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Sakiko Mikumo

Sakiko Mikumo

Sakiko Mikumo (三雲 咲子 Mikumo Sakiko) is a scientist in charge of the O-Parts Research Department, her group researched the items from old long lost civilizations. By chance, she and her group found the puzzle that held the Overlord's DNA and unlocked it. With no idea of its nature, she had the 30,000 old DNA synthesized, resulting with the Overlord of Darkness being reborn as well as the division being disbanded upon his escape. However, because the Overlord followed her, Sakiko was murdered by Anguis Femineus. As killing a regular human is considered a taboo among the Unknown, Anguis Femineus was controlled to commit suicide by the Overlord himself after that.

Behind the scenes


Sakiko Mikumo was portrayed by Ryoko Takizawa (滝沢 涼子 Takizawa Ryōko).


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