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In 2017, Ryuga Banjo (万丈 龍我 Banjō Ryūga) was Kamen Rider Cross-Z (仮面ライダークローズ Kamen Raidā Kurōzu), until the creation of Another Build erased the Rider's history.

Character History

Meeting Zi-O

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Kamen Rider Cross-Z

"Cross-Z Dragon! Are you ready? Wake up burning! Get Cross-Z Dragon! Yeah!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 197 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 102.4 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 27.6 t.
  • Kicking Power: 33.7 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 57.7 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 3.2 sec.

Ryuga transforms into Kamen Rider Cross-Z (仮面ライダークローズ Kamen Raidā Kurōzu) utilizing the Cross-Z Dragon, which adapts the Build Driver's two slots into one, allowing him to use only the Dragon Fullbottle to transform.

Utilizing Cross-Z, Ryuga becomes a force to be reckoned with, blowing far past Build, Night Rogue, and Blood Stalk's Ability Perimeters. It possesses a greater punching power than Build's GorillaMond Form, has a stronger kicking power than Build's KeyDragon Form, and exceeds RabbitTank Form's maximum jump height. Though it loses to some of Build's more agile forms, it is still faster than both Night Rogue and Blood Stalk.

Cross-Z has unique features that help differentiate it from Build's normal Halfbody-based forms, most notably the addition of the Drago Live Razor (ドラゴライブレイザー Dorago Raibu Reizā) body-shoulder armor pieces at the front.

Cross-Z's personal weapon is the Beat Closer. After acquiring the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle, he occasionally uses it in this form as well. The Truth of the Pandora Box

It is unknown if Banjo can still access this form, as he has not been seen using since the debut of Great Cross-Z, nor since the Dragon Fullbottle turned silver.

Kamen Rider Cross-Z consists of the following parts:

  • Cross-Z Head (クローズヘッド Kurōzu Heddo): Cross-Z's helmet.
    • Blaze Head Armor (ブレイズヘッドアーマー Bureizu Heddo Āmā): Armored parts to protect Kamen Rider Cross-Z's helmet. It can optimize defensive ability so that the enemy attacks can be avoided little movement.
    • Flame Evoluger (フレイムエヴォリューガー Fureimu Evu~oryūgā): Output adjustment device installed on the head of Kamen Rider Cross-Z. The function of the suit is optimized based on the user's mind and body. In some cases, it can enhance the user's combat ability beyond basic performance.
    • CZ Signal (CZシグナル CZ Shigunaru): Data collection device in Cross-Z's helmet that collects battle data and repairs the suit if damaged. It can also send out a signal to summon the Beat Closer.
    • Dragon Face Module (ドラゴンフェイスモジュール Doragon Feisu Mojūru): Heat buildup device installed on the head of Masked Rider Cross-Z. Heats up the armor to the point of melting and raises the power of the special attacks several times.
    • Twin Eye Dragon (ツインアイドラゴン Tsuin' Ai Doragon): The eyes of Kamen Rider Cross-Z. Increases hit rate and reaction time to attacks.
    • Fang Tector (ファングテクター Fangu Tekutā): There is a built-in shock absorber that minimizes damage to the head even from a direct attack.
  • Blaze Chest Armor (ブレイズチェストアーマー Bureizu Chesuto Āmā): Kamen Rider Cross-Z's chest armor. Converts the components of the dragon Fullbottle into fire, and distribute it throughout the body, dramatically increasing attack performance.
  • Drago Live Razor (ドラゴライブレイザー Dorago Raibu Reizā): Cross-Z's vest. It can convert the ingredients of the Dragon Fullbottle into the energy known as "Cross-Z Dragon Blaze". The consciousness is linked with the Cross-Z Dragon AI, and it is possible to fight alongside Cross-Z for a short time.
  • CZ Unlimited Suit (CZアンリミテッドスーツ CZ Anrimiteddo Sūtsu): Shock resistant bodysuit of Cross-Z. It can release the physical limiter and unleash the hidden physical ability of the user while offering protection from damage.
  • CZ Infight Shoulder (CZインファイトショルダー CZ Infaito Shorudā): Cross-Z's shoulder armor. They optimize arm movement to improve attack speed and power.
  • Drago Rush Arm (ドラゴラッシュアーム Dorago Rasshu Āmu): Cross-Z's arms. Cross-Z can execute cutting attacks using the sharp white blade "Fang Blade" on his arms, and he can also burn the surrounding enemies with a flame covered explosive punch.
  • Burn Up Crest (バーンアップクレスト Bān' Appu Kuresuto): A blasting device mounted on Cross-Z's left arm. It explodes upon activating a special move, temporarily increase attack power.
  • CZ Infight Glove (CZインファイトグローブ CZ Infaito Gurōbu): Cross-Z's gloves. They are reinforced, and it raises the destructive power of the punches.
  • Drago Rush Leg (ドラゴラッシュレッグ Dorago Rasshu Reggu): Cross-Z's legs. He can perform rapid kicks and knees from the sky utilizing the jumping ability, and he can also burn the surrounding enemies with a flame covered explosive kick.
  • Quick Step Shoes (クイックステップシューズ Kuikku Suteppu Shūzu): Cross-Z's shoes. It optimizes footwork and can trip enemies with slides and sweep attacks.

Cross-Z can perform Hippare (ヒッパレー Hipparē) special attacks with the Beat Closer depending on how many times he pulls the bottom of the weapon's handle:

  • Smash Hit (スマッシュヒット Sumasshu Hitto): Cross-Z delivers a powerful slash with the blade covered in dark blue fire.
  • Million Hit (ミリオンヒット Mirion Hitto): Cross-Z delivers a continuous powerful slash with the blade covered in red, yellow, and green energy in a bar-like fashion.
  • Mega Hit (メガヒット Mega Hitto):

Cross-Z has three different finishers:

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Dragonic Finish (ドラゴニックフィニッシュ Doragonikku Finisshu):
      • Rider Kick: Cross-Z summons a blue and orange energy Chinese dragon that flies behind him, then jumps up as the dragon breaths fire, sending him at the enemy, then delivers a roundhouse kick whilst his foot is covered in blue energy.
      • Rider Punch: Cross-Z coats his right hand in energy in the shape of a blue Chinese dragon head, then delivers a punch.
  • Beat Closer finishers:
    • Smash Slash (スマッシュスラッシュ Sumasshu Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle one time and performs a powerful slash.
    • Million Slash (ミリオンスラッシュ Mirion Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle two times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Lock: This finisher has two variations:
        • Cross-Z sends a dark blue fire stream at the enemy.
        • Cross-Z binds the enemy with energy chains.
    • Mega Slash (メガスラッシュ Mega Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle three times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Lock: Cross-Z strikes the enemy with the Beat Closer as it projects an energy version of the Bind Master Key.
  • Cross-Z Magma Knuckle finisher:
    • Volcanic Knuckle (ボルケニックナックル Borukenikku Nakkuru): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the Magma Knuckle before pressing the front, Cross-Z can empower the punches he delivers with it.
      • Taka: The Cross-Z Magma Knuckle projects a pair of orange energy hawk wings as Cross-Z uppercuts the enemy.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 1-2





Behind the Scenes


Ryuga is portrayed by Eiji Akaso (赤楚 衛二 Akaso Eiji), who previously portrayed Hiroki Nagase in Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2.

As Kamen Rider Cross-Z, his suit actor is Eitoku (永徳 Eitoku).


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