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"Don't make me angry!"
―Ryoga's catchphrase[src]

Ryoga Shindai (神代 凌牙, Shindai Ryōga)[2] is a former member of the Southern Base-branch of the Sword of Logos who acted as one of Master Logos' personal enforcers, Kamen Rider Durendal (仮面ライダーデュランダル, Kamen Raidā Dyurandaru). However since learning of his master's true colors, he and his sister sought refuge within Touma and his team. He lost the ability to transform after Jikokuken Kaiji was destroyed by Lord of Wise Diago, though it was later repaired.


War against the Northern Base

Ryoga protecting Master Logos from Blades.

Ryoga appeared when Rintaro confronts Master Logos about his plans and proceeds to transform into Kamen Rider Durandal and fights Rintaro. Using his time manipulation abilities, he overwhelms Rintaro out of transformation. When Touma arrives, he offers to trade his Wonder Ride Books and Seiken Swordriver for Rintaro, unknowing that Yuri was on standby ready to assist when needed. However, Ryoga used his powers to turn the tables on his enemy but caught off guard by Yuri's appearance. He did inflict a near fatal blow on Touma though before the three Riders made their escape from the base.

After Master Logos' arrow destroys the Northern Base's defense, Sophia was forced to restart the defense. But before the defense was restarted, Ryoga, and Reika already breached into the Northern Base and entered the main room, while the Megid rampaged at the hallway. As both Shindai taunted Kamiyama's team to take the sword and Wonder Ride books, Yuri arrived and blinded both fighters. Ogami and Rintaro flee to take care of the Megid, while Touma and Yuri stay to hold both Shindai siblings. After Reika emotionally falters from hearing Master Logo's cooperation with the Megid, Ryoga tells her to stand her ground and chase after the others. Fighting both Saber and Saikou alone, he is able to overwhelm them. However just before he is able to deal the finishing blow, he is forced back by Master Logos.

Ryoga and Reika were later instructed by Master Logos to keep watch over Touma and his team. Ryoga went to attack Rintaro to steal his Seiken, wanting to see how much the Water Swordsman had improved after gaining his new power and killing Zooous. During their fight, Blades managed to outmaneuver Durendal's time warping abilities. Bahato then appeared as Kamen Rider Falchion to intervene; instead of attacking Blades, however, he suddenly chose to fight Durendal instead, proclaiming that all swordsmen were his enemies no matter what his allegiance was. After being pushed back, Durendal was forced to exit the scene due to being overwhelmed by Falchion, leaving Blades to contend with the Immortal Swordsman.

After Reika kidnapped Luna and brought her to Master Logos, he commended the Shindai siblings for successfully capturing her. It was that moment when Ryoga questioned why he had unsealed Bahato, to which the Master answered that he was the "hound" that he needed to gather all of the Seiken and Wonder Ride Books. Reika and Ryoga later accompanied Master to to the spot where the worlds had become connected with Luna, within which the Master summoned a massive tower that had the Seiken embedded in it. They were soon confronted by Rintaro, Tetsuo and Ryo, but Master Logos was completely unconcerned, as everything was going according to plan. He sent Durendal and Sabela to defeat the swordsmen, with Durendal striking down Blades and claiming his Seiken for the tower.

However, Bahato suddenly swooped in and attacked the sibling Riders, adding their Seikens and Wonder Ride Books to Master Logos' collection. Once the Master nonchalantly dismissed Bahato's actions, an outraged Reika attempted to confront him, but Ryoga held her back, having realized that they were already too late from finding out the current Master Logos was actually evil. Later, after the Master obtained the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book and Caladbolg, Reika and Ryoga teleported away from the scene alongside him.

Fighting Alongside Saber

Ryoga is later present with Reika when Master Logos; now Isaac, declared war on the world. He stated that it is the duty of Shindai family to protect the bearer of "Master Logos" title and it is also their job to do the right thing when that person has abandoned the title. He would then go to confront the Master along with Reika, fighting him as Kamen Riders Durendal and Sabela. However, the Shindai siblings are proven to be no match for Kamen Rider Solomon. They would then be assisted by Touma and Rintaro, who arrived in time to aid the siblings. All four are still outmatched by Solomon. They are saved in the nick of time by Yuri, who blocked Solomon's attack and teleported them away.

