On May 5, 2010, Saban Capital Group announced that it would start Saban Brands, a company dedicated to acquiring entertainment and consumer brands.

In 2011, Saban Brands had filed the trademarks Power Rider, which some believed was a future adaption of Kamen Rider. However, no such series came about and the US Patent Office had labeled the tradmark "abandoned" in 2014. This means whatever Saban Brands trademarked as Power Rider, the company either lost interest in it or gave up on the prospect of using it.

Saban Brands has also acquired the rights to Saban's Masked Rider, which was made by it's predecessor Saban Entertainment.


  • Steve Wang, who currently works for Saban, expressed interest in adapting Kamen Rider 555, Kabuto, Fourze, Wizard or possibly Decade due to the team-up with the Shinkengers. Power Rider might have been a possible adaptation of one of these series, due to Mr. Wang's interest in them. Sadly, the fandom will never know as any possible hope of the project surfacing ended due to the patent expiring.

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