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Shesta (シェスタ Shesuta) is a Humagear who acts as an assistant to Hiden Intelligence Vice-President Jun Fukuzoe.


After Hiden Intelligence's acquisition and some Humagears' deactivation by ZAIA Japan, Aruto tries to reactivate her inside a blank Humagear body, but since she is not a presidential assistant, she immediately decides to leave by overwriting herself with Matsurida Z No. 5.Take Off Toward Your Dream!


Unlike her fellow secretary-type Humagear, Shesta is cold and apathetical, as seen when she informed reporters about Okureru's attack as the Kuehne Magia attack and warned them to leave.Is AI The Enemy? Allies? She is shown to be emotionless when she laughs.That Man, Sushi Chef


Hiden Intelligence

  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: Similarly to her master, Shesta often disagrees with Aruto's plans and doubts his position. However, Shesta cares less about her master's plan on putting down Aruto.
  • Jun Fukuzoe: As Jun is her master, Shesta tends to take his position in situations, perceiving him as logistically a better fit for the president's position than Aruto.
  • Izu: She later begins to develop hostility towards Izu, much like her master has hostility towards Aruto I'll Take Care of Your Life

Behind the Scenes


Shesta is portrayed by Asumi Narita (成田愛純 Narita Asumi).



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