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Based on a fire engine, Shift Fire Braver (シフトファイヤーブレイバー Shifuto Faiyā Bureibā) is a sentient Type Technic Shift Car which allows Drive to gain the Fire Braver Shift Tire, equipping him with the Ladder Expander to use as a third arm. By itself, it sprays fire-dousing foam that can be used to extinguish all flames.


Character History

In Shocker's History Modifying Machine timeline, Fire Braver was one of several Shift Cars which came to Drive's aid against the brainwashed Shocker Riders. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Facing Hiruchameleon of Shocker in the second time loop initiated by the History Modifying Machine, Driver after first assuming Type Technic to counteract the cyborg monster's camouflage, performed a Tire Exchange with Fire Braver to mortally wound him. Deathmatch! The Kamen Rider Died Three Times!!

Guess the Shift Car!

Fire Braver came fourth in a succession of four Shift Cars/Signal Bikes which raced across the table at the Kuruma Driver's License Center as the Special Investigation Unit team played their first game of Guess the Shift Car!; Braver proved too fast for its human company to identify it.

Shift Ultra Fire Braver

Shift Ultra Fire Braver (シフトウルトラファイヤーブレイバー Shifuto Urutora Faiyā Bureibā) is a hypothetical cosmetic upgrade of Shift Fire Braver, following the example set by Shift High Speed and Shift Mega Max Flare. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

As with the majority of the "upgraded" Shift Cars, Ultra Fire Braver exists only as a sound programmed into the DX Drive Driver.

Full Throttles

  • Type Technic Braver's Full Throttle finisher is the Rescue Down (レスキューダウン Resukyū Daun), where Drive makes the Ladder Expander grab the enemy and drag them in his direction close enough for him to unleash a powerful side kick into the captured target's chest.

The Full Throttle finishers with the Door-Ju, PerfecShot (パーフェクショット Pāfeku Shotto), all depend on what Shift Car has been inserted into the Shift Landing Panel (シフトランディングパネル Shifuto Randingu Paneru) behind the weapon's barrel. Once done, the gun's finisher activation will be picked up by the Drive Driver, making a driver-side door icon appear on the Driver.

  • Fire Braver: Drive fires a beam of energy resembling the Ladder Expander, which grabs the enemy and pins them to the nearest wall before he pulls the trigger to detonate the energy construct, taking out the target along with it.

Behind the scenes

Closing Screens

Fire Braver features on the Closing Screens of the following relevant Kamen Rider Drive productions.


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