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"I feel unbeatable at this moment!"
―Cross-Z's catchphrase when entering a fight[src]

"My power is soul is burning...and my magma is surging!"
―Ryuga when entering battle as Cross-Z Magma[src]

"Don't mess with me!"
―Ryuga whenever he hears something he doesn't like[src]

"What do you think of my sixth sense?"
―Ryuga whenever he's being a show off to someone[src]

"No one can stop me now!"
―Ryuga's exclamation before a finisher[src]

"I am the King of Protein, Ryuga Banjou!"
―Ryuga's self proclaim in the new world[src]

Ryuga Banjo (万丈 龍我 Banjō Ryūga)[1] is a 23-year-old ex-fighter who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Takumi Katsuragi. Later escaping from Faust and prison, he meets Sento Kiryu and joins him by Team Build as Kamen Rider Cross-Z (仮面ライダークローズ Kamen Raidā Kurōzu) to uncover the mysteries regarding their pasts.

Character History

Early Life

Sento interrupts Ryuga's recollection of his birth.

In 1994, 13 years before Sky Wall Incident, an unmanned space probe from Japan landed successfully on Mars and returned to Earth. After its return to the Nanba Heavy Industries Institute of Synthetic Science, the probe unexpectedly brought back an alien specimen in the form of glowing red slug-like creature, later revealed to be a portion of Evolto, deliberately sent to the probe, with the intent of finding another planet to destroy. His specimen made its way out of the probe and attempted to possess and plant itself into Yuri Banjo, a security guard who was stationed there with her husband. Instead, the specimen ended up possessing Ryuga as a fetus, causing her to fall unconscious while on duty. During a checkup at a hospital, she was discovered to be one month pregnant, which was the suspected reasoning behind her collapse.

A month later, Ryuga was born in Yokohama, but all the memories and powers the specimen possessed was lost, leaving Ryuga as human. To everyone's bewilderment, the child was in perfect health, weighing 3.2 kg despite his two-month gestation period. Because of this oddity, he was examined at a university hospital, discovering a cellular structure never before seen in humans in him. He was later be re-examined at the Namba Heavy Industries Institute of Synthetic Science, discovering his genes are of extraterrestrial origin. This resulted in periodic examinations from the Institute, under the supervision of Shinobu Katsuragi, until his parents' death.

Childhood Banjo

When Ryuga was 13, his parents were killed by Evolto, though Ryuga doesn't remember a thing regarding their deaths, which he attributes his past experiments to have messed with his memory. Around this time, Ryuga was introduced to Soichi Isurugi, who also shared Evolto's essence (although Evolto's consciousness had completely overwhelmed Isurugi). 

Adult Life

Banjo after he escaped.

As an adult, Ryuga became a professional fighter, eventually getting engaged to Kasumi Ogura. By the age of 22, Ryuga earned a lifelong ban from fighting for throwing a match; it is implied that he accepted a bribe in order to pay for the frail Kasumi's medical bills. To help his search for a new job, Kasumi directed Ryuga to Takumi Katsuragi, a researcher at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics, who was apparently looking for an assistant (which turned out to be a ploy by Katsuragi to lure him and Evolto into his trap to destroy them both). However, when Ryuga came to Katsuragi's home to apply, he found the corpse of "Katsuragi" inside. Moments later, Evolto called the Guardians and had them apprehend Ryuga, who then sentenced him to 10-years at the Touto Correctional Facility.

Throughout his time in prison, Faust kept a close eye on Ryuga and set up "trials" during his sentence in order to raise his Hazard Level. One of those trials included being attacked and injected with Nebula Gas with Masahiro Nabeshima, a member of Faust who was disguised as a prison guard. Later when Ryuga's Hazard Level was high enough, Faust arranged an easy escape for him, and he retreated to the sewers.

The Rabbit Tank Meets Dragon

Sento believing in Ryuga's innocence, helped him escape.

Ryuga was eventually found by Touto's Guardians, who attempted to recapture him. Ryuga managed to fend off the Guardians and escaped before he was apprehended by Sento Kiryu, who had tracked him upon noticing his Smash-like energy readings. Upon realizing that Ryuga had undergone a similar experience, Sento began interrogating Ryuga in hopes of uncovering his past, despite Ryuga's frustrated belligerence. The two were interrupted by Strong Smash, who attacked Ryuga. However, Ryuga was saved by Sento, who transformed into Kamen Rider Build and defeated the Smash. Ryuga recognized the Smash's human identity as one of his fellow victims but was frustrated to find that the man had no memories of the experiments. The Touto government arrived soon after to retake Ryuga. Sento, believing in Ryuga's innocence, helped him escape.That One with the Best Match

Burn Smash incident

Sento brought Ryuga to the basement lab of the nascita café, where the former had been living for the last year. After meeting Sento's accomplices, Souichi and Misora Isurugi, Ryuga explained the circumstances that resulted in his arrest. However, the story was interrupted by Sawa Takigawa, a freelance journalist who had entered the base (due to Souichi and Sento's carelessness).

As a precaution, Ryuga was chained up in the lab, much to his chagrin. Misora took the time to explain the Fullbottle purification process to Ryuga, as well as Sento's job. Noticing Misora's smartphone, Ryuga goaded her into proving her ability to purify Smash energy. As planned, Misora left her smartphone where Ryuga could reach it, allowing him to contact Kasumi. However, much to his horror, Kasumi had been kidnapped by Faust as well. Given Kasumi's location by Night Rogue, Ryuga broke out of Nascita and raced to save his fiancé. After another encounter with Guardians (which ended with being saved again by Build), Ryuga explained his motives to Sento but choked him into unconsciousness to prevent him from getting involved.

Ryuga listens to Kasumi's last words.

When Ryuga finally arrived at the location, he learned that he was too late: Kasumi had already been transformed into the Burn Smash. Unable to see his beloved hurt, Ryuga begged Sento not to attack her when the latter arrived. The two were quickly overwhelmed by the Smash and Night Rogue, upon which the latter revealed the horrifying truth: Kasumi's body was too weak, and removing her Smash element would be fatal. Realizing that Kasumi could not be saved, Ryuga begged to Build to end her suffering. Sento was able to separate Kasumi's consciousness long enough for her and Ryuga to say their goodbyes. Left almost broken by grief, Ryuga would have let himself be captured again if not for Sento, who reminded him that it would all be for nothing if he got arrested again. Kasumi's Smash essence was purified into the Dragon Fullbottle, which Sento gave to Ryuga as a memento of his beloved. Soon after, Sawa arrived, having discovered the identity of the guard who attacked Ryuga: Masahiro Nabeshima.The Innocent Runaway

Continuing the Search

After some searching, Ryuga managed to contact Nabeshima. Nabeshima revealed that his family was being threatened by Faust, upon which Ryuga offered to smuggle them out of Seito to safety in exchange for Nabeshima testifying for his innocence (not realizing this was a trap set up by Night Rogue). With Sawa's help, Ryuga snuck to Seito. Upon retrieving Nabeshima's wife and daughter, Ryuga and Sawa were attacked by hijacked Guardians, barely escaping with their lives. Ryuga arrived in Touto to aid Build in taking down Nabeshima, who had been subjected to two Smash transformations by Faust. While Nabeshima was returned to his human form, the experiments wiped his memory clean, leaving him unable to recognize his daughter, let alone testify for Ryuga.

The next lead came in the form of Tatsuya Kishida, who was roommates (as well as bandmates) with Sento before the latter lost his memory.

Becoming Cross-Z

Ryuga transformed into Cross-Z for the first time.

With the Dragon Fullbottle synchronized to Ryuga for so long, Sento decides to use Cross-Z Dragon to make Ryuga a rider. But his obsession to kill "Katsuragi" got rejected by the adapter to transform. Reading a letter written by Kasumi, he was renewed to finally use the Cross-Z Dragon to finally become a Kamen Rider named Cross-Z.

On November 30th, Ryuga and Sento were neutralizing a Strong Smash Hazard when they rescued a mysterious young man named Sougo Tokiwa, who claimed that he hailed from one year into the future. Taking him with them to back Nascita, Sento examined the Ridewatch on Sougo's person, confirming through its technology that it did indeed hail from a future time period as Sougo had claimed. Soon after, Tsukuyomi entered Nascita, using her Faiz Phone X to stun all three men before returning Sougo to his own time. Kingdom 2068

Learning Sento Kiryu's True Identity

Cross-Z lost to Build RabbitTank Sparkling

When Ryuga found out that Sento was actually Katsuragi himself, he became really angry as he thought it was Sento's fault his fiancee was dead. This event led him having Sento fight him, in order to let out his hate towards him. In the end, Build RabbitTank Sparkling defeated Cross-Z.