After being saved by Yuri, Ryoga and Reika are being offered by Touma, Rintaro, and Yuri to join their team in fighting against Isaac. However, despite their current aligning goals, Ryoga rejected the proposition on the grounds that Touma and his team had defected from Sword of Logos and thus consider them enemies as well. He and Reika then proceed to take their leave despite Touma's pleas.

He and Reika would later join Rintaro, Ryo, Tetsuo, Yuri, and Ren in fighting against Isaac. However, in the middle of the fight, Bahato comes to interfere. He would later be one of the witnesses of Touma defeating the Immortal Swordsman. When Isaac begins the process of destroying the world, he and Reika help Touma in creating Haouken Xross Saber, which has both his and his sister's Seikens as components. After Touma defeats Isaac, Ryoga immediately leaves with Reika to go after the deranged former Master as he is still alive.

He would later infiltrate Southern Base with Reika to retrieve the Wonder Ride Books that are still in Sword of Logos' possession. However, they immediately find Isaac standing in their way and proceed to do battle with him. During the battle, Ryoga is impaled using Caladbolg and becomes heavily injured. Fortunately, Reika arrived in time to stop Isaac from landing the killing blow, bringing along the Wonder Ride Books. He would then be brought by Reika to Fantastic Kamiyama Bookstore and give back the stolen books as well as a Book Gate for Touma to use before collapsing due to his injuries. After Touma and Rintaro returned from their battle against Isaac, Ryoga and Reika decided to join forces with Touma, with him shyly expressing gratitude to the two swordsmen.

Ryoga and Reika would later go to Southern Base to check on the situation. However, Ryoga is forced to fight his own sister against his will after Isaac used Omni Force Book to control him. He repeatedly pleads Reika to strike him down during their battles, but she finds herself unable to. He then also pleads Ryo and Tetsuo to strike him down when they arrived to assist Reika. Tetsuo then ask him to resist Isaac's control using his will as a swordsman, which he successfully did when he is about to strike Reika. He managed to resist the control long enough until Touma successfully defeated Isaac. When he finally came to his senses, he thanked Ryo and Tetsuo for helping Reika free him.

Ryoga would later appear with Reika to shyly express his gratitude to Mei, who in turn asks them to help the other swordsmen. He and Reika then joined Touma once he had uncovered Storious' hideout, where they are greeted by the Megid general. He, Reika and Touma would transform into Kamen Riders to fight against Charybdis Megid. However, despite being able to best the Megid, Ryoga and Reika's reluctance to fully cooperate with Touma hindered their chances of victory, which ends with Storious gaining the Grimoire Book after he was absorbed by Charybdis Megid.

Ryoga would later spar against Reika in Liberation before Rintaro arrived to inform them of the coming battle. Ryoga immediately asked when will the battle take place, which was responded by Rintaro to be the day after. He and Reika then continues their training. The next day, Ryoga and Reika arrived at dawn as Touma and the others prepare for the final battle, with the nine swordsmen marching towards the tower created by Storious.

Ryoga, alongside Reika and other Riders, would later storm the tower after fighting hordes of Shimi. Eventually, he and his sister face the awaiting Lord of Wise Diago, leaving Touma and Kento to charge forward on their own. Despite their best efforts, the Shindai siblings find themselves outmatched by Diago and become heavily injured. They managed to receive temporary assistance from Rintaro, but immediately told him to catch up with Touma. The siblings would then receive even more injuries, with Reika being close to dying. Enraged at seeing his sister's state, Ryoga attacks Diago using his time ability. However, he quickly finds himself at great disadvantage as Diago splits Jikokuken Kaiji into two and stab him multiple times, resulting in him dying as well. Once Reika managed to destroy Diago with a kamikaze attack, the siblings try to reach out for each other, but both seemingly fainted before they could do so.

One Year Later

One year later, Ryoga was with Reika and Sophia in collecting the remaining Seiken. Upon witnessing the Wonder Ride Books' powers restored and Yuri's return, Ryoga joined up with most of Touma's friends as they reunited with their missing friend once more.

Following the reunion, Ryoga arrived in Northern Base to challenge Rintaro for a sparring match. Then, both of them proceed to spar and by the end of it, they managed to reconcile their differences and become true friends. Later on, Ryoga is seen with Rintaro, Sophia and Yuri in the throne room of Southern Base, where they announced that the leadership of Sword of Logos will now be replaced by the council of four that oversees the decisions of the guild.

