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Seigi Ozaki (尾崎 正義 Ozaki Seigi) is the journalist who is the chief editor of a short-lived magazine where Ryotaro worked. He is always looking for a new good story to restore his magazine, sometimes revealing Imagin attacks to Ryotaro this way. He is a regular customer at the Milk Dipper and is trying to court Airi. Ozaki also has a habit of flirting with other women since first grade, despite the fact that he focuses on Airi. During Climax Deka, Ozaki learns the truth behind Ryotaro when Airi takes him and Miura into the DenLiner.

Behind the scenes


Seigi Ozaki is portrayed by Akira Nagata (永田 彬 Nagata Akira) of RUN&GUN.

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