Northern Invaders

Cross-Z charges up

In one fight, Ryuga was granted the Kuma and Televi Fullbottles by Grease as a concession when the Hokuto Sanbagarasu interfered in their battle and breaking the rules. After giving the new pair to Sento, Ryuga saw that nascita finally had a customer in the form of Massugu Ubukata. Providing his customer with a canned coffee, Ryuga, foreseeing a boom in business, set out to acquire a bountiful stock of coffee beans, only to find the shop as vacant as usual when he returned. Kamen Rider Build: Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!

West Phantoms

Cross-Z Charges into Hell

Seito proposes a 3-on-3 representative battle to Touto. Ryuga is participating in Round 2 against Fu Washio. Much to the surprise of Ryuga, the announcement depicts the name his opponent is "Hell Bro's", which he had never heard before. As Ryuga prepares his transformation, he is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Gear Engine on Fu's hands. Fu uses it along with his personal Gear Remocon to transform into Hell Bro's, completely overwhelming Ryuga's expectations. However, Ryuga didn't waver and proceed to transform into Cross-Z Charge.

As Cross-Z Charge and Hell Bro's goes down on a fierce fight, Ryuga determination to not let Sento burden himself and end the war manage to overwhelm Hell Bros. But, Fu suddenly claims that if he about to lose this proxy battle, Rai will be executed. Ryuga was torn between saving Touto or saving Rai as Fu takes his chance to soundly defeat Ryuga. Fu later mocks Ryuga by being too gullible as he fell to Fu trick, showing that Rai is in fact, never get captured Hostage. Although visibly frustrated, Ryuga accepts his loss and exclaiming that Sento will be the one who ends the war before leaving.

Ryuga believes that Sento can win for him

Ryuga's predictions came out true as Build manage to defeat Rogue using TankTank form, and Ryuga celebrates Sento's victory along with Misora, much to Kazumi's ire.

Sclash Driver Destroyed, and Going Magma

"Good, Banjo! Show me how powerful you are!"
"Just what I wanted!
―Cross-Z Magma unveiling his new power to Blood Stalk.[src]

Destroyed Dragon Sclachjelly

After Vernage resurfaced from Misora's bracelet, Blood Stalk got his transformation knocked out after the queen blew a strong gust at him. He then tried to attack her again, but Ryuga stood in the way. However, this resulted in Ryuga's Sclash Driver being destroyed, and the Dragon Sclashjelly overheated to a burnt ball of ash.

Back in Nascita, the Dragon Sclashjelly reacted to Ryuga's emotions, creating the Dragon Magma Fullbottle. Seeing this, Sento later made the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle for Ryuga to use with it as it was too dangerous for the Build Driver alone. This, in turn, helped Ryuga fight off Blood Stalk and Hell Bros with ease. The Truth of the Pandora Box

In the middle of dealing with Hell Bro's, Gentoku entered the scene, transformed into Rogue, fought, and sneakily explained what was actually Stalk's plan by whispering to them on every single strike he did. The truth was shocking for Ryuga as Rogue declared that he was not human and was the target for Stark not just by chance, especially on why Kasumi was kidnapped and killed. All of this was to give Ryuga his power and increase it over time.

After Sento knocked down Gentoku, he, Ryuga, and Kazumi went and found Stalk. As Stalk went serious, his strength proved to be far stronger than Build RabbitRabbit Form and had Kazumi knocked down unconscious. Ryuga asked Stalk if what Gentoku had told was the truth, shocking Stalk and claiming that it was true, making Ryuga mad but still unable to beat him.

As Stalk was about to kill Sento, Ryuga's anger became stronger which finally stabilized the Dragon Magma Fullbottle. Despite not being told about Cross-Z Magma Knuckle's ability to evolve his form, Ryuga used the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle and the Dragon Magma Fullbottle to transform into Cross-Z Magma. His new form was able to knock down Stalk and give him the chance to take Pandora Box as well as save the others.

Ryuga, the Human Race's End? & Possessed by Evolto

Ryuga is possessed by Evolto.

Ryuga was told by Evolto that he was the same as him, the one who would destroy the world. Albeit initially refusing to acknowledge it, Ryuga finally determined to use his power as a Kamen Rider to fight for love and peace, the very same ideal that Sento believes in and strongly holds onto. When Evolto finally regains his Evol Driver and becomes Kamen Rider Evol, poisoning Sento, he makes Ryuga give Pandora's Box and Touto's bottles to him in order to cure his fallen friend. While waiting, Evolto reveals the truth behind his framing and imprisonment & how Ryuga's genes are connected to him. He also reveals that Katsuragi planned on luring him and Ryuga to destroy them both in an apartment, after researching their origins. Ryuga was in disbelief on what Katsuragi intended to do before becoming Sento.

Later on, Ryuga was possessed by Evolto, as his Hazard Level had reached 5, the amount needed to use the Evol-Driver, becoming Evol Dragon Form.

Powers Restored, Katsuragi's Return & The Lost Bottles

Receiving a mysterious invitation, Ryuga was met by what appeared to be the new Prime Minister of Seito, Mitsuomi Gohara. "Mitsuomi" was, however, one of the Blood Tribe, a member of the same race as Evolto who had been operating behind the scenes. "Mitsuomi" claimed responsibility for the experiment which transformed Kasumi Ogura into a Smash, a revelation which enraged Ryuga who proceeded to attack the Prime Minister, who transformed into the Zebra Lost Smash. However, the fight was soon interrupted by "Kengo Ino", who overpowered and took control of Ryuga, compelling him to confront and attack Sento. Confiscating the Hazard Trigger, Ryuga provided the device to "Kengo Ino" who used it with Ryuga's own Great Cross-Z Dragon along with a Build Driver and the Cobra Lost Fullbottle to transform into Kamen Rider Blood, combining his power with Ryuga and his fellow Blood Tribe members.

Possessed Ryuga

Rescued from Blood's mercy by Evolto, Sento was intent on saving Ryuga. Realizing that a duo of Fullbottles in the Build Driver could allow him and Ryuga to defeat evil together, Sento soon confronted the Blood Tribe and the possessed Ryuga. Though outmatched by Blood, Build was able to land a blow that separated Ryuga from him, proceeded to clear Ryuga's mind with the power of the Genius Fullbottle. Though faced by the Lost Smash and the compelled civilian masses, Sento and Ryuga were covered by Grease and Rogue. Presenting the Gold Rabbit and Silver Dragon Fullbottles, Sento revealed to Ryuga that they could both use this pair of Fullbottles to fight together. Though Ryuga was skeptical, Misora channeled the power of Vernage to combine the Fullbottles with the Genius Fullbottle, resulting in the creation of the Cross-ZBuild Can, a device which enabled a transformation combining Sento and Build into Kamen Rider Cross-ZBuild, much to Ryuga's shock. Ultimately, this new power proved great enough to destroy Kamen Rider Blood, though it reverted back to the Genius Fullbottle shortly after. Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Sacrifice, Final Battle & New World

Ryuga's New World Version

Evolto has suppressed Ryuga by absorbing him and now is trying to destroy Sento and take his powers so he can escape his prison and resume his campaign of cosmic destruction. Despite a fierce battle and de-transforming, Sento is able to hold on with help from Ryuga inside Evolto's body immobilizing the evil alien. Enraged, Evolt forcibly ejects Ryuga's essence into a silver Dragon Fullbottle, which Sento grabs.  Sento uses his faith in his friends that created the man he is now and his resolve to never give up to raise his Hazard Level enough to evolve the Rabbit Fullbottle into a golden version and then combines his power with Ryuga's Dragon Bottle, becoming the mismatched RabbitDragon form and delivering a supercharged Rider Kick to finally end Evolto. A vortex swirls and Ryuga's body is flying in the cyclone along with a glowing orange light, with Sento trying to reach Ryuga. The resulting explosion of energy released begins the final moments of the worlds merging. Vernage briefly possesses Misora, relieved she can now rest eternally as Evolto is dead and her bracelet falls off Misora. The worlds collide and merge in a burst of light.

