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Scissors Monster's Snip-snap Operation!! (ハサミ怪人のチョキンチョキン作戦!! Hasami Kaijin no Chokinchokin Sakusen!!) is the thirty-sixth episode of Kamen Rider Super-1.


When pairs of scissors begin moving on their own and causing chaos throughout town, Kazuya suspects Jin Dogma, as well as a suspicious clown in an orange suit.


Five members of the Junior Rider Team are on patrol, with Masaru trailing behind the others. Masaru calls to them, causing them to lament the younger boy tagging along, as waiting for him to catch up will make them late for patrol report and cause Harumi to reprimand them for slacking off. Throughout this, Masaru seems to be distracted by something. When Michiru asks what he’s doing, he beckons her over to see something interesting. She and the others complain, but turn to follow.

They gather with a small crowd of other children to watch a clown in an orange suit make paper cutouts. The clown, calling himself Pieroya, sings and dances as he makes the cutouts. Anytime he raises his scissors to the sky, they emit light, causing scissors in nearby shops to move on their own. A barber shop, a florist, and a clothing store are all attacked as Pieroya performs, with the crowd of children following him and applauding each of the finished cutouts, and each attack is witnessed by a man in a black suit and sunglasses.

Later, at night, Pieroya dances down an empty street, controlling a pair of bolt cutters, which damage some nearby power lines. This causes a power outage in Tani’s shop with Harumi, Ryō, Tani, Choro, and Kazuya inside. Kazuya witnesses Pieroya dancing outside before the outage. Choro sees a pair of scissors moving and alerts the others. Kazuya, with Tani and Choro’s help, subdues the scissors and tells them that he suspects Jin Dogma’s involvement. Ryō corroborates, telling them about Pieroya and the attack on the florist. Kazuya then leaves to investigate.

Meanwhile, Pieroya continues dancing, this time, attacking a child Masako is looking after, as well as Masako and the medical staff treating the child afterwards, cutting the phone lines when they try to call for help.

At Jin Dogma’s hideout, Commander Onibi boasts about his operation to the others, who very openly doubt him. Marshal Demon appears and approves of Commander Onibi’s plan. The commander then tells Pieroya to begin the ‘true’ operation and to cut up Super-1.

Harumi, Masako, and the Junior Rider Team discuss the scissor attacks and resolve to help stop them by looking for Pieroya and his hideout. Meanwhile, a policeman witnesses Pieroya causing trouble by dancing in the street and chases him, only to be led into an empty lot and attacked. The attack is interrupted by an old knife sharpener, who turns out to be Kazuya in disguise. Pieroya reveals himself to be HasaminBlood and summons a group of Jin Fighters to attack Kazuya. Kazuya quickly defeats the Jin Fighters, only to witness HasaminBlood use his powers to summon every pair of scissors he can to attack. As this happens, Kazuya transforms and uses the Elec Hands to disable the attack before using a Flash Kick to destroy one of HasaminBlood’s scissor-arm ‘antennae’. This permanently disables the monster’s ability to control scissors. HasaminBlood then vows to repay Kazuya in full and flees.

Two members of the Junior Rider Team happen upon Pieroya while searching. A group of Jin Fighters surround them as Pieroya threatens them, causing them to faint. Pieroya takes one of their radios and uses it to send a ransom message to the rest of the Junior Rider Team and Super-1. Waiting at the designated location, HasaminBlood becomes impatient and goes to attack the hostages early, but ends up beheading a Jin Fighter that was pushed in the way instead. Super-1 then appears, berating him for not waiting. Super-1 then rides through the remaining Jin Fighters, taking them down before freeing the hostages.

HasaminBlood, angered, attacks Super-1, who blocks his missile attack. He then creates a giant pair of scissors to keep Super-1 from getting close enough to attack and push him back. Super-1 counters by using the Power Hands to throw rocks at the giant scissors, breaking them. He then uses the Thermal Hands to warp HasaminBlood’s scissor arms before ultimately defeating him with a Super Rider Moon Surface Kick.

Back in Tani’s shop, Tani and Choro are working when Ryō walks in, declaring the scissors are moving on their own again. Choro panics for a moment before realizing it's a prank and chases Ryō down while everyone else laughs.



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DVD Release

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 3

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 3 features episodes 25-36.[1]


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