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SHODO Kamen Rider VS (掌動 仮面ライダーVS(ヴァーサス) Shōdō Kamen Raidā Vāsasu) is a toyline series of approximately 4-inch action figures attached to Showa Kamen Rider series. It is a sub-series under the SO-DO line of figurines.


Kamen Rider Vs.

Kamen Rider Vs. 2

Kamen Rider Vs. 3

Kamen Rider Vs. 4

Kamen Rider Vs. 5

Kamen Rider Vs. 6

Kamen Rider Vs. 7

Kamen Rider Vs. 8

Kamen Rider Vs. 9

SHODO Kamen Rider VS: Assemble! The Evil Armies!!

Released during the run of the SHODO-X Kamen Rider line, and features no heroic Riders.
Release date: 3rd June 2019

Premium Bandai Releases

Bandai released a special box-set containing a cardboard diorama of a Shocker base, several Shocker Combatmen of varying types, as well as the final two Ishinomori-Era Riders not released at mainline retail.

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