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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a Weapon in Kamen Rider 555.

―Activation announcement[src]

"Exceed Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via SB-555B Faiz Driver[src]

The Energy Handle Blade SB-555H Faiz Edge (エナジーハンドルブレード SB-555H ファイズエッジ, Enajī Handoru Burēdo SB-555H Faizu Ejji) is a one-handed lightsaber-like weapon whose blade is made of Sol Glass (ソルグラース, Soru Gurāsu) and is disguised to resemble part of the Auto Vajin when not in use as the left handle. When needed, a Mission Memory is slotted into it and pulled out of the Auto Vajin. When pulled, a red blade appears.

The Exceed Charge of this weapon is called the Sparkle Cut (スパークルカット, Supākuru Katto), where Faiz fires an anti-gravity pulse along the ground, immobilizing ground-based enemies by levitating them in the air and overcharge the energy in the blade, allowing it to perform more powerful cuts.

The damage is not actually caused by the blade's sharpness itself, but by the energy that it discharges once in contact with the target.

While in Axel Form, the Exceed Charge attack is enhanced into the Axel Sparkle Cut (アクセルスパークルカット, Akuseru Supākuru Katto), allowing Faiz to slash multiple enemies while running through them.

Riotrooper V2 armed with a Faiz Edge.

Riotrooper V2 also seems to carry this weapon, but instead of the standard shape, his version shares a similar design to the Axelaygun, only enlarged to serve as a reverse-held short sword.


The Faiz Edge is composed of the following parts:

  • Fore Grip (フォアグリップ, Foa Gurippu) - The handle made out of silver. It has strong grip ability, allowing the user to hold it securely within their hands.
  • End Cap (エンドキャップ, Endo Kyappu) - The end of the handle. It is made out of Sol Metal 228 (ソルメタル228, Soru Metaru 228), a diamond-hard metal developed by Smart Brain. It is even harder than regular Sol Metal. It is used as a handlebar when attached to the Auto Vajin.
  • Power On Switch (パワーオンスイッチ, Pawā On Suitchi) - The activation switch. Pressing it activates the Faiz Edge and releases the blade. It won't work if a Mission Memory hasn't been attached however.
  • Release Button (リリースボタン, Rirīsu Botan) - A button located under the Power On Switch. Pressing it immediately returns the Faiz Edge to low output.
  • Heart Case (ハートケース, Hāto Kēsu) - The handle's casing. It is made out of the diamond-hard Sol Metal 228. Photon Blood is generated here as well. Built-in various mechanisms are contained to control the Faiz Edge.
  • Blade Guard (ブレードガード, Burēdo Gādo) - The grey sections of the blade. It is a ridge made out of regular Sol Metal (ソルメタル, Soru Metaru) that protects the Photon Blade. It has a heat shielding structure, and is designed so that the heat of the blade does not come towards the user.
  • Heat Point (ヒートポイント, Hīto Pointo) - The point where Photon Blood (generated within the Heart Case) is emitted into the Photon Blade.
  • Knuckle Guard (ナックルガード, Nakkuru Gādo) - Parts that just out of the handle. They serve to protect the knuckles from external impact. They are made out of Sol Metal 228.
  • Power Throttle (パワースロットル, Pawā Surottoru) - The gray metal energy output power clutch. By gripping it, the Faiz Edge can be adjusted into four stages of power: low, medium, high, and ultimate. Output is increased with the grip.
  • Lever Adjuster (レバーアジャスター, Rebā Ajasutā) - A small grey circular knob located above the Knuckle Guard. It adjusts the distance between the Power Throttle and the Fore Grip according to the size of your palm.
  • Photon Blade (フォトンブレード, Foton Burēdo) - The red blade. Red Photon Blood (フォトンブラッド, Foton Buraddo) converges from the hilt with a terrifying output. Energy runs evenly from its root to the tip. Instead of touching the blade directly to cut it off, energy is released from the blade to cut it, therefore ensuring that the tip doesn't make contact with the blade. The blade itself is encased within Sol Crystal (ソルクリスタル, Soru Kurisutaru), a super-reinforced glass fibre developed by Smart Brain. The Photon Blade's output can be adjusted; and at maximum output, anything within 5 meters over the blade's extension limit will be simply cut off.
  • Mission Memory (ミッションメモリー, Misshon Memorī) - A Mission Memory is needed in order for the Photon Blade to activate. By loading one into a special slot, the Faiz Edge can be pulled from the Auto Vajin for combat purposes.

Arms Weapon

Ryugen Faiz Arms

The Faiz Edge is the Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a Genesis Armored Rider when they transform into Faiz Arms, which is assumed by Kamen Rider Ryugen in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


The Faiz Edge is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes


As a device of Smart Brain, the Faiz Edge's voice is provided by Takehiko Kano (假野 剛彦, Kano Takehiko), who also served as the narrator of Kamen Rider 555.


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