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"It's because of this rushed Rider System, that my falling apart!"
―Saukya's infamous quote from the series[src]

Sakuya Tachibana (橘 朔也 Tachibana Sakuya) is Kamen Rider Garren (仮面ライダーギャレン Kamen Raidā Gyaren, Masked Rider Garren), the second Rider to appear in the Kamen Rider Blade series. Sakuya was the second wearer chosen by the BOARD organization to use the very first Rider System they created, transforming him into Kamen Rider Garren. The first was his senior, Kiryu.


Sakuya Tachibana is at heart, a kind and well-meaning person. Though somewhat serious and stern at times, if slightly awkward, Sakuya is shown to be truly determined in helping those in need. When BOARD had suddenly collapsed though, along with being tasked to use a prototype Rider System, Sakuya became riddled with doubt and fear, convinced that the Garren Buckle was causing his body to slowly break down. This had caused him to become somewhat bitter and cynical. Sakuya did however continue to fight against the Undeads whenever he could, feeling compelled to protect the innocent.

Eventually though, upon learning about the true cause of his body's slow breakdown, Sakuya tried to quit being a Kamen Rider all together. When realizing this cannot be done, he then resorted to using a special drug to calm his fears. This resulted in Sakuya becoming highly aggressive and addicted to the drug. When Sayoko Fukasawa (Sakuya's girlfriend) died at the hands of the Peacock Undead though, Sakuya realized that he had been blinded by his insecurities. Filled with remorse, Sakuya faced his fears head on, defeating the Peacock Undead and avenging Sayoko.

Though having conquered his addiction and previous fears by then, Sakuya was still shaken by Sayoko's death and felt unworthy to be a Kamen Rider. However, when his senior Kiryu went berserk as Kamen Rider Leangle, Sakuya decided to use the Garren Buckle once more to stop him. Kiryu, when fatally wounded by brainwashed Undeads, convinced Sakuya in his dying breath to continue protecting others as Kamen Rider Garren.

Later, as Sakuya continues to fight alongside Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Hajime Aikawa/Kamen Rider Chalice, and Mutsuki Kamijo/Kamen Rider Leangle, he shows a more concerned, nice and friendly disposition, qualities that he had always had within himself but were initially suppressed. His love towards his friends and people in general become more pronounced, as his growing courage.

In the novel Kamen Rider Blade: Twilight, Sakuya is revealed to have become the head of BOARD, now using the company's resources to help others. According to the author of the novel, after the events of Kamen Rider Blade, Sakuya became determined to help Kazuma regain his mortalty, going far as voluntarily experimenting on his own body, which turned him into a psuedo Undead. Despite decades having passed, Sakuya is still concerned about his friend, continuing his experiments with Undead DNA and keeping tabs on Kazuma whenever possible.


Sakuya was originally a researcher of the Humanity Foundation who graduated from the Sazahaibu University and was selected to be the user of Rider System 01 after Go Kiryu was found to be incompatible with the system. By the start of the series, Sakuya begins to suffer a form of cellular breakdown with only sealing the Undead slowing down the process. That, combined with his feelings towards Kazuma being his backup when he can't manage it, Sakuya blames Karasuma for his condition. When he attempted in vain to seal the Locust Undead, Sakuya is forced to abduct Karasuma just prior to the Undead attacking BOARD. Though he intended to get the answers he needs, Karasuma was in a coma and put on life support with Sakuya safeguarding him until Hirose finds him. Though he leaves Karasuma in her care, it was revealed that the "Karasuma" he safeguarded was only a decoy. After his doctor and dear friend Sayoko Fukasawa relays Karasuma's message, that his subconscious fear is causing the breakdown, Sakuya encounters Isaka, the Peacock Undead, who personally attempts to retrieve him for his Leangle project. After escaping Isaka, Kotaro manages to talk Sakuya to not to let his fear control him though Sakuya denies that. He arrives to save Blade from the Trilobite Undead, however Garren's fusion rate goes down during his fight with the Undead. After being saved, Sakuya begs Karasuma for a means to be free of his fear, but Karasuma say he can't.

