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Rules of the World (世界のルール Sekai no Rūru) is the second episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying second episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as it's "episode 2.5".


What are the rules of the world where our characters living? There are answers...

Rule 1: Two Riders with the same power cannot exist at the same time (Another Build exists, so Build cannot).

Rule 2: Another Riders can only be defeated by the powers they’re based on (Zi-O has to use Build’s power to defeat Another Build).

Rule 3: People who nitpick the adult's details will be kicked by a horse.

With the event of Build had been interfered by Time Jackers, The event itself disappeared from history. Thus, making of what happened to everything on Build's story had been erased and replaced by unknown event.



Guest cast


  • Takumi Katsuragi's family name is spelled "葛木" (Katsuragi) in the script.