Other Events

Movie Release Commemorative Combo SpecialIcon-crosswiki.png

Durendal with the male Zenkaigers

"I am Ryoga Shindai, Kamen Rider Durendal! Don't make me angry!"
―Durendal's roll call

Ryoga and Reika were at the Northern Base to stop the intruder, Zox GoldtsuikerIcon-crosswiki.png, looking to take the books as treasure. As the two were able to corner Zox, Touma and the others arrived and demanded him to return the Wonder Ride Books he allegedly stolen. The Shindai siblings had also lost their Wonder Ride Books and tried to force Zox to give them back only to find that he doesn't have them in his possession and it's due to the influence of Orihime WorldIcon-crosswiki.png that caused the Books to turn invisible. After Xross Saber, Blades, Espada, and Twokaiser manage to defeat Orihime World, Zox began to travel back to the Zenkaiger's dimension, Ryoga and Reika chased after him when the pirate stole the Ocean History Wonder Ride Book, floating abroad CrocoDaiOh.

Durendal's "rollcall"

Now in the world of the Zenkaigers, Ryoga demanded Zox to return his Wonder Ride Book back, only to run into Kaito GoshikidaIcon-crosswiki.png and JuranIcon-crosswiki.png. Suddenly, the Cowherd WorldIcon-crosswiki.png arrived and took Reika away. Ryoga reluctantly worked with the male Zenkaigers to crossdress in order to draw attention of the World, which worked. Ryoga joined the male Zenkaigers to transform and was encouraged to do a roll call. After Reika and MagineIcon-crosswiki.png reunited with the heroes and were able to fight the Cowherd World, Ryoga and Zox, as Super Twokaiser, were able to completely vanquish the monster. After the battle was over, Ryoga and Reika were able to depart back to their world.


Like his younger sister, Ryoga is completely loyal to Master Logos and will do everything to see him succeed, even when the latter has gone rogue and broken the organization's code of conduct. He has no qualms with using dirty tactics, such as using an injured Rintaro as his hostage, failed to keep a promise, or attacked an unsuspected enemy from behind. Ryoga cherishes his absolute power and pride, refusing to back down from a fight when Touma out-predicted his Jikokuken Kaiji's special technique. After he defected from Master Logos, he initially rejected Touma and Rintaro's offer to join them before finally giving in and recovering their stolen Ridebooks from Master Logos. This deeply contrasts with his previous behavior, though at that point he was truly convinced they were indeed traitors and was simply doing his job. Like most uncorrupt swordsmen, Ryoga is bound to a duty to protect the world, a trait Issac finds pathetic.

Ironically Ryoga has never been willing to accept Isaac as Master Logos, though he was indefinitely satisfied as long as the person himself was worthy of the title. This stems from his own pride as a member of the Shindai clan, who have long since been protecting the "Master Logos" title. When Issac revealed his true intentions in conquering the world and arrogantly claim godhood, Ryoga and his sister turned against Issac and allied with Touma's team to stop him. Once this became clear, Ryoga was happy to fight against the one that he always felt was unworthy of the throne. Once he joined Touma, he reluctantly thanked them for their medical treatment, though he continued to uphold his own pride. However, he would later begin to warm up to Touma's team members after Tetsuo and Ryo saved him from Isaac's control.

On a funnier side, Ryoga is a socially awkward person. This proven when he have some difficulties in interacting with other people in casual manner.


Power and Abilities


Ryoga manipulating time.

  • Time Manipulation: With Jikokuken Kaiji, Ryoga can manipulate time to a limited degree. He can erase time, causing all humanoids within a set perimeter to disappear in a "water splash" and suddenly appear in their future desired area. Combined with his expert swordsmanship, he can dominate other swordsmen with ease by sneaking up on them. This ability also has use outside of battle, allowing him to snatch objects of interest while appearing to stay still. However, this ability is rendered obsolete if the opponent can pinpoint Ryoga's location when he move through time, as proven when he faced Touma, Rintaro, and Isaac.


  • Expert Swordsman: Much like the other Sword of Logos members, Ryoga is an expert swordsman. He can fight on equal footing with the likes of Rintaro, Touma, and Yuri.

