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Satoshi Matsuda (松田 悟志 Matsuda Satoshi) is a Japanese actor who played Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight in Kamen Rider Ryuki.


Since Matsuda was only a year old, he grew up without a father. He went to a high school in Osaka and graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, majoring in fashion design. He entered the entertainment business in 1998 and made his first debut role in a TV drama. He was later cast as Ren Akiyama in Kamen Rider Ryuki, which would be his most well known role.

He later voiced the Crab Orphnoch in episodes 41 and 42 of Kamen Rider 555.

He also voiced Len, his American counterpart in the Japanese dub of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Satoshi Matsuda confirmed via Twitter that he did not reprise his role as Knight in the video game Super Climax Heroes, but stated that if he is asked, he would be willing to reprise the role. [1]

During the airing of Kamen Rider Ghost, he reprised the role in the game Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.[2]

In 2019, he finally returned as Ren Akiyama in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki. 

Personal Life

  • Matsuda announced his marriage to his wife Ari on October 25, 2015.
  • In December 9, 2016, he apprehended a voyeur criminal whose taking photographs of his wife's skirt using a smartphone, while Matsuda and his wife were shopping in Kumiyama Town, Kyoto Prefecture and heard her wife scream because of the voyeur. [3][4][5][6]
  • On October 9, 2017, he announced the birth of his first child.
  • According to Ryohei Odai, Matsuda was amongst the final contenders for the role of Shinji Kido, before the role went to Takamasa Suga.


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