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"Merry Christmas!"
―Santa Claus[src]

Santa Claus (サンタクロース Santa Kurōsu) is an important figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on the 24th of December, the night before Christmas Day.


Masked Rider

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Kamen Rider Wizard

He was first appeared in Tatsuro's Underworld after Wizard defeated the Hekatonkheire, surprising the latter greatly, who then gave Wizard the Merry Christmas Ring and left. Later, Haruto used this ring to restore Tatsuro's gifts for the orphans which were destroyed by Phoenix earlier, and then realized that he had just met the true Santa Claus.The Miracle of Christmas


Collectible Devices

Interestingly, even though Santa Claus had only appeared in the Kamen Rider Series once, Bandai still produced some Toy-Exclusive Kamen Rider Collectible Devices for the Christmas season starting in 2012.

Xmas Wizard Ring

Merry Christmas Ring

  • Merry Christmas Wizard Ring (メリークリスマスウィザードリング Merī Kurisumasu Wizādo Ringu): Given to Haruto by Santa Claus. Restores destroyed Christmas presents. Used only once, as the ring faded away after its spell was cast.
  • Wizardriver announcement:
    • Merry Christmas! (メリークリスマス!)

  • Orange Lockseed Christmas ver. (オレンジロックシードクリスマスver. Orenji Rokkushīdo Kurisumasu Bā): A Christmas-themed Orange Lockseed.
  • Sengoku Driver announcement :
    • Transformation: Happy Time! (ハッピータイム! Happī Taimu!)
      • Squash: Orange Squash (オレンジスカッシュ Orenji Sukasshu)
      • Au Lait: Orange Au Lait (オレンジオーレ Orenji Ōre)
      • Sparking: Orange Sparking! (オレンジスパーキング Orenji Supākingu)

  • Shift Holy Christmas (シフトホーリークリスマス Shifuto Hōrī Kurisumasu): A Christmas-themed Shift Speed.
  • Drive Driver announcement:
    • Tire Koukan! Holy Christmas! (タイヤ交換!ホーリークリスマス! Taiya Koukan! Hōrī Kurisumasu)

  • Santa Ghost Eyecon (サンタゴースト眼魂 Santa Gōsuto Aikon): Allows the Ghost Riders to transform into Santa Damashii.
    • Color: Red
    • Startup Time: X
    • Transformation Time: A Christmas tree.
    • Move Invocation Time: A Christmas tree.
  • Ghost Driver announcement:
    • Jingle Bell! Hoshi Furu! Seinaru Yoru! (ジングルベル!星降る!聖なる夜!)

KREA-Christmas Energy Item

Christmas Energy Item

  • Christmas Energy Item (クリスマスエナジーアイテム Kurisumasu Enajī Aitemu): A lime green medal that depicts a Rider in a Santa hat giving away a present. The toy of this Energy Item is only available when a customer purchases a Chara Deco Cake from the Bandai Premium website.
  • Ganbarizing & Buttobasaul scanning announcement:
    • Merry Christmas! (メリークリスマス!)

KRBu-Santa Fullbottle

Santa Claus Fullbottle

  • Santa Claus Fullbottle (サンタクロースフルボトル Santakurōsu Furubotoru): Allows Kamen Rider Build to Best Match with the Cake Fullbottle.
  • Build Driver Best Match announcement:
    • Seinaru Shisha, Merry Chrismas! (聖なる使者, メリークリスマス!)

"(Digital beeping) Zi-O!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Merry Christmas! The one who brings you dreams and hope is... Santa Claus! (メリークリスマス!君たちに夢と希望を届けてくれるのは…サンタクロースだ! Merī Kurisumasu! Kimitachi ni yume to kibō o todokete kureru no wa… Santa Kurōsu da!)[1]"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Party Time![1]"
―Tertiary activation announcement[src]

"Merry Christmas![1]"
―Quaternary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Electronic beat) Kamen Rider Zi-O!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Time Break!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

KRZiO-Christmas Ridewatch

Zi-O Ridewatch (Christmas ver.)

  • Zi-O Ridewatch (Christmas ver.) (ジオウライドウォッチクリスマスver. Jiō Raido Wotchi Kurisumasu Bājon): A toy-exclusive Christmas-themed version of the Zi-O Ridewatch which comes with the Zi-O Chara Deco Christmas Cake.

  • Rising Hopper Progrisekey Christmas Ver. (ライジングホッパープログライズキークリスマスVer. Raijingu Hoppā Puroguraizukī Kurisumasu Bā): Toy-exclusive Christmas-themed version of the Rising Hopper Progrisekey.

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