Kamen Rider Durendal

Ocean History

Ocean History

"Kaiji Gyakkai! Toki wa, toki wa, toki wa toki wa toki wa toki wa! Warenari! Ocean History~! Ocean Basshān! (Basshān!)[3]"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[4]

  • Rider Height: 215.9 cm
  • Rider Weight: 127.2 kg

Ability Parameters[4]

  • Punching Power: 58.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 99.6 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 102.3 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1.5 seconds

Ocean History (オーシャンヒストリー, Ōshan Hisutorī) is Durendal's ocean life-based primary form accessed by using the Ocean History Wonder Ride Book in the Jikokuken Kaiji.

Durendal's stats outclass Saber Elemental Dragon with the exception of an identical running speed, allowing him to fight on par with the latter Rider. Through the use of his Seiken, he can give the illusion of teleporting short distances and distort the flow of time around himself to confuse and gain the upper hand on his enemies.

Ocean History consists of the following parts:

  • Durendal Helm Ocean History (デュランダルヘルム オーシャンヒストリー, Dyurandaru Herumu Ōshan Hisutorī): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン, Sōdo Kuraun): The trident-style blade installed on the left side of the helmet as a proof of being chosen by the Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Durendal and the Seiken, adjusting the power balance of both and cancelling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it can be used in battle.
    • Finsense (フィンセンス, Finsensu): The sensory organ. It has the power of the story "Ocean History" and can use the sensory organs of marine life as a radar.
    • Deep Visor (ディープバイザー, Dīpu Baizā): The visual organ. It keeps visibility even in the deep sea and does not let the targeted target escape.
    • Oshnorkel Mask (オーシュノーケルマスク, Ōshunōkeru Masuku): The facial mask. The respiratory system, which has the power of the story "Ocean History" and enables long-term diving, exerts its power in high-load areas.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ, Sōdo Rōbu): The suit granted by the user of the Seiken Jikokuken Kaiji. It is attached at the same time as the awakening of the Seiken, and gives the user the power to fight such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. Based on the form with the power of the Wonder Ride Book "Ocean History", various abilities can be added by additionally scanning the Wonder Ride Book.
  • Seaduel Armor (シーデュエルソナー, Shīdyueru Sonā): The chest armor. It possesses the power of the story "Ocean History" and brings both the abilities and memories carved into the ocean over time to the users.
  • Brancia Shoulder (ブランキアショルダー, Burankia Shorudā): The shoulder armor. It has the power of the story "Ocean History" and can freely manipulate the moisture in the atmosphere.
  • Royal Sword of Logos Buckle (ロイヤルソードオブロゴスバックル, Roiyaru Sōdo Obu Rogosu Bakkuru): The belt. In addition to deploying the Sword Robe, it receives the power of the Wonder Ride Book from the Seiken to generate energy and control various abilities.
    • Royal Sword of Logos Holder (ソードオブロゴスホルダー, Sōdo Obu Rogosu Horudā): Storage for the Seiken, mounted on the left side of the Royal Sword of Logos Buckle.
  • Ride Dive Arm (ライドダイブアーム, Raido Daibu Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power of the story "Ocean History" and exerts its mighty strength.
  • Ride Dive Glo (ライドダイブグロー, Raido Daibu Gurō): The gloves. The tip is sharpened like the teeth of marine life, and if damaged, it will be replaced with a new one. It also functions as an ability transmission road that connects the Seiken and the swordsman's armor "Sword Robe" to convey the power of the Seiken and the abilities of the read Wonder Ride Book.
  • Ride Dive Leg (ライドダイブレッグ, Raido Daibu Reggu): The legs. It possesses the power of the story "Ocean History" and produces powerful leg strength that allows it to move freely even in high-load areas.
  • Ride Dive Vector (ライドダイブベクター, Raido Daibu Bekutā): The boots. It brings the powerful power of marine life, and has the ability to handle all terrain even in high-load areas and rough roads.

This form has three finishers:

  • Ichiji Issen (一時一閃, Lit. "One O'Clock Single Flash")
  • Ocean Sankoku Tsuki (オーシャン三刻突き, Ōshan Sankoku Tsuki, Lit. "Ocean Three Quarter Stab"): Durendal strikes the ground with the bottom of Jikokuken Kaiji's spear mode, creating a blue shockwave. He then manipulates a portion of a nearby body of water, which flies through air and attacks surrounding enemies before covering the end of Jikokuken Kaiji. Durendal then swings the weapon, launching a rotating, crescent-shaped cyan energy slash into the enemy.
  • Ocean Ikkoku Giri (オーシャン一刻斬り, Ōshan Ikkoku Giri, Lit. "Ocean One Quarter Slash"): Durendal charges the Jikokuken Kaiji in its sword mode with cyan energy and delivers a dark blue energy slash.

