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Scalar Weapon

The Scalar System ring aroud Yggdrasill Tower.

The Scalar System (スカラーシステム Sukarā Shisutemu) was a scalar-electromagnetic superweapon developed by the Yggdrasill Corporation as a final defense against the spread of the alien plants which have infested Helheim and are spreading through to our world via the cracks in Zawame City. It is a giant structure attached to Yggdrasill Tower itself, appearing as the ring which encircles the dome at the top. With just a press of a button, the Scalar System would be able to burn the whole city to the ground in order to save mankind itself on the offchance that Zawame does get overrun by Helheim. 


An image of what the destructive power of the Scalar System could be once activated.

After Overseer Takatora Kureshima revealed the truth behind Helheim to Kouta Kazuraba, he assured Mitsuzane that he did not inform him about the Scalar System, that it was top secret along with Project Ark and he would not tell an outsider about them. However, Sid chose to tell Kouta of this as he confronted him. Kouta was horrified learning of this, while Sid told him that Yggdrasill's intention was indeed to protect mankind, though Zawame can be sacrificed if it is necessary. Yggdrasill's Secret

Scalar System

The wrecked Scalar System, having been destroyed by Gaim.

However, Yggdrasill did not anticipate for Kamen Rider Gaim to get onto the tower by himself and a Dandeliner, who then transformed into his newly obtained Kachidoki Arms, and after smashing anything thrown his way by the Kurokage Troopers and a brief battle with Zangetsu Shin, he then shot out the Scalar System with the DJ Gun. Now Depart for the Front Line! Kachidoki Arms!

Ygg's Tower is demolished

The tower being demolished.

The Scalar System on the tower can be seen being removed during its deconstruction, three months after the clearing of the Helheim invasion following the dissolution of Yggdrasill. Fate's Victor

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