Though Sakuya attempts to resume a normal life by dating Sayoko, the Zebra Undead forces him to reveal himself as a Rider in front of Sayoko before vainly fighting the Undead before Blade arrives to aid him. In spite of Sayoko asking him to leave with her, Sakuya turns her down. While at BOARD's original location, Sakuya vainly battles the Peacock Undead, who defeats Garren and takes him with the intent to have Sakuya work for him by removing him of his fears with exposure to Schuld Kestner seaweed, an extinct plant that intensifies the aggressive nature of the subject. Though he became more aggressive and worked under Isaka for more of the seaweed, Sakuya was unaware of the eventual damage it would do to his nervous system. Though Sayoko warned him in vain, Sakuya shrugged it off until he learned that Isaka had murdered Sayoko for meddling in his affairs, defeating the Peacock Undead and sealed him. Later, as his way of repenting for being manipulated by an Undead, Sakuya takes Mutsuki under his wing.


Garren's mask partially damaged by Giraffa Undead with Sakuya's face partially exposed.

During the final few episodes, Kamen Rider Garren came face to face with the Category King of Diamonds and battled it out with him. The Undead told him that if he was sealed, Joker would be declared winner and that all of humanity would suffer because of his choice. Garren discarded this and answered, "I will believe in my friends." The battle ended with Garren nowhere to be found and the King Undead sealed leaving the Joker as the winner however, it would cause an unintentional death of billion species due to Joker's uncontrollable Undead nature. He is found upon the arrival of the Chief telling Kazuma that he was saved because of him. He arrived and assisted an unarmed Blade King Form, finished off the remaining Black Roach Undeads with the King Rouzer, and wished him good luck against Hajime. Due to his Rider system still being broken, Sakuya fought multiple Black Roach Undeads alone as a normal person while waiting for Kazuma to stop Hajime's suffering. After all Black Roach Undeads suddenly disappear, he and Mutsuki went to the forest where Kazuma and Hajime fought, only to find Hajime alone who is trying to follow Kazuma but lost track of him. They soon realized that Kazuma has become an Undead and disappeared in order to prevent himself from fighting Hajime in person again. After Kazuma's disappearance, Sakuya sees a photo of Kazuma together with him and remembered their good times, prior to Kazuma becoming an Undead.

Post series and other events

Blade vs Blade


Tachibana as Kamen Rider Garren appears in the recopilation archive footage amoung other main Rider,is view briefly his finisher Burning Divide.

Tachibana and Mutsuki appears as witness in the battle Kenzaki against Fake Blade,he confuse the why are there two kenzakis,Tachibana view how Mutsuki attack by error to real Kenzaki,in the Tachibana turn he uses his Garren Rouzer and how he knew kenzaki long ago According to him, he knew who was the real one and who was not,but ends up shooting him by mistake. due to Hajime's unexpected help to differentiate to the two Blades,he and Mutsuki give their Rouse cards and they were surprised becouse the Kenzaki Jack Form and King Form are view the same time ,Tachibana and Mutsuki view how the real Blade destroyed the imitation for later made a little discussion with Musuki that what card Kenzaki help first. Kamen Rider Blade: Blade vs. Blade

Day After Tomorrow


Garren riding Red Rhombus while firing with his Garren Rouzer.

After the end of the Battle Fight in the TV series,Tachibana as Garren appears riding the red Rhombus to give the Rouzer cards to Hajime and Mutsuki to fight againts the fake Blade. He explains that he and Chief Karasuma were conducting an investigation into how to turn Kenzaki and Hajime into humans by creating a new Undead from Chameleon DNA, but the new Chameleon Undead stole all the BOARD Riders information. The Chameleon Undead transforms into King Form and brutally defeats the Riders. However, they are saved by the arrival of a Joker Undead, who they quickly deduce is not Hajime due to his lack of scarring. Acting quickly, Tachibana quickly tosses the Joker the Blay Buckle, allowing Kenzaki to use his Rouse Cards in order to seal the false Rider. After the crisis resolved, all Blade items were found neatly left on the floor. Day After Tomorrow

Kamen Rider Decade

Rider War

Blade Psyga GarrenHD

Psyga, Blade, Garren and several flying riders in the sky just before they were shot by Decade.

