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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a weapon in Kamen Rider 555.

The Riotrooper Designated Multi-weapon SB-RTH Axelaygun (ライオトルーパー専用マルチウェポン SB-RTH アクセルレイガン, Raiotorūpā Sen'yō Maruchiu~epon SB-RTH Akuseru Rei Gan) is a dual-purpose weapon used by the Riotroopers. The weapon itself is based on Faiz's Faiz Edge and is able to convert between Blade Mode (ブレードモード, Burēdo Mōdo) and Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo). The weapon serves as the left handle of the SB-RTV Gyro Attacker and can be stored in a holser on the Riotrooper's left leg. It also possesses a slot in which Mission Memories can be inserted.


The Axelaygun is composed of the following parts:

  • Shooting Switcher (シューティングスウィッチャー, Shūtingu Suu~itchā) - A switch that allows the Axelaygun to switch between Blade and Gun Mode.
  • Photon Bank (フォトンバンク, Foton Banku) - A special generator within the silver Smart Brain logo. As Riotroopers do not have a Driver, they cannot produce Photon Blood (フォトンブラッド, Foton Buraddo). Therefore, a special tank for storing a limited amount of Photon Blood is built into the Axelaygun, which can be used as raw material for light bullets. There is a Photon Blood Cartridge (フォトンブラッドカートリッジ, Foton Buraddo Kātorijji) inside, which can shoot 1200 shots in burst shooting and 300 shots in rifle shooting.
  • Photon Barrel (フォトンバレル, Foton Bareru) - The barrel. It is a long barrel used for accurately shooting concentrated Photon Blood bullets. The inside is specially processed to prevent the barrel from melting due to the Photon Blood's energy.
  • Photon Muzzle (フォトンマズル, Foton Mazuru) - The muzzle. Accurately shoots concentrated Photon Blood bullets. It is a specification that is not defeated by energy due to special processing.
  • Heat Blade (ヒートブレード, Hīto Burēdo) - The blade. It can vibrate up to 6 million times a second and heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • Trigger (トリガー, Torigā) - The trigger. Used in Gun Mode. By using the switch, you can shoot in two ways: rifle shooting (ライフルシューティング, raifuru shūtingu) and burst shooting (バーストシューティング, bāsuto shūtingu). By accumulating concentrated Photon Blood bullets in rifle shooting, accurate and powerful destructive shooting is possible. Meanwhile, 70 bullets can be fired continuously for 10 seconds in burst shooting.
  • High Grip Bar (ハイグリップバー, Hai Gurippu Bā) - The handle. It is made out of Sol Rubber (ソルラバー, Soru Rabā), a chemically synthesized rubber with strong grip ability.
  • Bar End Hammer (バーエンドハンマー, Bā Endo Hanmā) - The small ball at the end of the High Grip Bar. When swung downwards, it can be utilised as a powerful striking weapon. When attached to the Gyro Attacker, it acts as a balancer to prevent the steering wheel from swinging out of control. It is made of Sol Metal 228 (ソルメタル228, Soru Metaru 228), a super metal developed by Smart Brain that has a hardness close to that of diamond, and has a higher hardness than regular Sol Metal.



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