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The Sheep Fangire (シープファンガイア Shīpu Fangaia) is a Fangire whose true name is The Clown Dances with a Turkey at a Fireplace (道化師は暖炉で七面鳥と踊る Dōkeshi wa Danro de Shichimenchō to Odoru) and he is from the Beast Class. He possesses a pistol as his weapon, a reinforced skull for headbutting, and the ability to move at fast speeds.


The Sheep Fangire appears in 2008, taking the human form as Noboru Kuramae (倉前 昇 Kuramae Noboru), stalking Megumi Aso under orders from the Spider Fangire. Though halted by Kiva Garulu Form, Keisuke Nago's interference gives the Fangire time to kidnap Megumi.

Though he did his part, Noboru grew obsessed with Megumi, driving the Spider Fangire away to have her for himself. But Kiva intervenes, assuming Basshaa Form to shatter the Fangire and feed his soul to Castle Doran.


Sheep Fangire

Sheep Fangire

  • Height: 205 cm[1]
  • Weight: 135 kg[1]

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