Kamen Rider Garren Jack Form appears with other kamen Riders commanded by Wataru Kurenai ,but all are murdered by Decade in the episode 1 of Kamen Rider Decade in the dream of Natsumi Hikari and then conclude the dream with Decade as only Rider in the Rider War. Rider War

The Destroyer of Worlds

In the special version of episode 31, Kamen Rider Garren Jack form is seen as one of the many Kamen Riders who fought in the Rider War against Decade and were all destroyed. They were presumably restored after the destruction (and subsequent revival) of Decade at the end of the Rider War and the worlds were restored.The Destroyer of Worlds

10th Anniversary Project: Masked Rider LIVE & SHOW


Kamen Rider Garren appears summoned alongside other secondary Kamen Rider Riders participating in the musically of Kamen Rider Diend with hats and dancing. 10th Anniversary Project: Masked Rider LIVE & SHOW

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Garren in Legend War

Sakuya Tachibana returned as Kamen Rider Garren, making a brief cameo appearance in the film, teaming up with Hajime Aikawa and Mutsuki Kamijou, as well as the rest of the Kamen Riders.

As Garren, Sakuya was also part of a group of reinforcement riders led by Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth to aid the primary riders in defeating the Rock Great Leader. All the Kamen Riders got on their bikes and performed the All Rider Break attack which destroyed the Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki


Sakuya was found to be cruelly ambushed by Hajime as Chalice. After being saved by Kyoichiro, he revealed that his cover to attack Shocker alongside Kenzaki was blown and was being attacked so they would become a full fledged Shocker Riders. Asking for Kyoichiro for help, he alongside Go and Yuto moved to save Kazuma. But it was all a ruse to capture Go and Yuto instead as Sakuya, and Kazuma had been brainwashed from the start.

But later, he aided the Riders against Shocker after they despised how Shocker acts and also freed from the remains of Shocker's brainwashing inside them after Takeshi Hongo alongside Hayato Ichimonji broke free from Rider Robo.

Surviving the onslaught of the History Modifying Machine, Garren fought and destroyed Shocker's Marshal Machine with the Burning Smash shortly before the Rider Robo was destroyed along with the machine by Shurikenjin TridoronIcon-crosswiki. Among the remaining Riders who witnessed the farewell of Kyoichiro Kuroi as the perversion of history was reversed, Garren's place in history was restored.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Garren appears as a toy, when Sento Kiryu and Sougo Tokiwa they find Ataru Hisanagahe brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER  

Appearances in other media

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~

Type8. - The Strange Has a Match Strangely!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in the Card Rider Poker Battle ,Garren had an impressive and flush hand,Chalice a strigth hand ,General Shadow also had a strategy in his hand,but Kamen Rider Ryuki is very different his probability to had the victory , when all present his hand Ryuki uses Strange Vent change the cards of all players except Ryuki , Garren had of traditional card game , finally, General Shadow gives his business cards to all Garren equal the all acceptType8. - The Strange Has a Match Strangely!

Type16. - The Destroyer Destroys the Match!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in the Poker card battle ,Garren start with a good hand impressive and flush, Chalice with a Straigth hand ,General Shadow with a good Strategy in his hand ,but Kamen Rider Decade dont had a good hand this use Final Form Rider Card transforming all the players except Decade in different articles Garren is transformed into diamond-shaped.Type16. - The Destroyer Destroys the Match!

Type24. - I'll Investigate This Match!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in the Card Riders Poker Battle ,the card battle star ,with Garren that had a good hand impressive and flush ,later Chalice that had a strategy in his hand for the had the victory , General Shadow also had good had fot the winn,butKamen Rider Raia don't have the same lucky ,this lining the cards up,Chalice is a testify when Raia Choose a General Shadow as a volunteer and ends up choosing wrong also Garren see how a metal pot falls in the sky rendering Generakl Shadow him unconscious.Type24. - I'll Investigate This Match!

Type32. - The 13th Fights Infinitely!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in he poker card battle, Garren starts with a good impressive hand, Chalice with a good strategy hand ,General Shadow he is not far behind he also has a good hand, but Kamen Rider Odin hand a bad hand and this don't had an option to had the victory , when all players show up his hand Odin uses Time vent revert all the game making it all start the same but Odin know all the strategies of your opponents for had the win.Type32. - The 13th Fights Infinitely!

Type38. - Lucky Food, Let Me Say This to Start!


Kamen Rider Garren appears with Zolda, Orga and Double LunaTrigger, according by Momotaros Garren is considered an for marriage.Type38. - Lucky Food, Let Me Say This to Start!

