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"I am Armored Rider Kurokage."
―Hase branding his Armored Rider name[src]

"Armored Rider Kurokage! I swear to be victorious in this duel and be at the top of the rankings."
―Hase making a vow that he will win in a Christmas Game[src]

Ryoji Hase (初瀬 亮二 Hase Ryōji), more commonly referred to by his last name, was the leader of Team Raid Wild and used the Matsubokkuri Lockseed to become Kamen Rider Kurokage (仮面ライダー黒影[クロカゲ] Kamen Raidā Kurokage, lit. "Black Shadow").


Beat Riders Saga

Ryoji Hase, a young man in the Inves Game challenges Kaito Kumon to gain territory for Team Raid Wild, however, he is swiftly defeated by Kaito's three summoned Inves. Later, Hase along with Hideyasu Jonouchi join Kaito's team alliance, with Kaito being their Lockseed supplier. However, Hase and Jonouchi quickly realize that they're Kaito's pawn and break off the alliance after revealing the fact that they received a Sengoku Driver. Hase, now known as Armored Rider Kurokage backstabs Armored Rider Baron, defeating him in duo with Armored Rider Gridon. Though their victory is short-lived as Gaim manages to gain the upper hand against Kurokage. Ultimately, Hase loses and loses his Matsubokkuri Lockseed. Gaining another Matsubokkuri Lockseed, he trains with Jonouchi to become stronger, while enacting tactical strategies against a dummy. However, this training is proven useless as Oren Pierre Alfonzo challenges the two, defeating them without breaking a sweat.

Hase's broken Sengoku Driver after being defeated by Zangetsu.

Hase and Jonouchi become promotional sellers, having no income due to their losing streak in the Inves games. Suddenly, Hase gets a call from Kouta to participate in a new event that Team Gaim is hosting. The next day, Hase enters the Helheim Forest during the event and clashes with the "White Armored Rider", losing to him after the latter erupts in a rage due to Hase's persistent interference. As a result, Hase's Driver is damaged.

Yggdrasill Saga

"Why, why am I afraid, I just want my power back!"
―Hase as he received hallucinations of Inves, Zangetsu, and Bravo.[src]
"Give me power once more!"
―Hase's last human moments before becoming the Hekija Inves.[src]

Hase's mutated form

After the Helheim Forest event, Hase attempts to transform but discovers his Driver no longer works. After suffering a defeat to Kaito and losing the respect of his team members, Hase begins to feel powerless and paranoid and starts to suffer from paranoid hallucinations of several Inves, Zangetsu, and Bravo. The paranoid Hase runs from these hallucinations before reaching the inside of a construction site. There, Hase happens upon a battle between Armored Riders Zangetsu-Shin, Gaim, Baron, and an Inves, which evolved after consuming one of the fruits nearby. Seeing the power the Inves gained after consuming the fruit of Helheim, he is drawn to the dangerous flora. Desperate for the power he once had, Hase bites into the fruit and painfully transforms into the Hekija Inves.

Hase's fate would have been swift if not for the intervention of Kouta Kazuraba, who stopped New-Generation Rider Zangetsu-Shin from putting the now-Inves Hase down. Hase ultimately becomes feral, however; after assuming his human form after a talk with Kouta, Hase charges into Drupers, and tries to satiate his now-ravenous appetite. Characteristic to all Inves, the fruit of Earth now tastes appalling, and Hase goes on a rampage, injuring Team Gaim member Rat in the process. He eventually re-assumes his Inves form, and Kouta decides to put Hase out of his misery, but cannot bring himself to kill someone he still sees as human. Yggdrasill decides to make the decision for Kouta, and Hase meets his end at the hands of the man who gave him his first taste of power - Sid, A.K.A. New Generation Rider Sigurd.


His legacy along with Yuya's becomes a reference by most of the casts. Three months after the Earth is saved from Helheim invasion, his picture is soon stapled by Jonouchi, on the wall where the Yggdrasill Tower was being demolished, along with the pictures of Yggdrasill's casualties. His Kurokage form is soon used by Jonouchi to honour his death four months after.

Other Events

Gaim Gaiden: Knuckle

Hase argue with Team Gaim.jpg

Hase briefly appears in a flashback, as Team Raid Wild approaches Team Gaim dancing on a stage.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Kurokage appears as a toy, when Sento Kiryu and Sougo Tokiwa they find Ataru Hisanagahe brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Gridon VS Kamen Rider Bravo

Ryoji Hase's spirit.png

A spirit of Ryoji Hase appears to stop Jonouchi's plan to eat the Helheim fruit. Instead he converts it into Lychee Lockseed in order for Jonouchi to transform into Gridon Lychee Arms before his spirit fades.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kurokage is among the vast majority of Kamen Riders that are available in this arcade game. Notably, he is shown to use the Legend Rider Lockseed to assume Blade Arms.