After the merger is completed, a new version of Ryuga is walking his girlfriend Kasumi. Sento goes to him, but Ryuga doesn't recognize him and thinks he is a fan of his fighting matches. Sento then just shakes his hand and then walks off in sorrow as the new Ryuga walks off with Kasumi to get ice cream. Sento then leaves and sits alone in a park, a stranger in a strange world with no friends, commenting to himself how ironic it is that now he remembers everything and his friends have no memories instead of the reverse. Sento wants to start crying, but, he suddenly hears Ryuga's voice and sees the Ryuga he knows from the World of Build. Ryuga somehow survived and exists now as an anomaly too in this world. Ryuga complains to Sento that nobody remembers him and some doppelgänger of him has stolen his girlfriend. Sento surmises that since Evolto's DNA is part of Ryuga and a version of Ryuga exists here, Ryuga's alien hybrid DNA and the non-existence of Evolto is causing some kind of paradox that canceled out the erasure of the existence of one or both Ryugas. Thus, there are now two Ryugas in this world. Sento is happy to see his friend again and they ride off on the Machine Builder, with Sento noting that Ryuga's zipper on his pants is undone again and has been since the fight with Evolto. Ryuga is annoyed by this and nearly destabilizes the bike off the road as they argue.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease

Ryuga Banjo Grease.png


"Give me strength."
―Ryuga's request to Kasumi, via the Dragon Fullbottle, before transforming for the first time into Kamen Rider Cross-Z.[src]

"Why...? No one asked them to... No one's ever gonna appreciate it! Why do they keep fighting after being beaten up like that?! They're all stupid! But... That's not so bad. I fight for my own sake... For the people I believe in... And the people that believe in me!"
―Witnessing the Legend Riders' fights, Ryuga understands the reason for becoming a Kamen Rider.[src]

"Even if I'm not human...Even if I have the same power as you...We are different. If you will destroy the world with this power...then I...will use it to bring about love and peace. That's the Kamen Rider I believe I am!"
―Ryuga's resolve to stand against Evolto despite his true origins.[src]

"Not yet... I'll stand up... As many times as I have to... "
―Ryuga's resolve to save Sento, who had been possessed by Evolto.[src]

"It's true that I only fought for myself before, but he... was the one who taught me the justice to become the strength of others, the kindness needed to lend a helping hand to others, the courage to protect others, and the strength to fight for others! My hero taught me all that. With love and peace burning in my heart, there's no way I can lose now!"
―Ryuga affirming his growth from the beginning to now.

Ryuga is an extremely hot-blooded and impulsive man who tends to lash out quickly. He is shown to be easily provoked and startled in most situations, which is often joked on by Sento. While nowhere near as intelligent as Sento, Ryuga prefers to confront problems directly using his fists and doesn't want to involve other people in his own problems. Also, unlike Sento, he does not overthink things, preferring to use common sense, as shown when he was easily able to guess two Best Matches on his own. His impulsiveness increased following his initial usage of the Sclash Driver, which imprinted him with the single task of getting stronger and beating down his opponent. These side effects also remove his rationality to make decisions, but he is able to overcome these weaknesses with his strong will to save Sento from rampaging with the Hazard Trigger. After discovering his relationship with Evolto, the awakening of the latter's memories causes Ryuga to become more violet and go berserk. These side effects have been nullified however, after Vernage's DNA was implemented into Banjo's body, while trying to save Misora.

Beneath his tough exterior is an honest, selfless and honorable individual who cheated during a match to gain the money needed for his fiancée's medical treatments, causing him to receive a lifelong ban from the ring. He is extremely protective to those who he trusts, as he attacked Blood Stalk out of anger for the sake of both Sento and Misora, completely disregarding the fact that Stalk framed him. The False Kamen Rider He also directly apologized to Sento on his behalf to the remaining Hokuto Sanbagarasu, partially blaming himself due to letting Sento use the Hazard Trigger for his own sake.

Ryuga appears to hold a lot of fondness for his childhood, as whenever he describes the circumstances of his birth, a bright smile is always on his face.

Powers and Abilities


  • Smash Energy Signature: After he had escaped after being exposed to the Nebula Gas, Ryuga gave off an energy signature similar to a Smash, which had alerted Sento to his location. That One with the Best Match
  • Extraterrestrial Physiology: Ryuga's body was created from a piece of Evolto brought back from a Martian probe. This allows him to utilize the Pandora Box's power like Stalk, albeit unintentionally. His eyes glow red when he uses his powers. Surging Magma!
    • High Hazard Level: Initially, Ryuga's Hazard Level had been above 2.0, allowing him to retain his humanity after his exposure to the Nebula Gas while still gaining physiological powers from it. According to Blood Stalk, while fighting, Ryuga can raise his Hazard Level, having raised it as far as 2.7 in their fight. Eventually, he was able to raise his Hazard Level to 3.0, which is high enough to use the Build Driver. Burning Dragon Continued fighting as Cross-Z allowed him to quickly raise it even further to 4.0, enabling him to use the Sclash Driver. Rider Wars Start During his fight with Evolto before being possessed by him, his Hazard Level had been measured to be at 4.7, 4.9, and finally 5, a Hazard Level that an ordinary human cannot supposedly achieve unless via special means. The Severing Best Match After remembering the destruction of Mars when he was part of Evolto, Ryuga's Hazard Level rose to 7.
    • Hazard Level Escalation: Due to being created from Evolto, Ryuga's Hazard Level grows at a faster rate than any other Kamen Rider, to the point where his strength grows noticeably in a single fight, forcing his opponents to resort to low blows.
    • Enhanced Strength: Ryuga has displayed enhanced strength. He was able to fight off numerous Guardians on his own and break metal chains with his bare hands. That One with the Best Match
    • Pandora Box Manipulation: His true alien origin allows him to manipulate the structure of the Sky Wall by touching the Pandora Box. Surging Magma!
  • Fullbottle Augmentation: By holding a Fullbottle or Evolbottle in his hand while untransformed, Ryuga can gain abilities based on said Fullbottle's traits:
    • Dragon Fullbottle: Ryuga's punches give off powerful shockwaves. Notably, his strong synchronization with the Dragon Fullbottle causes his power to increase with each use. Currently, Ryuga's synchronization is high enough that he can defeat a Hazard Smash while untransformed.
    • Dragon/Great Dragon Evolbottle: Similar to the effects of the normal Dragon Fullbottle, Ryuga can perform powerful punches. However, Ryuga's punches are now strong enough that they are able to damage Kamen Rider Evol. The Ultimate Phase


  • Master Martial Artist: Ryuga is a master hand-to-hand combat and martial artist, having extensive levels of knowledge of melee combat as well as having fought professionally before being banned for life after a bribing incident. His combat skills gradually enhanced as he fought against numerous Smash as Kamen Rider Cross-Z throughout the series. Even without transformed, he was able to fight against numerous Guardians with or without the Dragon Fullbottle effortlessly. He could even fight against Blood Stalk with the Dragon Fullbottle although the latter was holding back. In Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders, Ryuga was able to hold against Gamel and Mezool without transformed.


  • Sclash Driver (Formerly): Although the Sclash Driver can grant Ryuga tremendous power, prolonged usage can slowly turn him into a more aggressive person and give him an addiction to battle. Furthermore, the driver administers electrical shockwaves to the user after a period of time, canceling his transformation and rendering him unconscious. After learning from Sawa that Sento built a failsafe to destroy the Hazard Trigger and kill himself, Banjo overcomes his guilt and turns into Cross-Z Charge to stop Sento in his HawkGatling Hazard form. During the fight, the Sclash Driver began to increase his aggressiveness, yet he managed to overcome it by reminding himself to save Sento, thus gaining control over his Cross-Z Charge form. Victory of Tears
  • Cross-Z Magma Form: While utilizing Cross-Z Magma, the suit will increase in heat over the course of the battle, eventually resulting in the suit becoming flammable and exert intense pain to Ryuga due to the massive heat. Because of this, Ryuga usually must defeat his opponents by the time the side effects kick in, otherwise remaining in the form for too long or immediately transforming into the form again will put Ryuga in danger of serious harm.Surging Magma!
  • Evolto's Memories (Formerly): Because a part of Evolto merged with Banjo when he was still in his mother's womb, Banjo shares his memories. Banjou normally cannot recall these memories, but once Evolto attained his complete form again, he started suddenly experiencing fractions of them. Seeing memories of Evolto's destruction of Mars causes Banjo to become incredibly aggressive, to the point where he continues to attack enemies that have already been defeated and comes close to killing opponents. However, he is no longer susceptible to these memories after Sento used Genius Form to transfer Vernage from Misora's body to Banjo's, leading to Vernage's power neutralizing Evolto's effect on Banjo.



Kamen Rider Cross-Z

"Cross-Z Dragon! Are you ready? Wake up burning! Get Cross-Z Dragon! Yeah!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 197 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 102.4 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 27.6 t.
  • Kicking Power: 33.7 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 57.7 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 3.2 sec.

Ryuga transforms into Kamen Rider Cross-Z (仮面ライダークローズ Kamen Raidā Kurōzu) utilizing the Cross-Z Dragon, which adapts the Build Driver's two slots into one, allowing him to use only the Dragon Fullbottle to transform.

Utilizing Cross-Z, Ryuga becomes a force to be reckoned with, blowing far past Build, Night Rogue, and Blood Stalk's Ability Perimeters. It possesses a greater punching power than Build's GorillaMond Form, has a stronger kicking power than Build's KeyDragon Form, and exceeds RabbitTank Form's maximum jump height. Though it loses to some of Build's more agile forms, it is still faster than both Night Rogue and Blood Stalk.

Cross-Z has unique features that help differentiate it from Build's normal Halfbody-based forms, most notably the addition of the Drago Live Razor (ドラゴライブレイザー Dorago Raibu Reizā) body-shoulder armor pieces at the front.

