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"Start Your Engine!"
―Standard activation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Start Our Engine!"
―Special activation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Start Our Mission!"
―Activation announcement for Dark Drive via Drive Driver[src]

"Drive: Type (Shift Car)! (music)"
―Transformation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Tire Koukan: (Shift Car)! (music/sound effect)"
―Tire Exchange announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Come On! (3 Shift Cars)! Tire Kakimazerl: (combo)! (music)"
―Tire Blending announcement via Shift Tridoron[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: (Shift Car)!"
―Standard finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"(Super) Dead Heat!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Dead Heat & Super Dead Heat Drive via Drive Driver[src]

―Finisher announcement for Type Next via Drive Driver[src]

"Nice Drive!"
―Deactivation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

The Shift Brace (シフトブレス Shifuto Buresu) is one of Kamen Rider Drive's transformation devices. In this case, being the device that holds Drive's Shift Cars as a remote for his Drive Driver. Initally used by Protodrive, it was inherited for the completed Drive, first tested by Kiriko Shijima before Shinnosuke Tomari was recruited to become the new Drive.

On two separate instances, duplicate Shift Braces were manifested by Roidmude 027 and Tenjuro Banno, who both copied Drive's data to become Fake Drive and Gold Drive respectively. Gold Drive's version is fully-colored jet-black in comparison to the original.

After the destruction of Gold Drive and the Sigma Circular, Drive's Shift Brace is the last of the Kamen Rider arsenal locked beneath the Drive Pit alongside Krim Steinbelt himself, with Shinnosuke handing it over to Krim's hologram personally. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

In a possible future, the Shift Brace is used by the future Drive, Eiji Tomari, before being taken along with the Drive Driver by the Paradox Roidmude who uses it to become Dark Drive. Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future


To transform, the user turns the Advanced Ignition (アドバンスドイグニッション Adobansudo Igunisshon) key on the Drive Driver and rotates a Type Change Shift Car into its Lever Mode before inserting it forwardly into the Shift Brace via the Shift Landing Panel (シフトランディングパネル Shifuto Randingu Paneru). Once the Shift Car is set, the user must hold the car and lift it up and down back into the Shift Landing Panel to finish the transformation sequence into Kamen Rider Drive, right after the Drive Driver announces "Drive: Type" (ドライブ・タイプ Doraibu - Taipu) and the corresponding Type used. The only Shift Cars usable to Drive when he is not transformed are the ones that change his Type forms.

After transforming with a Type Change Shift Car, the user has the option to switch between different other Shift Cars. To do so, the user must turn the Advanced Ignition, pull the used Shift Car out, convert the new Shift Car to Lever Mode, insert it back into the Shift Brace, and repeat the same lifting action. This would change the base Shift Tire from the Type, or any previous Shift Tire used before, and cause the Drive Driver to announce "Tire Koukan" (タイヤ交換 Taiya Kōkan, lit. "Tire Exchange") and then the corresponding Shift Car used.

If the Shift Car that is being used is lifted at least once, the user will be given a power boost, while the Drive Driver says either the Type used if a Type Change Shift Car is currently in use (ex. "Type Formula" would be "Formula") or the last name of a Tire Exchange Shift Car (ex. "Hooking Wrecker" would be "Wrecker") or the number designation of a Pit Crew Shift Car (ex. "Formula 02" would be "02"). Depending on the amount of times it is lifted, the Drive Driver repeats itself that many times, up to three, while also initiating different functions.

