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Sabu (サブ) is a gang member who comitted a series of brutal murders where victims are dismembered of their limbs. He is later revealed to be carrying the Road Gaia Memory, which allows him to transform into the Road Dopant (ロード・ドーパント Rōdo Dōpanto).

Character History

He is a gang member controlled by Renji Tachikawa, but he thinks his boss is total trash. He also had a desire to eat human bodies caused by using the Road Gaia Memory too much.

Road Dopant

Road Dopant

―Transformation announcement[src]

The Road Dopant can create energy wheels from its wrists that can slice apart a target and are hot enough to burn a person's flesh if they slightly miss the intended target. The wheels can also be generated to be small projectiles or large ones depending on how much focus of energy is given to it before release.

The Road Memory is later revealed by Philip to be an extremely dangerous Gaia Memory as it gives its user violent cannibalistic impulses and thus the Road Dopant uses powerful jaws with multiple sets of teeth to gnaw and consume human flesh.

Behind the Scenes

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