Cross-Z's personal weapon is the Beat Closer. After acquiring the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle, he occasionally uses it in this form as well. The Truth of the Pandora Box

Kamen Rider Cross-Z consists of the following parts:

  • Cross-Z Head (クローズヘッド Kurōzu Heddo): Cross-Z's helmet.
    • Blaze Head Armor (ブレイズヘッドアーマー Bureizu Heddo Āmā): Armored parts to protect Kamen Rider Cross-Z's helmet. It can optimize defensive ability so that the enemy attacks can be avoided little movement.
    • Flame Evoluger (フレイムエヴォリューガー Fureimu Evoryūgā): The flaming orange 'dragon head' on the forehead section. It is an output adjustment device that optimizes the suit's function based on the user's mind and body. In some cases, it can enhance the user's combat ability beyond basic performance.
    • CZ Signal (CZシグナル CZ Shigunaru): The blue 'eyes' on the Flame Evoluger. They are data collection devices in Cross-Z's helmet that collects battle data and repairs the suit if damaged. It can also send out a signal to summon the Beat Closer.
    • Twin Eye Dragon (ツインアイドラゴン Tsuin' Ai Doragon): The eyes of Kamen Rider Cross-Z. They increase the hit rate and reaction time to attacks.
    • Dragon Face Module (ドラゴンフェイスモジュール Doragon Feisu Mojūru): Heat buildup device installed on the Twin Eye Dragon. They are capable of heating up the armor to its melting point to raises the power of special attacks by several times.
    • Fang Tector (ファングテクター Fangu Tekutā): The white mouthplate section. There is a built-in shock absorber installed that minimizes damage to the head even from a direct attack.
  • Blaze Chest Armor (ブレイズチェストアーマー Bureizu Chesuto Āmā): Kamen Rider Cross-Z's chest armor. Converts the components of the Dragon Fullbottle into the fire, and distribute it throughout the body, dramatically increasing attack performance.
  • Drago Live Razor (ドラゴライブレイザー Dorago Raibu Reizā): Cross-Z's vest sections. It can convert the ingredients of the Dragon Fullbottle into a fiery energy known as Cross-Z Dragon Blaze (クローズドラゴン・ブレイズ Kurōzu Doragon Bureizu). It has a built-in consciousness that is linked with the Cross-Z Dragon's AI, making it possible for it to fight alongside Cross-Z for a short time.
  • CZ Unlimited Suit (CZアンリミテッドスーツ CZ Anrimiteddo Sūtsu): The shock resistant bodysuit. It can release a physical limiter to unleash the hidden physical ability of the user while offering protection from damage.
  • CZ Infight Shoulder (CZインファイトショルダー CZ Infaito Shorudā): Cross-Z's shoulder armor. They optimize arm movement to improve attack speed and power.
  • Drago Rush Arm (ドラゴラッシュアーム Dorago Rasshu Āmu): Cross-Z's arms. Cross-Z can execute cutting attacks using the sharp white Fang Blades (ファングオブレイド Fanguo Bureido) on his arms, and he can also burn any surrounding enemies with a flame covered explosive punch.
  • Burn Up Crest (バーンアップクレスト Bān' Appu Kuresuto): An orange blasting device mounted on Cross-Z's left arm. It explodes upon activating a special move, temporarily increase attack power.
  • CZ Infight Glove (CZインファイトグローブ CZ Infaito Gurōbu): Cross-Z's gloves. They are reinforced, and it raises the destructive power of the punches.
  • Drago Rush Leg (ドラゴラッシュレッグ Dorago Rasshu Reggu): Cross-Z's legs. He can perform rapid kicks and knees from the sky utilizing the jumping ability, and he can also burn the surrounding enemies with a flame covered explosive kick.
  • Quick Step Shoes (クイックステップシューズ Kuikku Suteppu Shūzu): Cross-Z's shoes. It optimizes footwork and can trip enemies with slides and sweep attacks.

Cross-Z can perform Hippare (ヒッパレー Hipparē) special attacks with the Beat Closer depending on how many times he pulls the bottom of the weapon's handle:

  • Smash Hit (スマッシュヒット Sumasshu Hitto): Cross-Z delivers a powerful slash with the blade covered in dark blue fire.
  • Million Hit (ミリオンヒット Mirion Hitto): Cross-Z delivers a continuous powerful slash with the blade covered in red, yellow, and green energy in a bar-like fashion.
  • Mega Hit (メガヒット Mega Hitto):

Cross-Z has three different finishers:

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Dragonic Finish (ドラゴニックフィニッシュ Doragonikku Finisshu):
      • Rider Kick: Cross-Z summons a blue and orange energy Chinese dragon that flies behind him, then jumps up as the dragon breaths fire, sending him at the enemy, then delivers a roundhouse kick whilst his foot is covered in blue energy.
      • Rider Punch: Cross-Z coats his right hand in energy in the shape of a blue Chinese dragon head, then delivers a punch.
  • Beat Closer finishers:
    • Smash Slash (スマッシュスラッシュ Sumasshu Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle one time and performs a powerful slash.
    • Million Slash (ミリオンスラッシュ Mirion Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle two times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Lock: This finisher has two variations:
        • Cross-Z sends a dark blue fire stream at the enemy.
        • Cross-Z binds the enemy with energy chains.
    • Mega Slash (メガスラッシュ Mega Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle three times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Lock: Cross-Z strikes the enemy with the Beat Closer as it projects an energy version of the Bind Master Key.
  • Cross-Z Magma Knuckle finisher:
    • Volcanic Knuckle (ボルケニックナックル Borukenikku Nakkuru): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the Magma Knuckle before pressing the front, Cross-Z can empower the punches he delivers with it.
      • Taka: The Cross-Z Magma Knuckle projects a pair of orange energy hawk wings as Cross-Z uppercuts the enemy.

Appearances: Build Episodes 11-14, Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders, Build 15-17, 27 (flashback), 30-32, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Cross-Z Magma

"Cross-Z Magma! Are you ready? Gokunetsu kinniku! Cross-Z Magma! Achachachachachacha Acha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Cross-Z Magma! Build up! Are you ready? Over Flow! Gokunetsu kinniku! Cross-Z Magma! Achachachachachacha Acha! Yabei!"
―Transformation announcement with the Hazard Trigger[src]

Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma

Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma (Equipped with the Hazard Trigger)

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 201.3 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 116.3 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 56.1 t.
  • Kicking Power: 61.7 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 73.2 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 1.3 sec.

Cross-Z Magma (クローズマグマ Kurōzu Maguma) is Cross-Z's final form accessed by using the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle, loaded with the Dragon Magma Fullbottle, in the Build Driver. It is hence known as the Extremely Hot Muscle (極熱筋肉 Gokunetsu Kinniku)

Cross-Z Magma is superior in all categories to his previous forms, as well as most other Riders. He is stronger than Build's Rabbit Rabbit and TankTank forms, though his punching and kicking power is surpassed by Tank Tank at maximum power. He is slower than both of these forms, while his jump height is only beaten by RabbitRabbit form. In this form, Ryuga was able to completely overwhelm an unyielding Blood Stalk, something both Build and Grease had difficulty doing.

Cross-Z Magma employs magma-coated attacks with his physical strikes. These strikes release bursts of Variable Magma upon impact and leave splashes of the smoldering substance on the target, causing additional burns and damage. He can also use the substance to create constructs, such as dragons, that coat the target. This ability also has the added bonus of restraining mobile targets as the material rapidly cools.

In addition to enhanced running power, Cross-Z Magma also gains the ability to fly thanks to the Celestial Pyro Wings (ソレスタルパイロウィング Soresutaru Pairo Uingu) mounted on the back, which utilizes a heat booster to produce propulsion, in addition to burning enemies on the ground.

Cross-Z Magma gains power as Ryuga fights and his adrenaline rises, causing his suit to glow and heat up to the point that lava is released from the suit. This heat may cause Ryuga discomfort or force him out of transformation, but it does not harm him.

This form has 4 different finishers:

  • Build Driver Finishers:
    • Volcanic Attack (ボルケニックアタック Borukenikku Atakku): Cross-Z Magma turns the Vortex Lever once to activate this finisher. This finisher has two variations:
      • Rider Kick: Cross-Z Magma leaps in the air accompanied by numerous Variable Magma dragons that attack the target before combining with Cross-Z for an explosive flying kick.
      • Rider Shooting: Cross-Z Magma launches several magma dragons from his arms that home in on the enemy.
    • Volcanic Finish (ボルケニックフィニッシュ Borukenikku Finisshu): Cross-Z Magma turns the Vortex Lever multiple times and performs a rapid series of flaming punches before becoming covered in lava and delivering a final punch strong enough to launch the enemy.
  • Cross-Z Magma Knuckle finisher:
    • Volcanic Knuckle (ボルケニックナックル Borukenikku Nakkuru): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the Magma Knuckle before pressing the front, Cross-Z Magma can perform a powerful attack.
      • Dragon Magma: Cross-Z Magma sends a dragon-shaped stream of flame into the enemy that explodes upon impact.
      • Silver Dragon: Cross-Z uses the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle to deliver a powerful punch covered in silver flames that create a large shockwave upon impact.
  • Blizzard Knuckle finisher:
    • Glacial Knuckle (グレイシャルナックル Gureisharu Nakkuru): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the Blizzard Knuckle before pressing the front, Cross-Z Magma can perform a powerful attack.
      • Silver Dragon: Cross-Z Magma punches the enemy as the incomplete Blizzard Knuckle creates an energy projection of a blizzard that freezes the target before launching them away.
  • Beat Closer finisher:
    • Smash Slash (スマッシュスラッシュ Sumasshu Surasshu): Cross-Z channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle one time and performs a powerful slash.
      • Dragon: Cross-Z Magma covers the Beat Closer's blade in flames and slashes the enemy.