To initiate a finishing attack, Drive must turn the Advanced Ignition and press the red Igniter (イグナイター Igunaitā) button on the Shift Brace, located next to the Advanced Ignition, which makes the Drive Driver announce "Hissatsu" (必殺 lit. "Finisher") with a revving noise being looped. Lifting the Shift Car afterwards would then give Drive an exceeding amount of power, as well as cause the Drive Driver to announce "Full Throttle" (フルスロットル Furu Surottoru) and then the corresponding Shift Car used. Though in the case of Shift Deadheat, which doesn't have a Lever Mode, the Drive Driver instead just announces "Dead Heat" (デッドヒート Deddo Hīto) when the Igniter is pressed. Drive may now release the power gained in any way he wishes, unless the Shift Car does not comply. This is shown when Drive couldn't utilize the Dream Vegas Shift Car's Full Throttle, as he didn't get a jackpot. Who Stole the Woman's Smile?

In order to have the Drive Driver cancel the transformation, Drive must remove the Shift Car currently placed in the Shift Brace and press the Igniter. Sometimes, after a victorious battle, the Drive Driver would say "Nice Drive" (ナイスドライブ Naisu Doraibu) as a compliment to the user's great job.

While Drive is in civilian form, the Shift Brace can either act as a navigator or receive messages. At the same time, the Shift Brace is able to have a physical examination for its user. It can also somehow act as a watch for Drive.

When Tenjuro Banno is in possession of the Banno Driver, the Shift Brace is not a part of the transformation. Instead, it appears once he fully transforms into Gold Drive and only allows him to channel either his own power or the exploited weapon he hijacks. Once Gold Drive steals a Shift Car or Signal Bike, he can load them into his Shift Brace and press the Igniter, allowing him to exploit their powers through either his combat techniques or one of his hijacked weapons. In one instance, he uses the stolen Signal Tomarle to activate the hijacked Zenrin Shooter's Full Throttle attack.


The Shift Brace is composed of the following parts:

  • Shift Landing Panel (シフトランディングパネル Shifuto Randingu Paneru) - A multipurpose panel used to insert Shift Cars into. It reads the abilities and information of each Shift Car, which it then transfers to the Tridoron or Drive Driver. dditionally, it can also extract enemy information from inserted Viral Cores.
  • Igniter (イグナイター Igunaitā) - A red button used to activate finishing moves. When pressed, the Drive Driver will recognise the button operation, shifting its internal systems into standby mode, slowly accumulating and storing compressed energy to release at any time. After pressing the Igniter, finishing moves are activated by lifting the Shift Car.
  • Shift Wrist Band (シフトリストバンド Shifuto Risuto Bando) - A band that fixes the Shift Brace onto somebody's arm. It utilises highly flexible alloys that have been thinly compressed in ints construction, allowing for comfort without falling off.
  • Chrome Guard Bumper (クローム ガード バンパー Kurōmu Gādo Banpā) - A rail-guard in front of the Shift Landing Panel. It protects inserted Shift Cars from any unnecessary damage.
  • Shift Link Transmitter (シフトリンクトランスミッター Shifuto Rinku Toransumittā) - A sensor within the Shift Brace that recognises when the user lifts up the Shift Car, sending this data to the Drive Driver via optical signals, allowing transformation, finishing moves, etc.


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  • The Shift Brace resembles part of an automatic transmission shifter.
  • If a Viral Core is used in the DX Shift Brace, instead of reading it like normal, it causes the Drive Driver to announce "Dangerous" (デンジャラス Denjarasu).
    • However, in episode 0, Protodrive is able to read the memories of defeated Roidmudes by inserting a Viral Core into the Shift Brace. The Drive Driver will only announce "Dangerous" if a damaged Viral Core is used, otherwise it will play the memories without making any announcement. Considering Chase's true form as a Roidmude, Protozero, this was a function exclusive to Protodrive.
  • Unlike the Drive Driver, Shinnosuke is rarely ever shown taking off the Shift Brace ever since he started wearing it in episode 1. The first time he removed it was in episode 27, where he was suspended from transforming by Mitsuhide Nira after being tricked into attacking a disguised Brain. However, In Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!, it was seen off his wrist when Shinnosuke was back at the Drive Pit but he was never seen removing it. Eventually, he finally took it off for the last time in episode 47 when he returned it to Krim (Hologram).

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