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"Please... Become the best doctor in the world..."
―Saki's final words before her death[src]

Saki Momose (百瀬 小姫, Momose Saki) was Hiiro Kagami's girlfriend prior to her death from game illness. She gave birth to the Bugster known as Graphite.

Character History

Saki was a medical student at Seito University, along with her boyfriend Hiiro. While they both cared for each other, Saki was often hurt by Hiiro's cold personality.

Saki's final moment before fading into data.

In 2011, Saki was infected by the Bugster virus, and was brought to CR for treatment. Not wanting to distract Hiiro, Saki kept her Game Illness secret from him. Unbeknownst to anyone, Kuroto Dan had deliberately infected her with a larger dose of the virus and provoked her stress, worsening her condition so as to complete the evolution of the Graphite Bugster.

Already weak from using a Proto Gashat, Taiga Hanaya was unable to defeat the virus that emerged from her. Hiiro found out just in time to make it to her deathbed. Saki asked Hiiro to become the greatest doctor in the world before fading into data.Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO A Hollow Beating in the Heart!


A photograph taken by Saki which Hiiro kept beside with him after her death.

Five years later, Saki was ultimately avenged by Brave along with the other doctor Riders when they used the divided Hunter Gamer to terminate Graphite. Uneven Doctors!

It was revealed by Kuroto Dan to Hiiro that Saki was among many people vanished into data stored in Proto Gashats. The Forbidden Continue!? As the Proto Gashats are released from Ministry of Health's protection by Kuroto's father, Masamune Dan, latter held Saki, who is sealed inside Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z a hostage to force Hiiro Kagami into joining his side. Judgement Received! Company Reform!

Revived as Bugster

Saki's incomplete revived form.

After Hiiro manages to betray CR and steal Emu's current Gamer Driver, Masamune fulfills his promise to revive Saki. However, the form he revived was incomplete, nothing more than a shell that only repeated Saki's last words. In order to gain Saki's consciousness back, Hiiro was forced to continue working with Masamune. Accomplished Rebirth!Rescue the Partner!

Masamune erasing Saki's data by using Gashacon Bugvisor II.

After Masamune suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Ex-Aid, Masamune's bribe turned into a threat: Hiiro would use Taddle Legacy and eliminate Parado in order to eliminate Ex-Aid, or Saki's data would be erased. Perfect Invincible GAMER! The threat of erasing Saki's data was used again in an attempt to coerce Hiiro into sabotaging Taiga's life-saving surgery. However, Hiiro chose to save Taiga's life rather than revoke his integrity as a doctor. As a punishment, Masamune erased Saki's data, presumably killing her permanently. Period with Tears


A victim of the Game Disease, Saki Momose was acknowledged by Dr. Emu Hojo as he spoke at a televised press conference by the Ministry of Health following the demise of mastermind Masamune Dan, striking a chord with Haima. Endless Game

Lovelica's Return

Saki in Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe

It is later shown that Saki's data was returned after Masamune activated his Reset. However, she's now under control of Lovelica after being brought back by Kuroto Dan. Kuroto explains that for Lovelica to be able to fully come back to life, he will need to fully win over Saki's heart. However, Hiiro recognizes that she has been brainwashed and fights to free her, initially failing due to Toki Meki Crisis making Lovelica immune to damage while a woman is interested in him.

Eventually, she is freed from Lovelica's mind control when Taiga uses the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat to Pause time. After seeing Kamen Rider Brave fighting for her, she comes back to her senses, allowing Lovelica to be defeated. However, Kuroto only intended for her to live for a day to bring back Lovelica, so she begins to fade. She uses her last few moments to tell Hiiro that she had forgiven him for his aloof treatment of her, and asked forgiveness for the deception she was part of. As she disappeared forever, Hiiro finally had the strength to move on from her loss, having finally spoken to her in person and relieving his burden. Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe


Although Hiiro usually ignores her to focus on his studies, Saki still loves him despite her frustrations. Before her death, she encouraged Hiiro to become the best doctor in the world, showing that she always supports his choices nevertheless.

Behind The Scenes


Saki Momose is portrayed by Kana Nakagawa (中川 可菜, Nakagawa Kana).



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