Type40. - The Match Ignores the Way of the Knight!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in the Card Rider Poker Battle,the card duel star with Garren that had a good hand impressive and flush ,later the Chalice that hab a strategy to had the victory and General Shadow that also is another candita to had the victory ,but Kamen Rider Knight is different and is very probably that this lose the game ,when all show his cards knight use Trick Vent and revels 6 cards 3 pairs causing everyone to lose the game except him.Type40. - The Match Ignores the Way of the Knight!

Type48. - Searching for a Great Treasure Over the Match!


Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are seen in the Card Rider Poker Batlle ,the poker battle star with Garren that hab a hand is impressive, its flush ,later Chalice that had a good posibility to had win also the General Shadow had a another strategy ,but Kamen Rider Diend with a bad hand change his plans summoned the three Riotroopers one of te Riotroopers begins to give strong massages to Garren.Type48. - Searching for a Great Treasure Over the Match!

Kamen Rider Fourze the Net Edition: Everyone, Class is Here!

Tearing Down the Hostility


Tearing Down the Hostility

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)


Kamen Rider Garren as seen in the Videogame

Kamen Rider Garren, with Blade, Chalice, and Leangle, is playable in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.

All Kamen Rider Series

All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution


Garren in All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution

Garren appears in All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution amoung other Riders using al his Rouses combos , but he doesn't use his Fusion Jack form in any attack.

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2


Garren in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

Garren appears in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2, but he doesn't use his Fusion Jack form in any attack Rouses Comnbos.

Climax Heroes Series

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO


Kamen Rider Garren appears in the video game with the others Kamen Riders of the Heisei Era, using his rouses combosin Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze


Kamen Rider Garren appears in the video game with the others Kamen Riders of the Heisei Era, using his rouses in Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze.

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes


Garren appears in Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes, he uses his main Rouses Combos againts his enemies ,however he dont have his Jack Form.

Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride

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Kamen Rider Garren in Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride

Kamen Rider Garren appears as a playable character in this video game Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride.

Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing


Kamen Rider Garren card

Kamen Rider Garren is a playabled character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing ,he also perfor his Rouses Combos against his enemies ,but he dont have his Jack Form.

Kamen Rider Battride War series

Kamen Rider: Battride War

Garren (Battride War)

Garren as he appeared in Battride War

Kamen Rider Garren appears as a Second Rider in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War. In the level Double Jokers, which took place during the final episode, Sakuya somehow knows Blade's plan of turning himself into Joker in order to put the Battle Fight and stops Blade worrying of losing his friend, only to be defeated.

Kamen Rider: Battride War II

Kamen Rider Garren appears as a Second Rider in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War II.

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis


Kamen Rider Garren in Battride War Genesis.

Kamen Rider Garren made his playable debut in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis. His models has been upgraded with Rouse Absorber to match the appearance of his only TV series/movie's final form in this game. Garren is mostly suitable as a long-range character. Like Blade, Garren uses a Rouse Card points via attacks, but unlike Blade is that Garren's boost-up (Bullet Armadillo) is much safer without having this effect removed after Garren riding his bike, and Garren's Jack Form is his only for final form as of Garren's last TV series appearance. Yet, Garren's Jack Form is lack of Rouse Card points, as Garren has less Rouse Card based attacks.

Kamen Rider Batton-Line


Garren in Batton-Line

Kamen Rider Garren appears as a playable character in Kamen Rider Batton-Line among other Riders in the game

Kamen Rider Transcend Heroes

Kamen Rider Garren and his Jack Form appears as a playable character with others Kamen Riders in the video game, performer his Rouses Combos against his enemies Kamen Rider Transcend Heroes.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul


Kamen Rider Garren and his Jack Form is a playable character amoung other Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Kamen Rider City Wars

Kamen Rider Garren in City Wars

Kamen Rider Garren as seen in city wars

Kamen Rider Garren and Jack Form is a playable character alongside the other Kamen Riders.

Other Game appearances

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Garren and his Jack Form appears with other Kamen Riders and Monters in Battle Spirits.


