This article is about a/an armament in Kamen Rider Gaim.

"Fruits Basket!"
―Activation announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]

"Lock Open! Kiwami Arms: Dai, Dai, Dai, Dai, Dai Shogun!"
―Transformation announcement via Sengoku Driver[src]

The Senyo Joint (専用ジョイント Senyō Jointo, lit. "Personal Usage Joint") is a separate extension that is essential for Kamen Rider Gaim to access Kiwami Arms by replacing his Sengoku Driver's Rider Indicator. Unlike the Genesis Core which has to be manually inserted, this slot is not physical, as it will materialize when Gaim activates the Kiwami Lockseed while in Kachidoki Arms.



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