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Ruby 2

Rumi learns that the Monster League had been exploited by Banba.

Rumi Komaki (小牧 瑠美 Komaki Rumi) is a member of the Monster League and is nicknamed "Ruby" (ルビー Rubī).

Behind the scenes


Rumi Komaki is portrayed by Kasumi Yamaya (山谷 花純 Yamaya Kasumi), who would later portray Hilda GordonIcon-crosswiki/Horror GirlIcon-crosswiki in Uchuu Keji Sharivan NEXT GENERATIONIcon-crosswiki and Uchuu Keiji Shaider NEXT GENERATIONIcon-crosswiki, and Kasumi Momochi (MomoNinger)Icon-crosswiki in Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki. As a child, Rumi is portrayed by Shiori Haga (芳賀 栞 Haga Shiori).


Rumi's nickname Ruby comes from a character in the original Inazuman manga who was at first a member of a group of psychics that were part of the Neo-Human Empire before becoming Saburo's ally.