Kamen Rider Garren's ending theme is entitled "Rebirth"

KR-Garren AceForm

Kamen Rider Garren

"Turn Up!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.[1]
  • Rider Weight: 104 kg.[1]

Rider Senses:

  • Hearing: 5 km.[2]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 260 AP[1] (2.6 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 450 AP[1] (4.5 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 38 m.[2]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.4 sec.[1]

Special Attacks:

  • Armadillo Bullet: 400 FP[3] (4 t.)
  • Pecker Rapid: 800 FP[3] (8 t.)
  • Whale Drop: 1000 FP[3] (10 t.)
  • Fly Fire: 1000 MP[3] (10 t.)
  • Burning Smash: 2000 AP[4] (20 t.)
  • Fire Upper: 1600 AP[4] (16 t.)
  • Fire Bullet: 1400 AP[4] (14 t.)
  • Burning Divide: 3400 AP[4] (34 t.)

Ace Form (エースフォーム Ēsu Fōmu) is the default form of Kamen Rider Garren assumed by using the Garren Buckle and Change Stag Rouse Card. The transformation fuses the user with the DNA of the Stag Undead. Though Garren possesses the weakest Ace Form, his long-range armament enables him to avoid direct confrontation.

Appearances: Blade Episode 1-3, 5-7, 9-15, 19-22, 24-30, 31 (flashback; archive footage only), 32, 35, 37 (flashback; archive footage only), 38-47, Super Hero Taisen GPIcon-crosswiki

Jack Form
KR-Garren JackForm

Jack Form

"Absorb Queen: Fusion Jack!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.[5]
  • Rider Weight: 114 kg.[5]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 330 AP[5] (3.3 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 520 AP[5] (5.2 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 118 m.[5]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 4.2 sec.[5]
  • Maximum Flying Speed: 250 km/h.[6] (approx. 100 m. per 1.4 sec.)

Special Attacks:

  • Fly Fire: 1000 MP[3] (10 t.)
  • Burning Shot: 2200 AP[4] (22 t.)
  • Burning Smash: 2000 AP[4] (20 t.)

Jack Form (ジャツクフォーム Jakku Fōmu) is a combat extension of the Rider System which harnesses the power of Category Jack Rouse Cards via the Rouse Absorber. Garren assumes his Jack Form by inserting the Absorb Serpent into the Rouse Absorber and scanning the Fusion Peacock Rouse Card. This endows the Rider Armor with the attributes and characteristics of the Peacock Undead's DNA, enhancing Garren's natural combat capacities.

In this form, Garren gains golden reinforced armor plating which increases his resilience to enemy attacks. Garren also gains wings on his back, enabling him to fly. Assuming this form additionally upgrades the Garren Rouzer into its Empowered Type, which equips it with a bayonet and expands its AP cache.

Appearances: Blade Episode 30, 32-33, 41, 45 (flashback; archive footage only), 47, Decade Episodes 1,31 (Special Version)

King Form
Garren King

King Form

"Absorb Queen: Evolution King!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.[7]
  • Rider Weight: 135 kg.[7]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 400 AP[7] (4 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 600 AP[7] (6 t.)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 28 m.[7]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.2 sec.[7]

While never assumed in the series, Garren's King Form (キングフォーム Kingu Fōmu) can be seen in concept art and the S.I.C. Hero Saga toyline. Garren would theoretically assume this form by inserting the Absorb Serpent Rouse Card into the Rouse Absorber and scanning the Evolution Giraffa Rouse Card.

Due to having his Garren Buckle broken when he sealed the Giraffa Undead, Sakuya never had the chance to assume this form. Unlike Blade, this form would in theory only allow Garren to fuse with the Category King instead of all 13 Rouse Cards in the Diamonds Suit due to his his fusion rate being normal. Due to this, the Rouzer that Garren wields in King Form has storage for Rouse Cards.

Appearances: Special Edition: King, Special Edition: Kamen Rider Garren King Form


Legend Rider Devices

KR Garren Card

KamenRide: Garren

KamenRide: Garren: A Rider Card containing the power of Kamen Rider Garren. Used by Diend to summon Kamen Rider Garren.

Better Ring of Coins

Garren Ring

This Rider Ring which bears the likeness of Kamen Rider Garren is exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard's Wizard Ring toyline. When used by a Wizardriver wearer, it would be able to summon Kamen Rider Garren.

