This article is about a/an Lord in Kamen Rider Agito.

A Scarab Lord who used the Justified Raging Morgenstern (mace) and Ignorance Hoplon (shield), his method of killing to shoot a needle from his horn at his victim in the neck, turning them to ash. His first victim was Susumu Murano, targeting the younger brother and the bodyguard assigned to him. He was intercepted by G3-X. He later resurfaces and battles Agito Burning Form, forced to retreat. When Beetle resurfaces, he defeats G3-Mild until Omura regains consciousness installs his suit's battery to fully reenergize G3-X. Gills and Agito join the fight then. The three Riders were no match for the Lord until Agito assumes Shining Form for the first time, killing the Lord with his Shining Clash attack.


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