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Ryu Tenkuji (天空寺 龍 Tenkūji Ryū) is Takeru Tenkuji's late father. He was a superior Ghost Hunter and gave the Ore Ghost Eyecon to Takeru.

In Kamen Rider Ghost: ~Memories of the Future~, he is revealed to be able to transform to The Red Kamen Rider Ghost (紅の仮面ライダーゴースト Kurenai no Kamen Raidā Gōsuto), namely Kamen Rider Zero Ghost (仮面ライダーゼロゴースト Kamen Raidā Zero Gōsuto). [1]

Character History

Ryu, Igarashi and Saionji work together.

Ryu Tenkuji once worked together with Chikara Saionji to research the Ghost Eyecons 10 years ago. However, Saionji secretly used a human experiment on the Fukami siblings on their back to open the Monolith's Gamma Hole to enter Gamma world, trapping them inside for 10 years, meaning that he has betrayed Ryu and Kenjiro Igarashi, thus eventually sided with the Gamma. Ryu was later killed by Adel, though not before arranging for a Ghost Eyecon to be delivered to his son 10 years later. Before his death, he entrusted a pendant resembling Miyamoto Musashi's tsuba to his son. Eyes Open! It's Me! Conciliation! All Resolutions!

Ryu watches over his son while he has troubled dreams about his supposed doom.

On the last night of Takeru's life, the young Rider was in sorrow that he would die on January 10th, 2016, Ryu appears in spirit form when his son drifts off to sleep to watch over him. After Takeru crosses over to the land of the dead, Ryu speaks with his son on how proud he is of him and apologizes for dragging him into the life of a ghost hunter. He then tells his son that he must continue to protect the lives of humanity so that they can have future that burns as bright as Takeru's life. Ryu then gave his own soul to his son by merging with Takeru to give his son more time and gain the power of Toucon Boost Damashii and the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon. Heroic! A Man's Resolve!

Other events

Super Movie Wars Genesis

Ryu, in the year 2005, assists his son's future self as well as Shinnosuke Tomari from 10 years in the future. He was later killed while trying to shield his son's 2005 self from a projectile coming from the Da Vinci Eyecon. Before dying, he entrusts a pendant resembling Miyamoto Musashi's tsuba to young Takeru, as older Takeru and Shinnosuke return to the year 2015, before Ryu tells his time-displaced son not to worry that he deserved this fate and will always be with him as a spirit in the future.

Ryu as Toucon Boost Ghost.jpg

Later in the year 2015, his spirit appears, allowing Ghost to assume a new-found power, Toucon Boost Damashii (named here as Tousan Damashii).

Final Stage

Ryu is possessed by Musashi in the stage show and assumes his Kamen Rider Ghost form, and later the Toucon Boost form.Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage

Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

Three spirits.

In the post-credit scene, his spirit alongside Danton and Daigo were seen as Makoto's respected fathers.


Powers and Abilities


  • Wormhole Creation: He was somehow able to open wormholes connecting to the Monolith in 2015.


  • Expert Martial Artist: As a ghost hunter, he is an expert in martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. He also trained Makoto and Takeru in their young age. Hence, he was able to fight against numerous Gamma Commandos in conjunction with his axe while protecting young Takeru and Akari at the same time.


Musashi Damashii

Musashi Damashii

"Kaigan! Musashi! (Biwa chord) Kettou! Zubatto! Cho Kengou! (Biwa chords and slashing SFX)"
― Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 209 cm.
  • Weight: 98 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 5.9 t.
  • Kicking power: 10.8 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 41 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 5.7 sec.

Musashi Damashii (ムサシ魂 Musashi Damashī, lit. "Musashi Soul") is Ghost's red swordsman-based form themed after Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Japanese swordsman and the founder of the Niten Ichi-ryū swordsmanship in Japanese martial arts. Accessed through the Musashi Ghost Eyecon, this form bears the Persona Sword Master (ペルソナソードマスター Perusona Sōdo Masutā) helmet with the Face Dual Wield (フェイスデュアルウィード Feisu Dyuaru Wīdo) faceplate.[2]

While assuming Musashi Damashii, Ghost dons the Hood of Twin Heavens (ニテンノフード Niten no Hūdo) adorned with both the Setsuna Hachimaki (セツナノハチマキ Setsuna no Hachimaki) and Five Rings' Topknot Sword (ゴリンノマゲガタナ Gorin no Mage Gatana); he is also able to utilize his Gan Gun Saber in its Nitouryu Mode for Niten Ichi-ryū swordsmanship.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage.

Toucon Boost Damashii

Toucon Boost Damashii

"Toucon (Tousan) Kaigan! Boost! Ore-ga Boost! (Go!) Furuitatsu Ghost! (Fight!) GO! (Fight!) GO! (Fight!) GO! GO! (Fight!)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 204.0 cm.
  • Weight: 111.0 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 8.8 t.
  • Kicking power: 13 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 43 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m per 5.4 sec.

Toucon Boost Damashii (闘魂ブースト魂 Tōkon Būsuto Damashī, lit. "Fighting Spirit Boost Soul") is Ghost's red evolved form of Ore Damashii with fire-like details on the suit. Accessed through the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon, this form bears the Persona Fighting Spirit (ペルソナファイティングスピリット Perusona Faitingu Supiritto) helmet with the Face Crimson Fire (フェイスクリムゾンファイア Feisu Kurimuzon Faia).

While assuming Toucon Boost Damashii, Ghost dons the Fighting Reflector (ファイティングリフレクター Faitingu Rifurekutā) where he is armed with the Sunglasseslasher.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage.

Kamen Rider Zero Ghost


"Kaigan! Ore! Let's go! Kakugo! Go Go Go! Ghost! Go! Go! Go! Go!"
― Transformation announcement[src]

Ryu is able to transform into Kamen Rider Zero Ghost through the first Ghost Driver and a prototype red colored Ghost Eyecon created by Edith.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ghost: ~Memories of the Future~.



Behind the Scenes


Ryu Tenkuji is portrayed by Kazuhiko Nishimura (西村 和彦 Nishimura Kazuhiko), who previously portrayed Joh Ohara/Yellow LionIcon-crosswiki.png in Choujuu Sentai LivemanIcon-crosswiki.png[3].



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