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Ryoka Saiga (才賀 涼香 Saiga Ryoka) was a former astronaut and member of the Kiwami Project. After being possessed by a member of the Blood Tribe while on an expedition, she secretly worked alongside Taizan Himuro and Gentoku Himuro in Touto to help Evolto accomplish his goals and ignite the Japanese Civil War. When Evolto united the the three regions of Japan, Mitsuomi became the new governor of Hokuto. She uses the Hasami Lost Fullbottle to transform into the Scissors Lost Smash (シザーズロストスマッシュ Shizāzu Rosuto Sumasshu).

Character History

Sparks of War

Before Touto

After Taizan Himuro hospitalization, she told Gentoku that now is the time to start the war with Hokuto, thus creating the first sparks of Japanese Civil War right according to Blood Tribe plans. [1]Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

As Governor

Hokuto HQ

Ultimately, "Ryoka" was defeated alongside "Mitsuomi" by Kamen Riders Grease and Rogue. Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Powers and Abilities

Scissors Lost Smash
SMASH-Scissors Lost Smash

Scissors Lost Smash

Scissors Lost Smash (シザーズロストスマッシュ Shizāzu Rosuto Sumasshu) fights using scissor-like blades. She can also create them to fire as projectiles or to use as a shield.

Behind the Scenes



  • All of the Blood Tribe members seem to be male, with the one posessing Ryoka to be an exception.