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Sad Melody, Loving Memory (哀メロディ・愛メモリー Ai Merodī, Ai Memorī) is the eighth episode of Kamen Rider Den-O. Kintaros makes a brief appearance in this episode.


Both Ryotaro and his sister Airi work to try and improve relations between the broken couple as Den-O tries to figure out the mystery behind the Imagin's attacks.


After Tomoya orders Ryotaro to find Yumi, she tells Ryotaro that she refuses to come see her ex-fiance after their breakup half a year ago. This discussion leads Ryotaro to realize that Yumi's wish to the Crow Imagin is to actually forget her boyfriend rather than the music the necklace he gave her played.

Suddenly, the Crow Imagin appears and destroys the necklace she had been given by Tomoya that played The Four Seasons' First Concerto out of free will to finish the contract between the two of them.

The Crow Imagin goes back in time to the day of Tomoya and Yumi's wedding after which she left him at the altar. Ryotaro first retrieves the original necklace and then uses both Rod and Sword forms to finally defeat Crow Imagin.

In the present time, Yumi finally shows up at the Milk Dipper to reunite with Tomoya once again. Meanwhile, a certain Imagin makes a contract with a human.


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  • Den-O: Plat Form, Rod Form, Sword Form


DVD releases

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 2

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 2, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: Will You Let Me Reel You In?, A Fraudulent's Dignity, Jealousy Bomber and Sad Melody, Loving Memory.

91conwDThtL SL1470

Kamen Rider Den-O Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 18 episodes.

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