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Based on a tow truck, Shift Hooking Wrecker (シフトフッキングレッカー Shifuto Fukkingu Rekkā) is a sentient Type Wild Shift Car which allows Drive to gain the Hooking Wrecker Shift Tire, equipping him with the Capture Hook to grab objects from afar. By itself, it can move things around by using its little hook.


Character History

Guess the Shift Car!

Hooking Wrecker came second in a succession of four Shift Cars/Signal Bikes which raced across the table at the Kuruma Driver's License Center as the Special Investigation Unit team played their first game of Guess the Shift Car!. Despite its speed, Hooking Wrecker was correctly identified by its human company.

Shift High Hooking Wrecker

Shift High Hooking Wrecker (シフトハイフッキングレッカー Shifuto Hai Hukkingu Rekkā) is a hypothetical cosmetic upgrade of Shift Hooking Wrecker, following the example set by Shift High Speed and Shift Mega Max Flare. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

As with the majority of the "upgraded" Shift Cars, High Hooking Wrecker exists only as a sound programmed into the DX Drive Driver.

Behind the scenes

Closing Screens

Hooking Wrecker features on the Closing Screens of the following relevant Kamen Rider Drive productions.


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