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"Let me show you how strong I really am! (私の本当の強さ見せてあげる!, Watashi no hontō no tsuyo-sa misete ageru!)"
―Jeanne's catchphrase[src]

Sakura Igarashi (五十嵐 さくら, Igarashi Sakura) is the younger sister of Ikki Igarashi and Daiji Igarashi, and the only daughter of the Igarashi Family. After receiving the Libera Driver from an unknown sender, she transforms into Kamen Rider Jeanne (仮面ライダージャンヌ, Kamen Raidā Jan'nu) after achieving a resolve to become stronger.


Sakura Igarashi is the only daughter of Genta and Yukimi Igarashi, and also the younger sister to Ikki and Daiji. While attending Daiji's appointment ceremony at Fenix with his family, the event gets attacked by the Deadmans. While the Giff Junior started to attack people, Sakura was the only civilian able to fight the combatants because of her karate training. She would be present to witness Ikki using the Revice Driver and transformed into a Kamen Rider.

During a hostage situation, Sakura was taken captive but managed to later break free of her bonds and disarm her kidnapper, knocking him out with her karate skills. Sometime later, during one of her lessons, she would meet Julio, whom she did not recognize as one of the leaders of the Deadmans and allowed him to get close to her.

During her mother's recovery party, she gets reacquainted with Julio and her dad questions their relationship. Eventually during the big party reveal, Julio and the rest of the Deadmans reveal themselves and proceed to ruin the celebration. Sakura attempts to attack Aguilera, but fails miserably, with her only being able to watch in horror as "Daiji" and Ikki fight.

Sakura resolves herself before transforming.

"Ikki, Daiji... I'm sorry. The truth is that I was always weak. But now, I've learned to accept my weaknesses and become... invincible."
―Sakura resolving herself before her first transformation into Jeanne[src]


Like her two brothers, Sakura greatly cares for her family and reciprocates the love that they have given her though treating Ikki's injuries from fighting the Deadmans. She will not forgive those who hurt her her family, and was visibly heartbroken at the thought of her family being torn apart after Kagero revealed himself to the family. She lambasted Fenix for dragging her family into this mess, and questions the need for Kamen Riders to protect the world if it comes at the cost of tearing her family apart.

Being trained in karate, Sakura is also strong and self-reliant as she can defend herself from the Deadmans and even managed to escape a hostage situation unharmed without the help of her brothers. However seeing that both Ikki and Daiji have gained the means to protect their family from non-conventional threats, Sakura began to wonder about the meaning of true justice and whether or not achieving it would also mean happiness. However, her experiences have only left her with more questions than answers.

Despite her strength, Vice has commented that she may have an inner demon lurking within her that represents Sakura's feelings of helplessness and self-doubt, which Aguilera seems to be planning to exploit for her own purposes. This culminates into Sakura receiving a transformation belt from an unknown source and recklessly transforming despite her inability to do so, which results in Ikki getting injured when protecting her. Ultimately, Sakura recognizes her weakness, and transforms successfully with a newfound resolve to become stronger.

Sakura has one catchphrase: "Let me show you how strong I really am!" (私の本当の強さ見せてあげる!, Watashi no hontō no tsuyo-sa misete ageru!)


  • Expert Martial Artist: Sakura holds a black-belt in karate and can easily disarm firearm users as well as fight Giff Juniors untransformed. Her skills are exponentially enhanced while transformed, where she showcases masterful proficiency against a higher number of Giff Juniors as well as a Phase-2 Deadman.


Cobra Genome

Cobra Genome

"Liberal Up! Ah! Going my way! Kamen Rider! Ja! Ja! Ja! Jeanne!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[1]

  • Rider Height: 194.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 62.5 kg

Ability Parameters[1]

  • Punching Power: 36.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 36.5 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 27.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.6 seconds

Cobra Genome (コブラゲノム, Kobura Genomu) is Jeanne’s Cobra-based primary form accessed by using the Cobra Vistamp in the Libera Driver.

Compared to the other Riders' primary form, Jeanne possesses the highest punching power and running speed as well as having the lowest jumping height. In this form, Jeanne can extend the braid on her helmet into a whip for offensive purposes.