Cross-Z Magma's ending theme is entitled "Burning My Soul".

Appearances: Build Episodes 31-34, 37-38, 42-45, Be The One, 46-48, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease

Great Cross-Z

Great Cross-Z

"Great Cross-Z Dragon! Are you ready? Wake up Cross-Z! Get great dragon! Yeah!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 197 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 102.4 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 31.7 t.
  • Kicking Power: 35.9 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 56.6 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 2.4 sec.

Great Cross-Z (グレートクローズ Gurēto Kurōzu) is Cross-Z's super form accessed by using the Great Cross-Z Dragon, loaded with the Great Dragon Evolbottle, in the Build Driver. It is an upgraded version of Cross-Z's base form, created when Ryuga regains his ability to transform.

In this form, Cross-Z's Drago Live Razor is upgraded into the GCZ Drago Live Razor (GCZドラゴライブレイザー GCZ Dorago Raibu Reizā) and he gains the GCZ Blaze Chest Armor (GCZブレイズチェストアーマー GCZ Bureizu Chesuto Āmā), which can enhance Great Cross-Z's attacks with flames.

All of Great Cross-Z's stats are marginally higher than Cross-Z Charge, but still completely eclipsed by Cross-Z Magma.

This form's finisher with the Build Driver is the Great Dragonic Finish (グレートドラゴニックフィニッシュ Gurēto Doragonikku Finisshu), which has two variations:

  • Great Cross-Z performs a flying kick covered in crimson and blue energy.
  • Great Cross-Z performs a roundhouse kick covered in crimson and blue energy that can strike multiple enemies.

Appearances: Build Episodes 37-39, Be The One



"Muscle Galaxy! Are you ready? (Techno rock music) Ginga muteki no kinniku yarō! Cross-ZEvol! Panēi! Maji panēi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 125.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters[2]:

  • Punching Power: 67.4 t.
  • Kicking Power: 73.9 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 90.8 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 1.0 sec.

Cross-ZEvol (クローズエボル Kurōzu Eboru) is Cross-Z's fusion final form accessed by using the Muscle Galaxy Fullbottle with the Build Driver. It is hence known as the Galactic Invincible Muscle Guy (銀河無敵の筋肉野郎 Ginga Muteki no Kinniku Yarō). This form fuses Ryuga and Evolto together and grants Cross-Z strength almost equivalent to Evol's Black Hole Form. The form is entirely controlled by Ryuga, while Evolto simply grants him the power.

This form has three finishers:

  • Muscle Finish (マッスルフィニッシュ Massuru Finisshu): Cross-ZEvol turns the Vortex Lever once and performs an upgraded version of the Dragonic Finish, a punch augmented with an energy dragon.
  • Galaxy Finish (ギャラクシーフィニッシュ Gyarakushī Finisshu): Cross-ZEvol turns the Vortex Lever two times and uses a black hole to teleport to the enemy, before delivering a punch covered in purple energy that creates a small black hole upon impact.
  • Muscle Galaxy Finish (マッスルギャラクシーフィニッシュ Massuru Gyarakushī Finisshu): Cross-ZEvol turns the Vortex Lever three times and performs a flying kick accompanied by energy constructs of Cross-Z and Evol in their default forms.

This form is exclusive to the Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z movie.

Cross-ZBuild Form

Cross-ZBuild Form

"Cross-ZBuild! Are you ready? Rabbit! Dragon! Be the one! Cross-ZBuild! Yeahhh! Yeahhh!"
―Cross-zBuild's transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 197.6 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 111.1 kg.

Ability Parameters[3]:

  • Punching Power: 55 t. (right arm)/64.2 t. (left arm)
  • Kicking Power: 70.5 t. (right leg)/62.7 t. (left leg)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 91.8 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 0.8 sec.

Cross-ZBuild Form (クローズビルドフォーム Kurōzu Birudo Fōmu) is Build's fusion form, combining the powers of Build and Cross-Z and fusing Sento and Ryuga into one body. It is accessed using the Cross-ZBuild Can. In this form, Build's stats exceed those of Genius Form, making it his strongest form. Cross-ZBuild can summon the golden mechanical Best Match Rabbit (ベストマッチラビット Besuto Matchi Rabitto) and the blue energy Best Match Dragon (ベストマッチドラゴン Besuto Matchi Doragon) to assist him in combat.

Cross-ZBuild Form is composed of the following parts:

  • BLD Cross-ZBuild Head (BLDクローズビルドヘッド BLD Kurōzu Birudo Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Cross-Z Head Armor (クローズヘッドアーマー Kurōzu Heddo Āmā) - The blue head armor. It has the property of improving durability by optimizing the internal structure and density balance each time it is attacked. Additionally, a balancer is built in to assist Cross-ZBuild's defense movements so that the enemy's attack can be avoided with minimal movement.
    • Build Head Armor (ビルドヘッドアーマー Birudo Heddo Āmā) - The red head armor. High-density and high-strength materials are used, allowing Cross-ZBuild to lightly catch the onslaught of strong enemies. In addition, a strengthening device that utilizes the characteristics of the Gold Rabbit Full Bottle is incorporated, and the movement speed and reaction speed can be doubled.
    • Best Match Signal (ベストマッチシグナル Besuto Matchi Shigunaru) - The tuning device on the forehead. It synchronises the consciousness of the two transformants and supports them so that their behaviour isn't hindered. Additionally, it is possible to aggregate battle data in real time and accurately grasp the abilities of yourself and the enemy. It also manages the condition of the whole body, and if there is a damaged part it will automatically perform emergency repair.
    • CB Right Eye Dragon (CBライトアイドラゴン CB Raito Ai Doragon) - The right eye. It increases Cross-ZBuild's reaction speed and increases their accuracy and avoidance rate in combat. The surface is covered with a clear shield with excellent impact resistance to protect the visual sensor from intense combat.
    • CB Dragon Face Module (CBドラゴンフェイスモジュール CB Doragon Feisu Mojūru) - A heat generation enhancement device installed on the side of the CB Right Eye Dragon. It heats the armor of the whole body to the melting point, increasing the power of the special move by several times. It mainly works when Cross-ZBuild's emotions are excited.
    • CB Left Eye Rabbit (CBレフトアイラビット CB Refuto Ai Rabitto) - The left eye. It increases Cross-ZBuild's reaction speed and accuracy in combat. A special olfactory sensor is incorporated to find enemies hidden in the shadows.
    • CB Ear Face Module (CBイヤーフェイスモジュール CB Iyā Feisu Mojūru) - The 'rabbit ear'. A hearing enhancement device installed on the head of Kamen Rider Build. By catching the signs and slight movements of the enemy, the next action is predicted and a quick counterattack is possible. It can also summon the golden Best Match Rabbit unit to the vicinity to act as support during combat.
  • Build Chest Armor (ビルドチェストアーマー Birudo Chesuto Āmā) - The red chest armor. High-density and high-strength material is used, and weight reduction is also applied to improve athletic performance. Additionally, a strengthening device that utilizes the characteristics of the Gold Rabbit Full Bottle is incorporated, and Cross-ZBuild's movement speed and reaction speed can be doubled.
  • Cross-Z Chest Armor (クローズチェストアーマー Kurōzu Chesuto Āmā) - The blue chest armor and vest section. It has the role of converting the components of the Cross-ZBuild Can loaded in the Build Driver into luminescent enhanced particles, dramatically increasing the attack performance of each part of the whole body. It can also convert the ingredients of the Silver Dragon Full Bottle into the blue flame energy body "Best Match Dragon" and fight together.
  • BLD Unlimited Suit (BLDアンリミテッドスーツ BLD Anrimiteddo Sūtsu) - The shock-resistant bodysuit. Along with protecting the wearer’s body, there is a limiter installed that can be released to bring out full physical ability.
  • CB Rabbit Shoulder (CBラビットショルダー CB Rabitto Shorudā) - The right shoulder. It optimizes the movement of the arm to improve Cross-ZBuild's attack speed and strengthens the power of slashing when using weapons. It is also possible to rotate the Build Driver's Vortex Lever at a speed several tens of times faster than before, greatly increasing the power of the special move.
  • CB Dragon Shoulder (CBドラゴンショルダー CB Doragon Shorudā) - The right shoulder. It optimizes the movement of the arm and increasing the speed and power of the fighting attack to the same level as the enemy.
  • Build Rush Arm (ビルドラッシュアーム Birudo Rasshu Āmu) - The right arm. It's agility and controllability have been enhanced to the utmost limit, and it is possible to continue hitting the enemy with a super-fast jab that does not allow a counterattack using the leg-mounted dimensional telescopic spring "CB Dimension Springer".
  • CB Rabbit Fight Glove (CBラビットファイトグローブ CB Rabitto Faito Gurōbu) - The right hand. It has a function to converge the impact of a punch attack to a specific part inside the destruction target, and can deal a certain amount of damage regardless of the armor strength of the enemy.
  • Cross-Z Rush Arm (クローズラッシュアーム Kurōzu Rasshu Āmu) - The left hand. It specializes in cutting attacks thanks to the sharp blue CB Fang Blades (CBファングオブレイド CB Fanguo Bureido), and can also use a blasting punch with luminescent-enhanced particles to ward off surrounding enemies.
  • Dragon Fight Glove (CBドラゴンファイトグローブ CB Doragon Faito Gurōbu) - The left hand. Firm grips will super-harden, increase the destructive power of hitting attacks, and protects the fist from recoil damage. The power of the attack increases to respond to the passion of the transformant, and the one-shot deadly finish blow can also be used.
  • CB Vector Robes (CBベクターローブ CB Bekutā Rōbu) - The robes/special propulsion unit. It has a built-in propulsion accelerator that uses a luminescence enhancer, and can fly around the battle area at high speed.
  • Cross-Z Rush Leg (クローズラッシュレッグ Kurōzu Rasshu Reggu) - The right leg. It is good at ambush knee drops from the sky that makes use of its jumping power, and it is also possible to scavenge surrounding enemies with a blast kick wearing luminescent enhanced particles.
  • CB Dragon Foot Shoe (CBドラゴンフットシューズ CB Doragon Futto Shūzu) - The right foot. Equipped with a footwork optimization function, it is possible to play with enemies with lean movements such as sliding on the ground. The power of the attack increases so as to respond to the passion of the transformant.
  • Build Rush Leg (ビルドラッシュレッグ Birudo Rasshu Reggu) - The left leg. It is highly agile and specializes in multi-stage high-speed high jumps by using the dimensional telescopic spring CB Dimension Springer (CBディメンションスプリンガー CB Dimenshon Supuringā). It is also possible to freely expand and contract his legs and hit a kick at a distant enemy.
  • CB Rabbit Foot Shoe\CBラビットフットシューズ (CB Rabitto Futto Shūzu) - The left foot. It is good at light footwork, and it is possible to launch a kick attack that interweaves acrobatic actions such as the Moonsault (ムーンサルト Mūnsaruto).

