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Ryutaro Okada (岡田 龍太郎 Okada Ryutaro) is a Japanese actor who portrays Isamu Fuwa in Kamen Rider Zero-One. He is affiliated with K-Dash Entertainment.


He graduated from Waseda University.

In 2016, he won the 29th Junon Superboy Contest and joined Kei Dash Entertainment. Since then he has appeared in several films and dramas. In September of 2019, he was cast into the role of Isamu Fuwa.

Personal life

  • Okada's special skills include skiing, tennis, and playing guitar.
  • Okada runs a YouTube channel, where he will often do Let's Plays, perform song covers, and review episodes of Zero-One as well as giving insight of the filming experience.
    • Okada also inviting a fellow actor to join his Youtube channel on certain occassion for the latest episode tribute.
    • Okada often to perform Isamu's force open Progrising key for ripping a potato sack snack.
    • After episode 21, Okada starts to wear Gorilla outfit ever since he does anything related to power stuff and being called a Gorilla for a comedy part on his Youtube.



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