Top Gear" mind. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Shift Mega Max Flare

Shift Mega Max Flare (シフトメガマックスフレア Shifuto Mega Makkusu Furea) was a redecoration of the original Max Flare Shift Car which enabled Drive to gain the Mega Max Flare Tire, granting the same abilities as the Max Flare Tire and nothing more, though its fire power does seem to be more powerful than regular Max Flare. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Full Throttles

  • Type Speed Flare's Full Throttle finisher is the Flare Stream (フレアストリーム Furea Sutorīmu), where Drive launches a barrage of fireballs from the Max Flare Tire towards the enemy.

  • Type Dead Heat Flare's Full Throttle finisher is an enhanced version of the Dead Heat Drop (デッドヒートドロップ Deddo Hīto Doroppu), where Drive is coated in flames during his Dead Zone-powered attack.

  • Deadheat Mach Moerl executes Moerl Heat Kick Macher (モエルヒートキックマッハー Moēeu Hīto Kikku Mahhā, lit. "Burning Heat Kick Macher"), where Mach is coated in flames during his Dead Zone-powered attack. This finisher was stopped by Drive himself before Mach could destroy an untransformed Medic.

Behind the scenes

Closing Screens

Max Flare features on the Closing Screens of the following relevant Kamen Rider Drive productions.


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