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Sayaka Mibu (壬生 彩加 Mibu Sayaka) is a third year student at Amanogawa High School and the student council president, which she lent to Yuta Sugiura after being hospitalized.


Sayaka is a perfectionist who strives for absolute order, whether it be in school or in public areas. She is not above manipulating others in order to achieve her vision. However, when Sayaka learned that Sugiura is doing his actions not to be like her, but because of his own feelings for Sayaka, she felt ashamed that she made Sugiura into a control freak.


At an unknown time, Sayaka became the student council president. One day, she confronted a group of students who were abusing the school policies but fell down the stairs when things got out of control. In order to keep control, Sayaka has Sugiura take pity on her and oblige to her wishes after he gained powers as the Taurus Zodiarts, believing Sugiura wanted to be more like her. However, Gentaro revealed to Sayaka that Sugiura had created the bylaws because of his feelings for her. Regretting making Sugiura into a monster, she convinced him to break his hold of the school while telling him that she'll return to her duties after she recovers. Sayaka was horrified to see Sugiura banished into the Dark Nebula by the Virgo Zodiarts.

Behind the scenes


Sayaka Mibu is portrayed by Yuka Eda (江田 結香 Eda Yuka).


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