"(Digital beeping) Garren!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The diamond trump Rider who fights with a gun is... Garren! (銃で戦うダイヤのトランプライダーは…ギャレンだ! Jū de tatakau daiya no toranpu Raidā wa… Gyaren da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Armor Time! (Garren Buckle standby noise) Garren! (Garren Buckle post-transformation sound)"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Burning Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Garren Ridewatch

Garren Ridewatch

The toy-exclusive Garren Ridewatch (ギャレンライドウォッチ Gyaren Raidowotchi) would allow access to GarrenArmor if inserted into the left-hand side of the Ziku-Driver.

Behind the scenes


Sakuya Tachibana is portrayed by Kousei (Hironari) Amano (天野 浩成 Amano Kousei (Hironari)). Amano later portrayed Kouhei Hayami/Libra Zodiarts in Kamen Rider Fourze. As Kamen Rider Garren, his suit actor was Yoshifumi Oshikawa (押川 善文 Oshikawa Yoshifumi).


  • The scene in the first episode wherein Garren spied Blade fighting Locust Undead from afar was made into various comedic situation where fans would place either Garren in other images peaking another character or parodying it in somewhere else. This scene is memorable as "Why are you just watching!!" (なぜ見てるんです!! Naze miterun desu!!), which was the line delivered by Blade before he enacted the infamous Ondul meme.
  • As mentioned above, the quote from episode 3 when Sakuya proclaims how the Rider System damaged his body has become a viral meme in the Japanese fandom, due to the way he delivered the line: "My body is falling apart!" (俺の体はボロボロだ! Ore no karada wa boroboroda!). This line was also self-referenced in one of the ending bumpers for the Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki programming block.[8]
  • Sakuya is perhaps most infamously known for the final scene of episode 7, where the camera zooms in onto him screaming for his life as the Trilobite Undead approaches him.
  • In episode 15, just before delivering the Burning Divide attack towards the Peacock Undead, Garren shouts out the name of his girlfriend, who was killed by said Undead. This scene has been parodied within the Japanese fandom and also used in Climax Heroes game starting from Fourze.
  • In episode 21, Tachibana trained Mutsuki in an automated baseball field. He caught an incoming ball and shouting three (hence "SAN!!") before revealing the ball to Mutsuki. This scene becomes memorable due to his over the top manner in shouting it. The Twitter account of Kamen Rider Zi-O even referenced this as part of their promotional campaign for Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty, where Garren was advertised with this slogan.[9]
  • There is a running joke among Japanese fans where he is associated with a type of food known as Kara Miso (辛味噌), due to the last line of his insert song, Rebirth, has the chorus (Gotta be strong) sounding similar to the name of said food.

Concept Art


  • As acknowledged in the hero change battle between Kamen Rider Decade and Gokai Red in Super Hero Taisen, the Riders of Kamen Rider Blade share their card motifs with the heroesIcon-crosswiki from Shotaro Ishinomori's second and last Sentai series J.A.K.Q. DengekitaiIcon-crosswiki. Garren's Diamond motif would make him Blade's equivalent of Dia JackIcon-crosswiki.
  • The name "Garren" is most likely derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "currency" (キャレンシー Kyarenshī), tying in with the Minor Arcana version of the Suit of Diamonds; the Suit of Coins.
  • He shares the first name with Sakuya HikawaIcon-crosswiki/PaternGreen From Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai PatarangerIcon-crosswiki.
  • Coincidentally, he bears a similar name to one of the protagonist in the God Eater franchise, Sakuya Tachibana, who also happens to be a gun user just like him.
  • Sakuya is the only Rider in the series who has never been an Undead throughout the series (Kazuma mutates into a Joker Undead in the final episode; Hajime is an Undead, and Mutsuki turns into both the Spider Undead & Tarantula Undead in the 42nd episode, although he later regains his humanity).
  • Along with Kazuma, Sakuya is the only Rider in Kamen Rider Blade to have managed to defeat a Category King Undead, disregarding the events of Missing Ace.
    • Much like Kazuma's case, this was presumably done to showcase Sakuya's growth as a person, having gone from an insecure figure that frequently lost against lower class Undeads into an individual that can defeat a foe powerful enough to hold its own against even Kamen Rider Wild Chalice.
  • Kamen Rider Garren and Kamen Rider Chalice have been the focus of a long-running debate by fans regarding their status as the Secondary Rider of Blade. Ultimately both Toei and Bandai confirm it to be Garren as revealed through further appearances in video games and merchandising which features Garren with the other Secondary Riders.[10] [11] [12]
    • In fact, upon his debut 2004, Chalice had already been considered a Tertiary Rider.[13]
    • Part of this misconception may stem from the fact that in both of Blade's opening sequences, Hajime's actor is given second billing right after Kenzaki's actor. In most Kamen Rider openings, second billing is given to either the season's secondary Rider or a supporting character who has a very close relationship with the main Rider, except in episodes where either of those characters don't appear.
    • Strangely, promotional posters released for Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer, display Chalice among the Secondary Riders and Garren among the Tertiary Riders.[14]



