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Six Pillar Sabbat


For the event in Kamen Rider Wizard, see Sabbath.

A Sabbat (サバト Sabato) is a giant aura monster created when Fangire souls clump together. They resemble massive chandeliers with mechanical clawed arms and skull heads on a long neck, and can be one of several colors. They can shoot colored fireballs from the flames on their tops. Kamen Riders Kiva and Ixa respectively use Castle Doran and Powerd Ixer to deal with them.


The first Sabbat seen in the series, a blue one, was formed in 2008 when the Prawn Fangire gave his soul energy to revive his former Fangire servants, their shards merging into the Sabbat. It fought the Castle Doran, beginning to overpower it with its energy blasts until Shoodoran arrived, increasing Castle Doran's power. After the Dorans barraged it, Castle Doran propelled Kiva's Wake Up Rider Kick forward in a fireball, destroying the Sabbat. Soul: Dragon Castle, Angered

The next Sabbat, this one orange/yellow, was summoned to attack Kiva by Rook calling up the shards of past-killed Fangires of unknown origins. Castle Doran appeared to fight it before Nago summoned the Powerd Ixer, tossing Castle Doran aside before bombarding the Sabbat with explosive barrels, destroying it. Player: The Rules of Cruelty

Another yellow Sabbat, this one with six arms instead of the normal two as well as antelope horns on its forehead, was formed from the soul of the Ladybug Fangire following its defeat by Ixa, a rare instance of only one Fangire soul forming a Sabbat. It battled the Powerd Ixer, knocking it back, before Castle Doran arrived, tossing the Powerd Ixer onto its back and forcing Nago to work with it. The two barraged the Sabbat before their respective Riders performed a double Rider Kick, destroying it. Nocturne: The Lovely Messiah

In 1986, when Wataru had traveled to the past, a red Sabbat was summoned by King from more shards of past-killed Fangires. It landed on top of Castle Doran, extending tendrils throughout and across it, corrupting it into an enraged version. It attacked Maya and Wataru until he took Kiva Flight Style and flew up to fight. Flight Style severed off the Sabbat's right arm before Kiva switched to Emperor Form, using the Zanvat Sword's Wake Up slash to destroy the Sabbat, freeing Castle Doran from its control. With You: Final Transformation


  • Height: 60m [1]
  • Weight: 0kg[1]




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