Unlike his former ally Jonouchi, Hase was much more hot-headed. This was shown when he battles Team Gaim, despite having no chance to win and almost declining Team Baron's offer for an alliance, with only Jonouchi stopping him.

However, in battle as Kurokage, Hase was much more confident and experienced than Jonouchi. However, he made rash decisions in battle like using Gridon as a human shield and pushing him toward the opponent to make an opening. Hase also had a bad habit of fighting whoever he saw, regardless of their fighting prowess (which ultimately caused the loss of his powers)

Hase also had some selfish traits; he gave Gridon his name (much to Jonouchi's irritation, who stated that he wanted a cooler one) and often abuses Jonouchi with his combat strategies. Although, Hase revealed that he wanted Jonouchi to be more confident in battle, showing that he did care somewhat about Jonouchi as a friend.

Upon his dance team abandoning him after his belt was destroyed by Zangetsu, Hase went insane, having hallucinations created by his fear and a delusional lust to regain the power he lost. He then decided the only way to regain his power was to eat one of the Lockseeds, resulting in his mutation into an Inves.


Like with the other Armored Riders, Kamen Rider Kurokage's forms are called Arms (アームズ Āmuzu). His Sengoku Driver plays Japanese horagai music and announces "Soiya" (ソイヤ) before every transformation, while his personal Lockseeds are styled with a mix of Japanese words and English words.

By pressing the Sengoku Driver's Cutting Blade down on the Lockseed after transforming from one to three times, Kurokage can activate one of three finishing moves based on his current Arms form: Squash (スカッシュ Sukasshu), Au Lait (オーレ Ōre), or Sparking (スパーキング Supākingu).

Ride Wear

The Ride Wear (ライドウェア Raido Uēa) is Kurokage's default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during Kurokage's transformation sequence before the Armor Part attaches or when he changes Arms. However, this form is completely vulnerable to any incoming attacks when shot directly in the suit rather than at the Arms that is descending down on the Rider.

The Ride Wear that Kurokage's Sengoku Driver has is easily identifiable through its Rider Indicator (ライダーインジケーター Raidā Injikētā) faceplate. The Rider Indicator only identifies what Ride Wear a Sengoku Driver contains for simplicity and can be replaced with extensions such as the Genesis Core or Senyo Joint.

Matsubokkuri Arms

Matsubokkuri Arms

"Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the shadow!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 203 cm
  • Rider Weight: 102 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 6 t
  • Kicking Power: 10.2 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 26 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 6 seconds

Matsubokkuri Arms (マツボックリアームズ Matsubokkuri Āmuzu, lit. Pine Cone Arms) is Kurokage's cone-based armored default form. Accessed through the Matsubokkuri Lockseed, this form bears the Matsu Kabuto (マツカブト lit. "Pine Helmet") helmet with the Comb Eye (コームアイ Kōmu Ai) visor. This form debuts in episode 5.

While assuming Matsubokkuri Arms, Kurokage dons the Matsubokkuri Armor Part (マツボックリアーマーパート Matsubokkuri Āmā Pāto, lit. "Pinecone Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Kagematsu.

In this form, Kurokage's punching power is on par with that of Gaim in Ichigo Arms, and can kick at the same power as the latter in all of his Arms. His jump height and running speed are slightly lower than Gaim in Orange Arms.

This Arms' finisher is the Kage Nui Tsuki (影縫い突き lit."Shadow Sewing Stab"): This finisher has two variations depending on which function Kurokage activates from his Sengoku Driver.

  • Squash: Kurokage jumps and charges with his Kagematsu, forming a giant energy pinecone on the tip to stab the opponent with.
  • Sparking: Kurokage jumps and spins rapidly while diving at his opponent with the Kagematsu.

Hase lost the ability to transform into Kurokage after his Sengoku Driver and Matsubokkuri Lockseed were damaged by Armored Rider Zangetsu. Although he managed to replace the Matsubokkuri Lockseed, the damaged Sengoku Driver prevented him from using it.

Appearances: Gaim Episodes 5-7, Sengoku Movie Battle, 10, 11, Final Stage

These Arms are normally used by a different Armored Rider. All of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Donguri Arms

Donguri Arms

"Soiya! Donguri Arms! Never Give Up!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Donguri Arms (ドングリアームズ Donguri Āmuzu, lit. "Acorn Arms") is Kurokage's acorn-based armored Medieval Squire form. Accessed through the Donguri Lockseed, this form bears the Dome Casque (ドームカスク Dōmu Kasuku) helmet with the Nut Eye (ナットアイ Natto Ai) visor.

While assuming Donguri Arms, Kurokage dons the Donguri Armor Part (ドングリアーマーパート Donguri Āmā Pāto, lit. "Acorn Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Donkachi.