This form's finisher is the Love and Peace Finish (ラブ&ピース Rabu Ando Pīsu Finisshu): Build use the Best Match Rabbit to jump high into air as he performs a Rider Kick, before Best Match Dragon flies behind him, breaths fire, sending him high into the air before a golden and silver double helix energy chart securing the enemy before delivering an another Rider Kick whilst riding the chart's line.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Build: Be The One, Kamen Rider Build: Final Stage

Kamen Rider Blood

Kamen Rider Blood

"Great Cross-Z Dragon! Build Up! Are you ready? Overflow! Wake up Cross-Z! Get Great Dragon! Buraburaburabura Bura~h! Yabei!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 197.5 cm[4]
  • Weight: 114.7 kg[4]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 61.3 t[4]
  • Kicking power: 67.1 t[4]
  • Maximum jump height: 82.5 m[4]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 0.9 sec[4]

Kamen Rider Blood's main form is accessed by attaching the Hazard Trigger to the Build Driver and inserting the Great Cross-Z Dragon, loaded with the Cobra Lost Fullbottle.[5] During Blood's transformation, the Scissors Lost Smash, Zebra Lost Smash and Ryuga Banjo fuse with Blood due to their Blood Tribe DNA, though Blood can still function with them seperated.

Kamen Rider Blood is stronger than Build Genius Form and easily overpowered it. Only by assuming Cross-ZBuild and combining his own power with Cross-Z's could Build defeat him. Just like Blood Stalk, Blood can summon energy cobras to assist him in battle.

Kamen Rider Blood is exclusive to Kamen Rider Build: Be The One.

Cross-Z Charge

Cross-Z Charge

Cross-Z Charge with Celestial Wings

"Dragon Jelly! Tsubureru! Nagareru! Afurederu! Dragon in Cross-Z Charge! Buraa!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 201 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 113.3 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 31.5 t.
  • Kicking Power: 34.1 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 54 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 2.5 sec.

Cross-Z Charge (クローズチャージ Kurōzu Chāji) is Cross-Z's first upgrade form accessed by inserting the Dragon Sclashjelly into the Sclash Driver and pumping the lever.

This form gives Cross-Z a balanced power-up that's on par even with Build RabbitTank Sparkling Form. He could even jump higher than Build aforementioned form, albeit slightly slower. this form also has the lowest jumping height among Cross-Z's forms.

Cross-Z Charge's personal weapon in this form is the Twin Breaker. He can also wield the Beat Closer if needed.

Notable features of Cross-Z Charge include:

  • CZC Variable Chest Armor (CZCヴァリアブルチェストアーマー CZC Variaburu Chesuto Āmā): The blue dragon head-shaped chest armor made of hardened Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー Variaburu Zerī)
  • Drago Pack Shoulders (ドラゴパックショルダー Dorago Pakku Shorudā): The shoulder armor pieces, it stores Variable Jelly inside of them. During deathblows, power is drawn from the jelly.
  • Drago Splash Armory (ドラゴスプラッシュアーモリー Dorago Supurasshu Āmorī): The two forearm armor pieces. When dealing with deathblows, jelly stored inside is spurted out, allowing Cross-Z Charge to make use of tis characteristics.
  • Drago Struggle Gloves (ドラゴストラグルグローブ Dorago Sutoraguru Gurōbu): The fists of Cross-Z Charge. The more Cross-Z Charge struggles in battle, the more punching power the Drago Struggle Gloves will become capable of.
  • Drago Struggle Shoes (ドラゴストラグルシューズ Dorago Sutoraguru Shūzu): The feet of Cross-Z Charge. The more Cross-Z Charge struggles in battle, the more kicking power the Drago Struggle Shoes become capable of.

Ryuga lost access to this form when Evolto destroyed his Sclash Driver and Dragon Sclashjelly with his powers. But then Sento created new ones thus recovering that form.

Cross-Z Charge has several different finishers:

  • Sclash Driver finisher:
    • Cross-Z Charge's finisher with the Dragon Sclashjelly is the Scrap Break (スクラップブレイク Sukurappu Burēku) , which has two variations:
      • Rider Kick: Cross-Z Charge does a flying sidekick, which a dragon's head forms around his right leg.
      • Rider Punch: Cross-Z Charge delivers a punch with his fist covered in cyan and orange energy.
    • Charge Crash (チャージクラッシュ Chāji Kurasshu): Cross-Z Charge channels the power of a Biotic Fullbottle.
      • Taka: Cross-Z Charge sprouts a pair of orange wings resembling the Sollstall Wings and uses them for flight.
  • Twin Breaker finishers:
    • Beam Mode:
      • Single Finish (シングルフィニッシュ Shinguru Finisshu): Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of a Fullbottle or the Dragon Sclashjelly and performs a powerful blast.
        • Sclashjelly:
          • Dragon: Cross-Z Charge shoots a blue energy ball at the enemy.
    • Attack Mode:
      • Single Break (シングルブレーク Shinguru Burēku): Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of a Fullbottle or the Dragon Sclashjelly and performs a powerful slash.
        • Fullbottle:
          • Dragon: Cross-Z Charge stabs the enemy with the Twin Breaker, delivering a great, dark blue shockwave upon impact with an enemy.
      • Twin Break (ツインブレイク Tsuin Burēku): Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Dragon Sclashjelly and performs a powerful slash.
        • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
          • Dragon + Dragon: Cross-Z Charge stabs the enemy with the Twin Breaker, delivering a turquoise fire stream to the enemy that takes the shape of the Dragon Head on the Dragon Sclashjelly.
      • Let's Break (レッツブレイク Rettsu Burēku): Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of the Cross-Z Dragon or the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle and performs a powerful slash.
        • Cross-Z Dragon: Cross-Z Charge summons a blue and orange energy Chinese dragon that flies behind him, and use it to stab the enemy.
  • Twin Breaker + Beat Closer finisher: Cross-Z Charge can combine the powers of the Beat Closer and the Twin Breaker to perform a powerful finisher.
    • Mega Slash/Let's Break (メガスラッシュ/レッツレイク Mega Surasshu/Rettsu Burēku): Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of the Cross-Z Dragon or the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle in the Twin Breaker in Attack Mode, and the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the handle three times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Lock and Cross-Z Dragon: The Beat Closer projects an energy version of the Bind Master Key before Cross-Z Charge slashes with it, creating a ball of golden energy before summoning a blue and orange energy Chinese dragon that grabs the ball via its mouth, then flies at the enemy with an empowered attack.
  • Sclash Driver + Twin Breaker finisher: Cross-Z Charge can combine the powers of the Sclash Driver and the Twin Breaker to perform a powerful finisher. However, it puts a huge strain on Cross-Z Charge's body, causing his transformation to cancel.
    • Scrap Break/Let's Break (スクラップブレイク/レッツレイク Sukurappu Burēku/Rettsu Burēku): With the Twin Breaker in Attack Mode, Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of the Cross-Z Dragon or the RabbitTank Sparkling and performs a powerful slash.
      • Cross-Z Dragon: Cross-Z Charge summons a blue and orange energy Chinese dragon that flies behind him, and use it to stab the enemy before delivering a powerful punch with his fist covered in cyan and orange energy.

