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"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Dump!"
―Finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Kouji Genbar!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Tridoron via Drive Driver and Shift Tridoron[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Arabull!"
―Finisher announcement for Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle: Arabull!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

The Rumble Smasher (ランブルスマッシャー Ranburu Sumasshā) is a Tire Specific Item modeled after a drill that is primarily wielded by Kamen Rider Drive when he uses the Shift Rumble Dump Car to activate the Rumble Dump Tire, which can also be combined with the Spin Mixer and Rolling Gravity Tires to create the Kouji Genbar Tire via Type Tridoron's Tire Blending ability.

It can also be accessed by Kamen Rider Mach if he inserts the Shift Car into his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Arabull.


The Rumble Smasher is comprised of two units:

  • Dig Straighter (ディグストレイター Digu Sutoreitā) - The drill-rotation device and axel located inside the yellow component of the Rumble Smasher, it can spin at an insanely high speed, regarless of the state of the user.
  • High Metal Bit (ハイメタルビット Hai Metaru Bitto) - The drill made of super-hard metal components. Special coating is applied to the exterior, allowing it to break through rocks and other materials quickly.


The Rumble Smasher is used to bore into objects with great force.

When Rumble Dump was first used in the default Type Speed, Drive was unable to control the Rumble Smasher, which resulted in him being dragged along for the ride as the out-of-control weapon lifted him off of his feet and all over the place. Due to this, Type Wild and the Shift Wild Shift Car was developed to control Rumble Dump. What Are the Steel Robbers After? Eventually, Drive used Type Wild against Mashin Chaser, and had used Type Wild Dump against the Reaper, and liked predicted, Type Wild is able to use Rumble Dump effectively. Who Does the Warrior Fight For? In a battle against Judge Roidmude, the Rumble Smasher wielded the function to extend the length of the High Metal Bit (ハイメタルビット Hai Metaru Bitto) to stab the enemy, destroying Judge's shinai.

It is used as part of the Full Throttle finishing attack Drirumble (ドリランブル Doriranburu), which involves Drive slamming the Rumble Smasher into the enemy with incredible force while the Rumble Smasher's High Metal Bit is spinning at high speeds. Mach Arabull's Full Throttle finisher is a variation of his default Kick Macher finisher known as the Roughening Kick Macher (アラブルキックマッハー Araburu Kikku Mahhā), which involves the Rumble Smasher appearing on Mach's leg with the High Metal Bit spinning at high speeds.




  • The Rumble Smasher is similar to Fourze's Drill Module, as both are yellow-colored drills that adhere to an extremity (the left leg for Fourze and the right arm for Drive).
    • Mach, as Mach Arabull, can also use the Rumble Smasher in a manner more like Fourze, only it is armed on his right leg, instead of the left.



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