Donguri Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Gridon

Kurumi Arms

Kurumi Arms

"Soiya! Kurumi Arms! Mr. Knuckle Man! (Three count bell ring with cheering crowds)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kurumi Arms (クルミアームズ Kurumi Āmuzu, lit. "Walnut Arms") is Kurokage's walnut-based form. Accessed through the Kurumi Lockseed, this form bears the Knuck Met (ナックメット Nakku Metto) helmet with the Knuck Eye (ナックアイ Nakku Ai) visor. Kurumi Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Knuckle.

While assuming Kurumi Arms, Kurokage dons the Kurumi Armor Part (クルミアーマーパート Kurumi Āmā Pāto, lit. "Walnut Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Kurumi Bombers.

The Rider Arms (ライダーアームズ Raidā Āmuzu) are forms based on past Kamen Riders. All of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. However, some of these forms are also used in the norm by other Armored and New Generation Riders.

Blade Arms

Blade Arms

"Soiya! Blade Arms! Sword of spa~de!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Blade Arms (ブレイドアームズ Bureido Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Blade's Ace Form that which is accessed through the Blade Lockseed.

While assuming Blade Arms, Kurokage dons the Blade Armor Part (ブレイドアーマーパート Bureido Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Blay Rouzer.

Category H
File:Ryuji hase inves.jpg

Ryoji Hase partially returns to human form after transforming into the Hekija Inves.

A Category H Inves is an Inves created from the metamorphosis of a human who has eaten a fruit of Helheim, as classified by the Yggdrasill Corporation. Though Yggdrasill insists that the human self is lost upon transformation, such Inves have been shown to temporarily return to their human form albeit with the animalistic nature of the Inves, physically distinguished by the retaining of a feature of their Inves form, the right claw and green skin across the left arm as well as glowing red eyes in the case of the Hekija Inves.

Hekija Inves

Hekija Inves

Main article: Hekija Inves


  • Height: 241 cm
  • Weight: 159 kg

In episode 13, Hase transforms into a Hekija Inves (ヘキジャインベス Hekija Inbesu, Bixie Inves) after eating a premature Lockseed. Like the Byakko Inves, the Hekija Inves is armed with sharp claws. He also can spit fireballs from his mouth.

After some hard work, Gaim was able to help Hase to be able to return into human form, but the results were only temporary. In human form, his arms were still mutated and he had red eyes and his mind had regressed to a feral state. Hase soon escapes from the battlefield. Sometime later, he comes to the Drupers and becomes an Inves once again after attempting to eat regular fruit, causing him to hunger for another Lockseed. Moreover, he injured Rat from Team Gaim. He then faces Kouta once again. Despite Gaim having a chance to kill the Hekija Inves, Kouta realizes that he can't kill a human, even if he has already become a monster. However, New Generation Rider Sigurd jumps into the battle and mercilessly beats the Inves. The Hekija Inves was soon destroyed by Sigurd's Sonic Volley, resulting in Hase's death.

Appearances: Gaim Episodes 13-14



  • Sengoku Driver - Transformation device, destroyed by Zangetsu
  • Lockseeds - Gives access to Kurokage's Arms changes, depending on which lock is used



Behind the Scenes


Ryoji Hase is portrayed by Atsushi Shiramata (白又 敦 Shiramata Atsushi).

As Kamen Rider Kurokage, his suit actor is Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦 Imai Yasuhiko), who is also the suit actor for Kamen Rider Bravo.[2]

As Hekija Inves, he was voiced by Yuki Anai (穴井 勇輝 Anai Yūki). [3]

Concept Art

The Hekija Inves was designed by Akihiro Yamada, the designer of the Green-type Inves in Kamen Rider Gaim.


  • Kurokage and Gridon are the first Armored Riders in the series who are the leaders of Beat Rider teams to not be named after their teams.
  • Hase as a Rider is very ironic as his Driver announces "Ichigeki (Single Attack) in the Shadow" when he transforms, yet he tends to jump head-first into battle and keeps fighting even when losing. Additionally, despite his strong desire for power, the Matsubokkuri Lockseed he uses is ironically the weakest usable Lockseed compared to those used by the other Riders, even Jonouchi's Donguri Lockseed.
  • Kurokage is the only Armored Rider with the "Soiya!" standby sound who isn't armed with a Musou Saber.
  • The costume for the Hekija Inves, Hase's mutated form, is modified from Byakko Inves.
  • Hase is the only Gaim Rider that does not have a solo transformation in the series, as he only transforms two times together with Jonouchi, Armored Rider Gridon, and once with the other Beat Riders (Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, and Gridon)
  • As seen in his missing person poster, Ryoji's height is said to be 176 cm, which is also the height of his actor, Atsushi Shiramata.

Legend Rider Lockseeds


Main article: Ryoji Hase/Appearances


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