Appearances: Saber Episodes 29, 32, 34-36, 38-39, No. 20-kai! Swordsman and World Pirate, Big Bro's Promise.Icon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 40, 43, 45-46





  • Touma Kamiyama's team:
    • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: His younger sister. Reika is shown to have immense respect, and later affection for her brother. As the elder sibling, Ryoga speaks to his sister in a stern manner. When Reika begins to show doubt towards their leader's motive, Ryoga lashes out at his sister, ordering the latter to follow through with her orders. The two would later defect from the organization after Master Logos' reveals his true intentions. Despite seemingly showing no sign of care for Reika at first, Ryoga actually cares about her well-being.
    • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber (II): As Touma is a "traitor" to the Sword of Logos, Ryoga is very hostile towards him. For Master Logos' plans, Ryoga also seeks out Touma's Seiken and Wonder Ride Books. He developed a grudge against Touma due to the latter managing to counter his time ability and wound his pride. The two would become somewhat reluctant allies after learning of Master Logos' true intentions, fighting together against a common enemy. They would later form a much more genuine alliance after Touma saved him and defeated Isaac the second time.
    • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: As a companion of Touma's, they exhibit mutual hostility to one another, though their relationship would start to warm up after Yuri saved Touma's team, Ryoga included, from an attack by Isaac, by teleporting them with the Hikari Are.
    • Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades (II): Due to Rintaro's announcement of his turning from the guild and attempt to fight the current Master Logos, Ryoga attacked him without hesitation. Later on Ryoga used him as a hostage during his and Touma's fight. The two would later hold a new rivalry against each other. Ryoga and Rintaro have since been somewhat reluctant allies after learning of Master Logos' true goal, fighting against a common enemy. Their alliance would become much more genuine after Touma's second victory against Isaac.
    • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster: Ryoga and Ryo would become allies after learning of Master Logos' true goal, fighting against a common enemy. Their alliance would be strengthened after Ryo and Tetsuo help Reika free him from Isaac's control.
    • Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: Ryoga and Tetsuo would become allies after learning of Master Logos' true goal, fighting against a common enemy. Their alliance would be strengthened after Tetsuo and Ryo help Reika free him from Isaac's control.
    • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): Ryoga and Kento would become allies after learning of Master Logos' true goal, fighting against a common enemy.
  • Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan (II): TBA


  • Isaac/Master Logos/Kamen Rider Solomon: His leader. Ryoga follows his lead and vehemently protects him. He also obeys his every orders without any second guesses, seeing it as absolute. However, like his sister, his convictions begin to slowly crack when he learned that Master Logos is the one who released Bahato, despite his earlier claims that him and Reika are more than enough to handle the Northern Base swordsmen. It wasn't until Isaac reveals his true colors that Ryoga decides to finally turn on the former Master Logos and see him as an enemy.
  • Bahato/Kamen Rider Falchion: The Immortal Swordsman intervened in Durendal and Blades' battle.
  • Storious: He is unaware of his secret alliance with Master Logos.
  • Desast:TBA

Super Sentai

Behind the Scenes


Ryoga Shindai is portrayed by Ken Shonozaki (庄野崎 謙, Shōnozaki Ken). As Kamen Rider Durendal, his suit actor is Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦, Imai Yasuhiko), with Yuji Nakata (中田 裕士, Nakata Yūji) acting as Imai's substitute in episodes 38-39.


  • Durendal is named after the sword of Roland, a legendary paladin and partially historical officer of Charlemagne in French literature.
  • As with the naming scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Ryoga's surname Shindai () includes the Kanji character "Shin" meaning "god" or "deity".


  • Ryoga Shindai's name uses the same kanji as Ryoga Kamishiro (神代 凌牙, Kamishiro Ryōga)/Reginald Kastle from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, who is nicknamed Shark. This similarity was noticed by fans as well as Shark's Japanese voice actor, Toshiki Masuda, resulting in it trending on Twitter.[5][6]
  • When Durendal uses his time manipulation ability, there is a clear sonar sound used for echolocation, which fits his Wonder Ride Book considering "Ocean History" is majorly based on aquatic animals that use echolocation.
  • According to Uchusen Vol. 172, Reika and Ryoga are the first brother-sister sibling Riders in Kamen Rider history.[7]




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