Appearances: Build Episodes 17-18, Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!, Build 19-25, 27, 29-30, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Main article: Kamen Rider Evol

Cobra Form (Phase 1)

Cobra Form

"Cobra! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? Cobra! Cobra! Evol Cobra! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 195 cm.
  • Weight: 108 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 58 t.
  • Kicking power: 63 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 76.7 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.1 sec.

Cobra Form (コブラフォーム Kobura Fōmu) is Evol's primary and default form accessed with the Cobra and Rider Evolbottles. Evolto labels this form as "Phase 1" (フェーズ1 Fēzu Wan).

As Evol, Evolto possesses tremendous power, as the Evol-Driver allows him to tap on the full power of the Pandora Box. His perimeters blow far past Grease, Rogue, and even Cross-Z Magma by a small margin. He also surpasses Build's RabbitRabbit and TankTank forms, though he loses to RabbitRabbit by maximum jump height and running speed, and TankTank by maximum kicking power.

Despite these small disadvantages, he still possesses abilities that are almost impossible to counteract, including teleportation and generating energy in his hand to perform an energy blast. He is also able to attack in extremely high speeds and block attacks quite easily, as shown during his first fight with Rogue.

His Evol Cobra Head (EVO-コブラヘッド Ebo Kobura Heddo) contains the Xeno Head Armor (ゼノヘッドアーマー Zeno Heddo Āmā) which strengthens its durability within each Phase. Between his EVO Twin Eye Cobra (EVOツインアイコブラ Ebo Ai Kobura) lies the Master Planisphere (マスタープラニスフィア Masutā Puranisufia), a device that allows him to determine which celestial body is his next target and formulate the suitable method of destroying it.[6]

In this form, Evol's armor parts are:[7]

  • EVO Cobra Shoulder (EVOコブラショルダー Ebo Kobura Shorudā): A pair of shoulder armor that allows him to improve attack accuracy. Each has a built-in miniature plant that secretes toxic gases as enhancers of the user's ability.
  • Menace Rush Arms (メナスラッシュアーム Menasu Rasshu Āmu): Evol's arms. Through an unknown substance that filled his suit, Evol's strength and speed are enhanced. By himself, Evol can manipulate a special aura that can move objects at will or detain his opponents.
  • EVO Xeno Vader Gloves (EVOゼノベイダーグローブ Ebo Zeno Beidā Gurōbu): Enhanced combat gloves that allow him to create strong punches by manipulating nearby space.
  • Menace Rush Legs (メナスラッシュレッグ Menasu Rasshu Reggu): Evol's leg units. Through an unknown substance that filled his suit, Evol's strength and speed are enhanced. By himself, Evol can manipulate a special aura that allows him to move objects or run at a tremendous speed.
  • EVO Xeno Vader Shoes (EVOゼノベイダーシューズ Ebo Zeno Beidā Shūzu): Evol's combat shoes. Each can perform kick attacks by manipulating nearby space.
  • Xeno Chest Armor (ゼノチェストアーマー Zeno Chesuto Āmā): Chest armor which compresses and produces unknown substances within the Evolbottles. Said armor is stronger than any material on Earth and its durability increases within each Phase.
  • Armilla Reactor (アーミラリアクター Āmira Riakutā): An Armillary sphere-themed conversion furnace which converts the unknown substance within Evolbottles into strong destructive energy. By completing all Phases, it can demonstrate its true ability.
  • EVO Omniverse Suit (EVOオムニバーススーツ Ebo Omunibāsu Sūtsu): An enhanced battle suit that can emit blocking energy field, allowing Evol to protect himself from enemy attacks or carry out planetary destruction safely. It can also draw out the user's hidden ability and strengthen them based on the Phase.
  • EVO Material (EVOマテリアル Ebo Materiaru): Golden armor parts on Evol's body. They can amplify Evolto's special abilities, empower wave attacks, generate annihilation poisons and allow warp teleportation.

Carried over from Blood Stalk, Evol wields the Transteam Gun and Steam Blade in this form. He is also able to wield any of Build's weapons if he inserts the corresponding Fullbottle into the Evol-Driver along with Rider Evolbottle.

This form has two finishers:

  • Evol-Driver Finishers:
    • Evoltic Finish (エボルテックフィニッシュ Eborutekku Finisshu): Evol delivers a flaming punch.
  • Evol Driver + Hawk Gatlinger Finisher:
    • Kikanhou Finish/Full Bullet: Evol inserts the Gatling Fullbottle into the Evol Driver and turns the crank, summoning the Hawk Gallinger. He then spins the Revol-Magazine of the Hawk Gatling and fires a stream of large energy hawks.

Appearances: Build Episodes 35-36

Dragon Form (Phase 2)

Dragon Form (Phase 2)

"Dragon! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? Dragon! Dragon! Evol Dragon! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 197 cm.
  • Weight: 106.8 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 60.9 t.
  • Kicking power: 65.8 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 83.2 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.2 sec.

Dragon Form (ドラゴンフォーム Doragon Fōmu) is Evol's Cross-Z-based form accessed with the Dragon and Rider Evolbottles. Evolto assumes this form while he is in possession of Banjo and labels it as "Phase 2" (フェーズ2 Fēzu Tsū).

This form grants higher punching, kicking, and jumping power than Cobra Form, although it is slower by a very small margin. As Ryuga also possesses the ability to use the Pandora Box, Evolto is still able to access the entirety of Evol's power.

Evol's weapon in this form is the Beat Closer.

This form has two finishers:

  • Evol-Driver Finishers:
    • Evoltic Finish (エボルテックフィニッシュ Eborutekku Finisshu): Evol coats his hand in dark blue flames before delivering a punch that projects a Chinese Dragon upon impact.
  • Beat Closer Finishers
    • Smash Slash (スマッシュスラッシュ Sumasshu Surasshu)
      • Dragon Evolbottle: Evol delivers a powerful slash covered in red and blue flames.

Appearances: Build Episodes 34-36





Legend Rider Devices

KamenRide: Cross-Z

"Kamen Ride: Cross-Z!"
―DX NeoDiendriver summoning announcement[src]

KamenRide: Cross-Z: A Rider Card containing the power of Kamen Rider Cross-Z. Used by Diend to summon Kamen Rider Cross-Z.

"(Digital beeping) Cross-Z!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Build's partner who uses the power of the dragon to fight, the burning hot-blooded Rider is... (Clock ticking noise) Cross-Z! (ドラゴンの力で戦うビルドの相棒、燃える熱血ライダーは…クローズだ! Doragon no chikara de tatakau Birudo no aibou, moeru nekketsu Raidā wa... (Clock ticking noise) Kurōzu da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! Wake up Burning! Cross-Z!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Dragonic Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Cross-Z Ridewatch (クローズライドウォッチ Kurōzu Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Cross-Z, this Ridewatch would provide access to the Cross-ZArmor. It is dated 2017.