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Jacaranda Cafe
Kotaro Shirai - Haruka Kurihara - Amane Kurihara
The Undead
Joker: Hajime Aikawa - Junichi Shimura - Kazuma Kenzaki (post-series)
The Royal Club:

♠️ Spade: King - Takahara - Yazawa

♦️ Diamond: Kanai - Azumi - Isaka
♥️ Heart: Kamata - Miyuki Yoshinaga - Shinmei
♣️ Club: Noboru Shima - Hikaru Jō - Daichi
Category Ace:

Beetle Undead - Stag Undead - Spider Undead - Mantis Undead - Kerberos

Category 2-10:

♠️ Spade: Lizard Undead - Lion Undead - Boar Undead - Locust Undead - Deer Undead - Trilobite Undead - Buffalo Undead - Jaguar Undead - Scarab Undead

♦️ Diamond: Armadillo Undead - Frog Undead - Pecker Undead - Whale Undead - Fly Undead -Tortoise Undead -Bat Undead - Zebra Undead - Chameleon Undead
♥️ Heart: Human Undead - Hammerhead Undead - Dragonfly Undead - Shell Undead - Hawk Undead - Plant Undead - Moth Undead - Camel Undead - Centipede Undead
♣️ Club: Bee Undead - Mole Undead - Rhinoceros Undead - Cobra Undead - Polar Undead - Jellyfish Undead - Scorpion Undead - Squid Undead - Tapir Undead
Other: Darkroaches - AlbiRoaches - Titan - Mold Undead - Jashin 14 - Trial B - Trial D - Trial E - Trial F - Trial G
Icon-decade Kamen Rider Decade
Kamen Riders
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Mirror Monsters
The Contract Monsters
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World of Den-O: Gelnewt
World of Negatives: Raydragoons
Orphnochs / Lucky Clover
Momose - Shukawa - Genda - Shirogane
Butterfly Orphnoch
The Undead
World of Blade: Kamata - Hajime Shijo
Buffalo Undead - Elephant Undead - Capricorn Undead
World of Diend: Fourteen - Bossroach - Darkroaches
World of the Rider War: Deer Undead - Scarab Undead - Lizard Undead
魔化魍 Makamou
Gyuki - Bakegani
Kappa - Bakeneko - Ooari - Tengu - Ubume
Sou Otogiri
Coleoptera Worm Argentum - Geophilid Worm - Subst Worm
The Imagin
Alligator Imagin - New Mole Imagin
The Fangires
Beetle Fangire - Yuki
World of Kiva: Ryo Itoya - Swallowtail Fangire - Lion Fangire
World of the Rider War: Shark Fangire - Silkmoth Fangire - Horsefly Fangire - Warthog Fangire
Icon-drive Kamen Rider Drive
Kamen Riders
TV Series: Shinnosuke Tomari - Go Shijima - Chase - Tenjuro Banno - Kamen Rider Mach (Production Model) (Jun Honganji)
Movie/Special/Stageshow-exclusive: Zoruku Tojo - Kyoichiro Kuroi - Kamen Rider 4 - Paradox Roidmude - Heart - Brain
Special Investigation Unit
Shinnosuke Tomari - Kiriko Shijima - Krim Steinbelt - Jun Honganji - Genpachiro Otta - Rinna Sawagami - Kyu Saijo

Unofficial Members: Roidmude 072 - Go Shijima - Chase - Mitsuhide Nira (defected)

Other allies
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Fusion Evolution State: Sword Roidmude - Seeker Roidmude - Open Roidmude - Cook Roidmude - Thief Roidmude

Unofficial: Mitsuhide Nira - Sigma Circular

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Zoruku Tojo - Imitation Drive - Kibaoni Army Corps - Shocker - Neo Shade - Ganma (Da Vinci Gamma)
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