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The Sengoku Rider War (戦国ライダー大戦 Sengoku Raidā Taisen) is a war between the Armored Riders and their armies. The war takes place in an apocalyptic future where the Helheim Forest has taken over the world.

This presumably predestined war begins with Gaim and Baron's factions preparing to battle, while Zangetsu's faction observes. As Ryugen kneels beside Zangetsu, it can be assumed that he serves as his vassal. A mysterious woman in a white dress awakens and accidentally drops her flower hair decoration as Gaim and Baron's factions charge at each other. Transform! The Orange from the Sky!?

This was later revealed to be a potential future of those who could claim the Forbidden Fruit. This future was observed by Mai Takatsukasa, having became the Woman of the Beginning, and Helheim's consciousness, 'DJ Sagara'. Two People Aiming At the Future

A version of this war would come to pass in the main timeline as Kouta and Kaito, having evolved into Over Lords waged their armies of Inves which they summoned to battle as they engaged each other, with both versions of Gaim eventually winning over Baron. Fate's Victor

Known Factions

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The confrontation between all of the Armored Riders



  • According to DJ Sagara, the events seen here aren't final, possibly explaining why Gridon, Zangetsu, and Ryugen are there, when later on, Gridon and Zangetsu's Sengoku Drivers were rendered unable to function.
    • However, this may have foreshadowed why the Zangetsu/Ryugen faction didn't charge in at the others, due to Ryugen going into a depressive spiral and Zangetsu's lapse into a coma.
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