This Ridewatch debuted in the final episode of Kamen Rider Build. It is later given by Ryuga to Sougo, who then gave it to Geiz. Although Geiz did not use the Cross-Z Ridewatch to assume a Rider Armor form, he did use it in the Zikan Zax to finish off Another Build. Best Match 2017

"(Digital beeping) Cross-Z Charge!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Crush the Sclashjelly to transform! Cross-Z Charge! (スクラッシュゼリーを潰して変身!クローズチャージ! Sukurasshuzerī o tsubushite henshin! Kurōzu Chāji!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! ("Dragon in Cross-Z Charge" rock music) Dragon Jelly! Cross-Z Charge!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! ("Dragon in Cross-Z Charge" rock music) Dragon Jelly! Cross-Z Charge!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Cross-Z! Scrap Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Cross-Z Charge Ridewatch (クローズチャージライドウォッチ Kurōzu Chāji Raidowotchi)[8]: Based on Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge, this Ridewatch would provide access to the Cross-ZChargeArmor. It is dated 2017. This Ridewatch was one of the five winners of a poll held by Bandai to select Riders to be used in a five-pack of DX Ridewatches.[9]

"(Digital beeping) Cross-Z Magma!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Power is overflowing! Soul is burning! The burning Rider, Cross-Z Magma! (力がみなぎる!魂が燃える!灼熱のライダー、クローズマグマ! Chikara ga minagiru! Tamashī ga moeru! Shakunetsu no Raidā, Kurōzu Maguma!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Cross-Z Magma Knuckle heavy metal music) Gokunetsu Kinniku! Magma!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Volcanic Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Cross-Z Magma Ridewatch (クローズマグマライドウォッチ Kurōzu Maguma Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma, this Ridewatch would provide access to the Cross-ZMagmaArmor. It is dated 2017.


  • Sento Kiryu: In the beginning, they started off as enemies and worked together at a rocky start. But in time, they grew closer as the best of friends and brothers. But despite learning, Sento's alter ego, he never forgave him as Katsuragi for the death of his beloved. Throughout the wars with Hokuto and Seito, their bond still remained intact. Sento's been the brain, while Ryuga the brawn, as they always quarrel.
  • Misora Isurugi: Both she and Ryuga didn't get along at first, due to being a fugitive. But slowly, they connect to each other as Ryuga suffers Kasumi's death and his accusation.
  • Sawa Takigawa: They worked together.
  • Kazumi Sawatari: Both enemies once, eventually friends were against Seito and later Evolto. Kazumi helped resolve many of his worries. Also, Ryuga does seem to enjoy not being Team Build's only idiot thanks to Kazumi's antics.
  • Gentoku Himuro: Both enemies as Night Rogue and later Seito's Rider Rogue, until later allies against Evolto.
  • Yui Mabuchi: Ryuga left her and her students to be captured back in the old world, which caused her to hate and not trust him initially after she regained her memory in the new world. Throughout the course of the movie, she slowly started to grow fond of him and even ended up as his new girlfriend in the end.

  • Evolto: His DNA was a part of his genes when Evolto tries to possess his mother but instead possessed Ryuga as an infant. Evolto possessed him to get his genes back while gaining Evol Dragon.
  • Nariaki Utsumi: An enemy as MadRogue.

  • Soichi Isurugi: Once an ally until he was revealed to be Blood Stalk and the one who set up the murder of Katsuragi, until later on, he learned that he's possessed by Evolto.
  • Takumi Katsuragi: Takumi was thought to have died by Ryuga's, but was actually Taro Satou’s body replaced with his face altered. When Sento's memories as Katsuragi returned after being possessed by Evolto, Katsuragi saw him as an enemy related to Evolto and never treating him as a friend.
  • Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: 

Behind the Scenes


Ryuga is portrayed by Eiji Akaso (赤楚 衛二 Akaso Eiji), who previously portrayed Hiroki Nagase in Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2. Under the possession of Evolto, he is voiced by Tetsuo Kanao (金尾 哲夫 Kanao Tetsuo).

As Kamen Rider Cross-Z, his suit actor is Eitoku (永徳 Eitoku), who returned in portraying "Secondary Riders" since Baron. This is Eitoku's final role to act as suit actor for Secondary Riders of the Heisei Phase 2, he is succeeded by Yuya Nawata in the succeeding season after Build. Under the possession of Evolto as Kamen Rider Evol, his suit actor is Kazuya Okada (岡田 和也 Okada Kazuya).


The kanji used to spell his first name can poetically mean "I'm a Dragon" (竜我 Ryū ga).


  • Ryuga's characteristics are near polar-opposites of Sento Kiryu, as Ryuga possesses high-stamina prowess that can fend off inhumane monsters while lacking a standard-level intellect, while Sento possesses a genius-level intellect to create gadgets as part of his force but doesn't have Ryuga's high-level stamina or strength.
    • The duo often make some Manzai (漫才 まんざい) conversations, with Sento serving as the funny man (ボケ boke) and Ryuga as the straight man (突っ込み tsukkomi), as a way to reflect the characteristics.

Cross-Z mid-transformation, appearing as a variant of Build

  • Kamen Rider Cross-Z's design is that of Build's Dragon Halfbody, made into a full Rider design with distinct armor added on top. Even his arms and legs are asymmetrical, as orange flames are added only to the limbs that aren't shared with Build.
  • Ryuga has some similarities to the previous character that his actor portrayed prior to Kamen Rider Build, especially in terms of how they first met their respective protagonists. Ryuga and Sento got off to a rocky start that is until the former decided to take refuge with him in order for Sento to figure out his lost memories. While Hiroki had a hard time getting along with Chihiro at first; although he becomes more caring towards him as Amazons S2 progresses.
    • As of episode 30, Banjo's alien origins and his powers make him also similar to Chihiro, who is revealed in the second half of Amazons as the progenitor of the Lysogenic cells, and their existence poses a threat to humanity. Both of them continue to accept themselves not just being human, in Banjo's case, declaring himself as a Kamen Rider.
  • Cross-Z is the second secondary rider since Kaito Kumon and the other Gaim Riders to switch belts and upgrading his form (Cross-Z Charge).
    • His Rider designation's extension is similar to how Takatora Kureshima became Zangetsu Shin with the upgraded belt, except Ryuga's upgrade came directly from his original form, while the basis for the Lockseed differed from the upgrade.
  • Cross-Z is the first secondary rider to have a dragon motif.
  • Cross-Z's Dragonic Finish is performed almost exactly the same as Kamen Rider Ryuga's Final Vent attack from Kamen Rider Ryuki (and less exactly like Ryuki's), a kick propelled straightforward by a large serpent dragon's blue fire breath. The only difference is whilst Ryuga uses the standard Rider Kick, Cross-Z uses a roundhouse Rider Kick like the one used by Kamen Rider Gatack.
  • Interestingly, Cross-Z and Gatack also have a few things in common:
    • They have asked the primary rider of their respective series (Kabuto and Build) to defeat the respective series Kaiju that is dear to them (Burn Smash for Cross-Z and Bellcricetus Worm for Gatack)
    • They use the same belt as the primary rider of their respective series to transform (Build Driver and Rider Belt) with the difference being either the color and/or the transformation trinkets.

Cross-Z Charge's incomplete suit

  • Cross-Z Charge's transformation begins with an incomplete suit that lacks the transparent chest piece and faceplate, as well as the spout bag-themed shoulder pads. These elements are formed once Variable Jelly is secreted from several ports on the suit and solidifies.
  • Cross-Z using the Sclash Driver to become Cross-Z Charge is unique in two aspects:
    • The form's head is essentially just liquid formed over a round shell, yet has roughly the same sculpt of the previous form, unlike previous upgrades where the Rider's helmet is altered or designed to include new elements.
    • It is the only upgrade form debuting in the main series which lacks prerequisites to access (Ryuga already possessed both a necessary Hazard Level and the components from Sento building the Driver/creating the Sclashjelly), while still being able to use the same system as the main Rider. The new system used hence functions as an upgrade.
  • Cross-Z Magma has two aspects that separate it from Cross-Z Charge:
    • Contrast to the Charge variant's water (liquid) themed, Magma is fire-themed.
    • The form is likely based on Burn Smash, which its essence is used to make the original Dragon Fullbottle. Furthermore, both Cross-Z Magma and Burn Smash had the same color scheme.
  • Ryuga is the first rider to have an Super (Great Cross-Z) & Final Form (Cross-Z Magma) that required the source of the Base (Cross-Z Dragon into Great Cross-Z Dragon) & Upgrade Form (Dragon SclashJelly into Dragon Magma FullBottle) to be sacrificed in order to be accessed.
    • He's also the first rider to have a Super Form after obtaining the Final Form.
  • If one were to count Evolto's possession of him, then Ryuga is the only Build rider to have used all three transformation belts in the series.
  • Great Cross-Z’s helmet is taken from Evol's Dragon Form, and this is from when he took the Dragon Evolbottle.
  • Ryuga's use of the Muscle Galaxy Fullbottle marks the first instance of a Secondary Rider using an evil Rider's powers without being an exact replication of said Rider.
    • It is also the first instance of a Rider appearing to be using a modified trinket to access the form as the visor is colored silver like the augmented Dragon Fulbottle, while using a similar trinket to the Genius Fullbottle.
    • The suit's color design was slightly similar to Evol Black Hole Form, with the exception of its cyan color from Cross-Z Charge.
    • The manner in which manifestations of Cross-Z and Evol appear during the Muscle Galaxy Finish is very reminiscent of the Rider Fusion Drill Kick used by Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Fusionstates.
  • Banjo was defeated after being tricked by Shocker into drinking Soy Sauce when he believed it to be a protein drink.[10]



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