Cobra Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Orleans Head (オルレアンヘッド, Orurean Heddo): The head.
    • Cobra Iron Veil (コブラアイアンベール, Kobura Aian Bēru): The facial armor. The armor, which is composed of smooth curves, parries the impact and prevents a direct hit to the head.
    • Cobral Eye (コブラルアイ, Koburaru Ai): The compound eyes. The cobra's mottled shape enhances visibility above and is useful when attacking from a low position. In addition, as the concentration is improved, the dynamic visual acuity is also improved, and the movement of the enemy is accurately captured together with the excellent heat sensing ability.
    • Cobral Crusher (コブラルクラッシャー, Koburaru Kurasshā): The oral cavity. It has the property of increasing the power of fighting attacks by exhaling violently, and it is also used to intimidate enemies by amplifying its voice.
  • Cobra Deco Breast (コブラデコブレスト, Kobura Deko Buresuto): The chest armor. The unique ability engraved with the symbol mark makes the user a cobra warrior of slow and fast.
  • Global Geno Suit (グローバルゲノスーツ, Gurōbaru Geno Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Liberal Up, the genetic information of the species supplied from the Libera Driver is reconstructed, and by wearing it in an enhanced shape, the user is transformed into Kamen Rider Jeanne.
  • Rebornalee Power Ribbon (グローバルゲノスーツ, Reborunarī Pawā Ribon): The augmented energy path. By reading the consciousness of the user and quickly supplying additional energy to the parts that require the most energy, the power of various attacks is enhanced.
  • Rebornalee Arm (レボルナリーアーム, Reborunarī Āmu): The arms. The energy supply from the Global Geno Suit enhances the physical ability of the user, and by adding the flexibility of the cobra, she performs physical skills such as elbow strikes and tightening techniques.
  • Rebornalee Gloves (レボルナリーグローブ, Reborunarī Gurōbu): The gloves. While having the ability to handle all kinds of weapons, the user is best at fighting with a manual empty fist.
  • Rebornalee Leg (レボルナリーレッグ, Reborunarī Reggu): The legs. By adding the flexibility of Cobra to the physical ability enhanced by the Global Geno Suit, the distance with the enemy is quickly closed, and the foot movement that takes an efficient distance for attack and avoidance has been acquired. Also, the user is good at continuous kicks by high-speed rotation.
  • Rebornalee Boots (レボルナリーブーツ, Reborunarī Būtsu): The boots. By receiving the operation of the Libera Driver and converging the energy supplied through the enhanced energy path Rebornalee Power Ribbon to the sole surface at high density, the special move "Cobra Stamping Smash" can be activated.

This form's finisher is the Cobra Stamping Smash (コブラスタンピングスマッシュ, Kobura Sutanpingu Sumasshu): Lovekov is materialized and absorbed into a coil to spin around Jeanne's right foot for her to kick at the enemy. Jeanne and the enemy then simultaniously land on the ground, with the enemy exploding afterwards.

Appearances: Revice Episodes 12-





  • Lovekov: Sakura's inner demon that manifested from Sakura's weaknesses.


  • Aguilera: Became an enemy to Aguilera, whom the latter is very focused on attempting to recruit into the Deadmans.
  • Julio: Despite having been at the sight of the attack on the Fennix Ceremony, Sakura did not recall Julio there, leading the Deadmans to the idea of using her to break Ikki. He infiltrated her dojo where she trained and got close to her. When he reveals that he is part of the Deadmans, it's likely that Sakura grew to have disdain for him as his schemes hurt her family.
  • Kagero/Kamen Rider Evil: While barely interacting, even as Kagero pretended to be Daiji, it can be assumed that she does not like Kagero for taking her brother away.

Behind the Scenes



  • Like the rest of her family, the Igarashi surname contains the kanji for "fifty" (五十嵐), which is likely a nod to Revice commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • Sakura's first name (くら) contains the first syllable for "three" (ん), possibly referencing her status as the third-born child of the Igarashi family.
  • The origin of Jeanne's name is likely derived from Jeanne D'Arc, a national heroine of France whose name is famously anglicized as Joan of Arc. According to history, she claimed to have heard the voices of angels and saints, but was burned to death at the stake after being accused of hearing the voices of "demons" instead. In Shakespeare's Henry VI, she was portrayed as a conjuror of demons, later being burned to death like her historical counterpart.


  • Jeanne's cobra motif, along with Live & Evil's bat motif and Demons' spider motif, is part of the recurring bat/cobra/spider trio in the Kamen Rider franchise, a tribute to the first Shocker monster to be upgraded and revived.
  • Parts of Jeanne’s mask are the overhead view of a cobra. The “eyes” are the pattern on the hood of the snake, the “mouth” being the snake’s eyes and the snake’s tail forming a small ladder braid of “hair” on Jeanne’s head.




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