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Rumi Egawa (江川 留美 Egawa Rumi) is a second-year student who is a member of the AGHS track and field club.


She has inferiority complex regarding her above average height and size for girls, which resulted in her falling into a slump both in her enthusiasm as well as performance as a member of the team. Kengo attempts to help her out by giving her advise in improving her performance, but the club captain, Jin Nomoto berated both her, for taking advise from outsiders, and Kengo, for meddling in the club's affairs. She got Kengo joined the club to be her personal adviser for the coming competition to circumvent Nomoto's reasoning, but that only angers Nomoto further as he sees that as an insult to him. She eventually won the competition and gives her plaque to Kengo as a gift.

Behind the scenes


Rumi Egawa is portrayed by Yuki Kato (加藤 侑紀 Katō Yūki).

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