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The Shift Car Holder (シフトカーホルダー Shifuto Kā Horudā) is a strap that somewhat resembles a seatbelt buckle that is used to store up to three Shift Cars. It is mainly located on the right section of the Drive Driver's belt strap, as well as Kiriko's belt on the right side. As long as at least one Shift Car is stored in a slot, the wearer is able to withstand Heavy Accelerations. However, if a Shift Car Holder is cut off, as the Sword Roidmude did to Kiriko, the wearer would be effected by the Heaviness. Where is Chaser Going?

Drive's Shift Car Holder was originally worn by Chase when he fought as Protodrive. The Shift Car Holder first appeared to Shinnosuke when Max Flare arrived to help him move in a Heavy Acceleration field made by Roidmude 029. Why Did My Time Stop?

In the future, the Shift Car Holder is worn by Kamen Rider Dark Drive, carrying his three futuristic Shift Cars: Next Builder, Next Traveller, and Next Hunter. Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

Imitation Drive lacks a Shift Car Holder on the right side of his belt, one of the distinguishing features between it and the proper Drive. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

Unknown Signal Bike

The Legend Faiz Signal Bike in Kiriko's Shift Car Holder.

Signal Bikes are capable of being stored in the Shift Car Holder like the Shift Cars, as shown when the Legend Faiz Signal Bike inserted itself into Kiriko's holder just before she and Shinnosuke were consumed by the phenomenon emitting from the History Modifying Machine. This resulted in Kiriko's original memories of her timeline not being altered. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3


FB Holder

Fullbottle Holder.

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