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Saki Aoi (葵 咲 Aoi Saki) is a wife of Ren Aoi and mother of Shuu Aoi.


She was waiting for her son at the lighthouse for many months/years, unaware that her son died and her husband joins Badan Empire to find him but brainwashed into their pawn to capture Shu, who is alive thanks to imagination power. She is confronted by Tsukasa about how long it had been to wait for her son. When the time comes before her son disappeared, she finally reunites with her closely deceased son and her husband, watching their son disappear into the light above them.



Saki Aoi is portrayed by Akiko Hinagata (雛形 あきこ Hinagata Akiko), who is currently married to Kousei Amano, the latter of whom is known for his role as Sakuya Tachibana in Kamen Rider Blade and Kouhei Hayami in Kamen Rider Fourze.

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