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Incomplete Sclashjelly

An unfinished Sclashjelly.

The Sclashjellies (スクラッシュゼリー Sukurasshu Zerī) are the spoutbag-like collectible devices used by Sclash Driver.


Sclashjellies were conceived by Takumi Katsuragi, along with the Sclash Driver, as the evolution of Fullbottles and Build Driver, transforming the liquid state of Nebula Gas, contained in Fullbottles, into a gel, but had remained an unfinished project until Sento managed to complete the Sclashjelly and Sclash Driver in the present day. Judging Sento Kiryu!


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The Sclashjelly is composed of the following parts:

  • Shielding Cap (シールディングキャップ Shīrudingu Kyappu) - The cap on top of the Sclashjelly. It is a protective valve that prevents the Transgel Solid inside the Sclashjelly from leaking out. This is also why the label on the cap must be turned to face forward during transformation.
  • Material Absorber (マテリアルアブゾーバー Materiaru Abuzōbā) - The component on top of the Sclashjelly on which the Shielding Cap is located. When Grease/Cross-Z Charge transforms, the Material Absorber is responsible for retrieving and assembling/disassembling Grease/Cross-Z Charge's equipment.
  • Transgel Solid (トランジェルソリッド Toranjeru Soriddo) - The substance extracted from a Fullbottle. Normaly, a Transgel Solid is in a liquid form, however, it has been transformed into a gel, and when the Sclashjelly is loaded into the Sclash Driver, the Sclash Driver crushes the Sclashjelly, massaging the gel with the necessary force adjustment needed to turn it into Variable Jelly, the substance that Cross-Z Charge and Grease's armor is composed of.
  • Crushable Pouch (クラッシャブルパウチ Kurasshaburu Pauchi) - The outer enhanced pouch that makes up the majority of the Sclashjelly's exterior. It is comprised of multilayered structure of high strength lightweight material, allowing the Sclashjelly to return to its original shape after being crushed without breaking or sustaining damage. Additionally, the pouch is printed with a graphic that shows the ability of the Sclashjelly.

List of Sclashjellies

  • Dragon Sclashjelly (ドラゴンスクラッシュゼリー Doragon Sukurasshu Zerī) - Used to transform into Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge. This Sclashjelly is turned into a magma like state after taking a blast from "Soichi Isurugi" in episode 30, and its remains later changed into the Dragon Magma Fullbottle. Ryuga somehow has another copy of this Sclashjelly and gives it to Kazumi as a present.
  • Robot Sclashjelly (ロボットスクラッシュゼリー Robotto Sukurasshu Zerī) - Used to transform into Kamen Rider Grease.


  • The concept of a variant of the series collectible, while being used in an alternate Driver, is similar to the artificial Energy Lockseeds of Kamen Rider Gaim as well as the Signal Bikes of Kamen Rider Drive.
    • Sclashjellies being intended as successors to the Fullbottles furthers the comparison.
    • Tying in to how concepts from other seasons were used, but designed to still be separate from them, the Sclashjelly is a result of condensing the contents of a Fullbottle into a gel for greater power, neither being artificial facsimiles like the Energy Lockseeds, nor is it a successor only by design like the Signal Bikes.
  • In keeping with the liquid container theme of the Fullbottles and the soda can-themed Rabbit Tank Sparkling, the Sclashjellies resemble jelly drink pouches.
  • Both Sclashjellies are based on Fullbottles: The Dragon Sclashjelly is based on the Dragon Fullbottle and the Robot Sclashjelly is based on the Robot Fullbottle.
    • In addition, the DX Sclashjelly toys have the same pin codes as their Fullbottle counterparts, causing the Fullbottles to make the same transformation sounds as the Sclashjellies.

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